Catrice Soft Glam Filter Fluid review

The drugstore is quick to try and keep up with high end brands. After the ELF Halo Glow Liquid Filter, we now get another Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Flawless Filter dupe. This time by Catrice and this retails for nearly half the price as the ELF does. But the question is: is it as good?

The minute I spotted this new product by Catrice in their Fall/ Winter 2023/ 2024 update I knew I had to test it out AND compare it to the other two products. Today we are reviewing this product as is. If you want to see a comparison of this to the Charlotte Tilbury and ELF, then stay tuned because tonight I will be posting a short/ Tiktok on my Youtube account where I swatch all three side by side.

Review: Catrice Soft Glam Liquid Filter Fluid 010 Fair/ Light

The Catrice Soft Glam Filter Fluid has just been released, so depending on your location this may not be available yet and I do not have information when it comes to your country as I am not a brand representative. What I can tell you is that this is out now in Europe, comes in 9 shades and retails for €7.99. You can find a link below where it is available to purchase.

What does this product have to offer?

It is obvious what Catrice is trying to do here I guess and I can already tell you based on swatches that this is more similar to the CT one than I feel the ELF is. This is one of those products that is a primer/ highlight/ base hybrid. It should act as a filter for your skin that adds glow while having some blurring properties.

The formula promises to hydrate as it has Vitamin E and Squalane in. So this isn’t just a makeup product but it also has some skincare properties. In short, you can use this product in whichever way you like. Depending on the lighting just this and a touch of concealer is enough for me (as you can see in this video). But for the review today I decided to wear it under makeup to see how that would go.

What does this product swatch like?

As you can see here the product is a lightweight, glowy product that sheers out beautifully on the skin. It is quite transparent making it perfect for many different uses. Where I find the ELF a bit thick and too opaque (also compared to the Charlotte Tilbury), this is easy to blend and blends in beautifully. It doesn’t add much coverage though but you could go in with an extra layer and the glow will help the appearance of texture of your skin as the light will just bounce right off.

What does this look like on the skin?

If we compare a before and after you can clearly see that this mainly adds glow when used all over the face. It doesn’t cover up my redness (that’s where the concealer comes in) but it certainly helps to make my skin look a little more even and less textured. Therefore I feel that with this I can truly call a no makeup makeup day and just use this and concealer and be done. The best part: this truly lasts as well. I wore this makeup to a dance party on one of the hottest days off the year and it stayed put all day without creasing.

Should you buy the Catrice Soft Glam Fluid Filter?

I think this new Catrice Soft Glam Filter is a beautiful product. In my opinion it is better than the ELF for a few reasons. First of all, this is almost half the price as the ELF one (which retails for €15 over here). Secondly, the ELF one runs quite dark. They did recently extend the shade range but they still run quite warm toned. This shade 010 Fair Light by Catrice is a spot on shade for shade dupe of the Charlotte Tilbury one in 2 Light, which is a great shade for me.

Additionally, the formula is very much on par with what the Charlotte Tilbury has to offer. The ELF one is super strong and is more of a highlighter but has too much pigment for it to work for me like that. This Catrice one can easily be used as primer, a natural highlighter or even by itself. And the latter is something I didn’t even want to do with the Charlotte Tilbury. So to an extent this is even better than the original.

There is really only one downside here: the fact that this product is so brand new that it is selling out like hot cakes. So far only a few of the shades have been available and not all of the shades are stocked in stores. This is a huge drawback for people who would like to swatch before they buy. In my case it luckily worked out but I think you are better off waiting a few months until the hype has died down and you find it more readily available.

You can buy the Catrice Soft Glam Filter Fluid here *.

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What is your favorite Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Flawless Filter dupe?
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