Haus Labs Triclone foundation review

I am trying my first Haus Labs product! Woohoo! I am super excited because the Haus Labs brand by Lady Gaga has gotten so much hype since it relaunched as a Sephora brand but it is impossible to get if you are not in the US. Slowly but surely the brand is becoming a little easier to get, so I got my hands on the much hyped up Triclone Skin Tech Medium Coverage foundation in 060 Fair Warm. Is it worth the hype?

Before we get to the review I have to preface this blog post by saying how I got this product. I bought it in the UK. Sephora has now launched in the UK and it seems to be more similar in terms of brands as what US Sephora has to offer. We have Sephora in the EU as well, but the brands are different. If you are not in the UK, you can order through the UK Sephora website but no all brands are shipped everywhere. Case in point, Haus Labs. But I had a trip planned to London this summer anyway, so I made a point of visiting the first Sephora in the UK in Westfield shopping mall and bought this product.

Review: Haus Labs Triclone Skin Tech foundation 060 fair warm

But that is not the only way you can get this product. At Sephora UK this retails for £42, which is roughly €45. If you are willing to pay a little bit more at €55 you can buy this through the official Haus Labs website, also if you are not in the US. The official Haus Labs website does ship to a lot of international locations. They have a very comprehensive list on their website in case you would like to find out if they ship to your country.

What does this foundation have to offer?

The Haus Labs foundation is quite possibly one of the most hyped up foundations in a long time. So I had to try it. This promises to be medium but buildable coverage, while including some skincare properties. It is suitable for all skin types and does not contain any irritants. Bonus points for the shade range which is extensive, which is why I waited until I could see this in store to pick it up. Online I would have gotten my shade wrong for sure. It comes in 51 shades.

What is the coverage like?

Because this is a medium coverage foundation and I love me a light coverage, I only go in with half a pump and this is the result. The coverage is good (I had to take the pictures in studio lighting as it’s getting dark in the mornings): it makes light work of my redness and it evens out my skin tone very well. The finish is quite dewy which I love and I feel this wears well throughout the day. It is very skin line and I barely feel this sitting on my skin. I find this works best with a minimal amount of powder: adding powder on top can make it look a bit cakey especially in the t-zone.

What is the shade match like?

As you can see here the shade 060 Fair Warm is spot on. It’s why I went in store because with 51 shades there is a lot to choose from. This even comes in a white in case you need something that can lighten foundations. I am actually interested in picking that one up as I have too many foundations that are a touch too dark for me.

However, it took me and the Sephora employee 4 attempts at finding the right shade. Why? Because the way the shades are named is confusing. The pink undertoned shades are all called warm. The things called neutral are peach and the shades called cool toned are actually yellow. Once you know that though it becomes a bit easier, but if I had bought this online I would have gone for 040 fair neutral but that was a) too light and b) too yellow when I tried it in store.

Should you buy the Haus Labs Triclone foundation?

I think this is a great foundation: it is easy to use, a little goes a long way, it looks and feels great on the skin and it comes in a very inclusive shade range. But paying nearly €50 for a foundation and considering the hype this gets, I don’t feel it’s quite worth it. I can get a similar effect with some of my K-beauty BB creams (the Missha Choboyang anyone?) and those are a fraction of the price that this costs.

Granted, K-beauty isn’t known for being shade inclusive, so I can see this foundation working for many more people. The usage experience is great, the texture is fantastic and if you want that skin like finish but still want coverage, this foundation is really a gamechanger.

However, since this foundation is made in Korea (thanks Lipstick Lesbians for figuring that out), I think it is no surprise that I feel I can get this look for less. Is it something no other Western brand is currently doing and therefore revolutionary? Yes. But if you look a little beyond what is readily available in the Western market than this type of foundation like product is not that unique at all. Great foundation? Yes. Worth the hype? Absolutely not.

You can buy the Hauslabs foundation here *.

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