Charlotte Tilbury Beautiful Skin concealer review

Have I found a new favorite concealer? It could be and that certainly came a little unexpected to me. Charlotte Tilbury is a brand that is raved about, but often many of the products just don’t turn out to be a favorite. That is about to change because I am really loving using the Charlotte Tilbury Beautiful Skin Radiant concealer.

This concealer is available in 30 shades. I bought shade 4 Fair which was a complete gamble but I was hoping for the best. With many Charlotte Tilbury complexion products I end up being disappointed as the undertone is never quite right. You will imagine how surprised I was to have a gamble pay off and how good this looks.

Review: Charlotte Tilbury Beautiful Skin Radiant Concealer 4 Fair

This being Charlotte Tilbury we all know this item is going to be pricey. At €33 a pop for 7.2 grams of product this isn’t the most expensive concealer I have ever tried though. Some cheaper concealers come with far less product which in the end means this can be quite cost effective as you get more product than most concealers.

What does this concealer have to offer?

According to the brand this is a medium coverage concealer that is a concealer, corrector and brightener all in one. Of course you’ll need multiple shades to achieve that effect but I just got the one to be used as a concealer.

The promise on this is that it should hydrate, smoothen and lift the look of your eye area while improving your skin as it has some skincare properties. I own shade 4 Fair which is described as a fair skin tone with neutral undertones which sounded right up my street.

What does this look like in a swatch?

I was quite surprised when I got this in. It looked quite dark and while the Beautiful Skin foundation didn’t come in my shade, the concealer does. This is light, it has the right undertone and once blended in, it suits my skintone seamlessly.

The formula is hydrating as promised, but it also stays put. I have been testing this out in the indian summer weather we’ve been having here and this lasts even if it is over 30 degrees Celsius. This doesn’t crease but it is also not heavy or cakey looking.

What does this look like on the skin?

Here you can see a before and after of my undereye area. As you can see the area looks more evened out, the dark circles are gone yet the texture is thin and it barely looks like I am wearing anything at all.

What’s more, this concealer is one where a little goes a long way. It is super easy to blend and with just a few dots I can cover everything I want to cover. In short, this is quite possibly one of the most successful concealers I have tried in a while which I hadn’t expected going into this.

Should you buy the Charlotte Tilbury Beautiful Skin concealer?

I was pleasantly surprised with how this Charlotte Tilbury concealer performed. Till now many Charlotte Tilbury have been unsuccessful for me and therefore a bit of a disappointment. Usually the shade is just a bit off, even though I love the formula. But I love seeing a product by the brand where it all just comes together.

This concealer has a wonderful formula that does what it promises. I cannot attest to the skincare claims and I wouldn’t rely on a concealer and apply an eye cream if you truly want to hydrate. However, this concealer delivers what it needs to: it is available in a sufficient number of shades, has a great formula, last beautifully on the skin even in hot humid weather and it is really easy to apply. What else can you wish for?

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