• 3 CD Review

    Last week I bought 3 new CDs and I thought I’d share my review of them with you. The CDs in this review are: – Interpol – Interpol – Tame Impala – Innerspeaker – The Black Angels – Phosphene Dream 1.) Interpol – Interpol I was very curious about the fourth album by this indie… Read more

  • 99 Things

    This is a tag that’s been making its round on various blogs the past couple of weeks and I needed something easy breezy for today. Thanks to Noelle for sending me this. 99 Things you’ve done in life. Put in Bold what you’ve done. Here’s my list: 1. Started your own blog 2. Slept under… Read more

  • EOTD: Autumn Leaves

    UPDATE: I’ve added links for all the products I’ve used. Someone requested a video on these kind of things and I may try that, when I have some more time on my hands. I’m not too keen on videotaping myself though, so it might as well never happen! This morning I didn’t have to rush… Read more

  • Language & identity

    Which language you speak, how you sound while speaking that language, as well as how well you speak it are all factors that people take into account when assessing your status, your intellectuality, and your credibility. Especially for non-native speakers of a language is this the case, but also for speakers of a non-standard variety… Read more

  • NOTW – Pretty in Pink

    So this week I tried to keep it simple and went with this pink color from Eyeko. Excuse my hideous looking nails, but they all started to chip and break in the past week. Used: – base coat – Eyeko Tea Rose Polish for Country Nails – OPI Top coat Isn’t it pretty? And if… Read more

  • True Blood

    This post will be short & sweet. Not as long as my previous one on my fave songs of the moment, that’s for sure. I want to talk to you guys about True Blood. The HBO TV series that just finished its third season. This weekend, I decided to get lazy. I knew the latest… Read more