• The Play List Series #1: Songs of the Moment

    As I posted yesterday, I will kick off my so-called Play List Series today. In these series, I will strive to give you an idea of what my music collection looks like and what I listen to. If there is anything you want to see in the series, just leave your request in the comments… Read more

  • The Playlist Series

    Today I came up with an idea for my blog: to start a series on my different music play lists. As the subtitle of this blog says: I’m a ‘music loving language nut’, that ‘music loving’ is shown by the amount of music I have and listen to. Not a single day goes by without… Read more

  • Hayfever & Immunotherapy

    During the past couple of years I’ve developed a rather bad case of hayfever. Bad in the sense of: your sinuses get blocked, your airways get infected to the point where you develop asthma and when it gets really bad you actually get physically sick. Other than that it’s the usual symptoms: sneezing, dry &… Read more

  • The Cow – Café de Bonte Koe

    On Twitter people have been asking me what ‘The Cow’ is because it’s a place I talk about often. Well just to answer that question once and for all, I decided to make a short blogpost about it. The Cow, officially known as Café de Bonte Koe, is the oldest bar in Leiden. There has… Read more

  • Florence + The Machine

    A band which I’ve been into for a while now is Florence + the Machine (Florence). It was in 2008 when through some indie rock play list that I had found online I came across a demo cut of The Girl with One Eye. Watch a live performance of this song from way back when:… Read more

  • The reason why I stopped watching television…

    You’ve got that right. I don’t watch TV. I’ll say it again, just so you know your eyes are not deceiving you: I DON’T WATCH TV. A lot of people ask me why. In this next post I will try to explain why it is I don’t watch TV anymore and why I think TV… Read more