RMS Beauty Living Luminizer review

If there is one product that had been on my wishlist for years but that I had trouble sourcing, it was the RMS Beauty Living Luminizer. And then last year, I found a little kit in the French Sephora and I was finally able to try it. Here’s how I feel now that I have really been using it.

So I was shocked that I hadn’t reviewed this before, because I have definitely been wearing this on and off over the past few months. However, this month I have decided to put it in my Shop my Stash and dedicate a review to it.

Review: RMS Beauty Living Luminizer highlighter

This product isn’t cheap. At €45 for what is essentially a face gloss I wasn’t sure I would think it worth it. Since this was part of a kit, I got three products for the price of one and this is a full size. So I figured that was a good deal. Other products included were a full size mascara and a full size liquid eyeshadow. I have a short up on my Youtube channel with the liquid shadow.

What does this product have to offer?

The RMS Living Luminizer is a makeup product of epic reputation. This has really been making the round, but it became overshadowed in years where intense lit from space kind of highlighters were making the rounds. This is more like a face gloss: a lit from within glowy effect that looks like it won’t do much but creates a very natural effect.

How does this product swatch?

If you are wondering: where is the product? Then know that it is there. Living Luminizer is the lightest of 4 shades available and it applies like a clear gel like cream highlighter that doesn’t seem to do much at all. However, once applied to the cheeks, the angles of your face will truly capture the beauty of this when the lights hits it and you move around your head as you do in normal life.

What does it look like on the face?

The RMS Beauty Living Lumizer is a stunning highlight but it barely shows up in an still image. I have a video up (it went live yesterday) where you can see the highlighter in action. I got several comments saying how glowy and radiant I looked and I think it is all down to this beautiful product.

Before owning this, I was afraid that it wouldn’t do much, would lift my foundation off my face or wouldn’t stay put throughout the day. None of that is true. If you like a natural glow that looks stunning with every makeup look this is the one for you. Because there is no actual color to this it is a universal product that will look stunning on just about anyone.

Should you buy the RMS Living Luminizer?

I personally love this and I was surprised I hadn’t raved about this before. So here you go. I think the RMS Living Luminizer is one of the best cream highlighters I have ever used. It works marvelously ever time, doesn’t mess up my makeup and it looks glowy without looking over done. I highly recommend it.

You can buy the RMS Beauty Living Luminizer here *.

What is a glossy highlighter that you enjoy?

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