Catrice Poreless Perfection Mousse foundation

Since the new Catrice products have been released I have been trying them out as much as I can. You will have seen me select the new Catrice Poreless Perfection Mousse foundation as part of my Shop My Stash. So I have been using this daily for more than a week to get a good…

Catrice True Skin foundation review

The most exciting new launch in Catrice’s Fall/ Winter 2020 collection? Their new True Skin foundation and concealer. Today we are having a closer look at the foundation. And I have updated this blog post for 2021 with how I feel about this foundation a year later!

Catrice HD Liquid Radiance foundation

When I showed the new Catrice products for fall/ winter 2018, I immediately got questions about the new foundation: HD Liquid Radiance. Since I wanted to wait until I went back to work to see how it would hold up during a regular workday, with perhaps a workout tacked on at the end, I didn’t…

Catrice Eye Foundation eyeshadow primer

I haven’t had much luck trying super affordable eyeshadow primers. I have used some, one even by Catrice, and none of them did the trick for me. The most successful eyeshadow primer I’ve tried at the most affordable price point is the Milani eyeshadow primer. But now there is a new contender. Catrice have released…

Catrice True Skin concealer review

There is a foundation AND there is a concealer! So guess what, after reviewing the foundation last Monday, today we are having a closer look at the Catrice True Skin concealer.

Catrice 24 H Made to Stay foundation

If you’ve been following my blog this past week, then you may have expected a review like this. Catrice has launched their Spring/ Summer 2017 line and I got my hands on quite a few goodies. I decided to first start trying out the foundation as that was the product that intrigued me most. I…

Catrice Lip Foundation & Velvet Matt lip pencil

A very overlooked product from Catrice’s current spring/ summer range are their lip pencils. I haven’t heard anyone talk about these yet and to be quite honest I had all but forgotten about them. When I first spotted these, I was intrigued by their neutral tones. There are two types: lip foundation and velvet matt…

Catrice HD foundation

Whenever a budget friendly brand such as Catrice puts out a new foundation, I’m first in line to pick it up and try it out. So when I spotted the new Catrice HD Liquid Coverage foundation that came out a few weeks ago, I was all ears. I bought the lightest shade: 010 Light Beige…

Most Disappointing Makeup of 2020

In today’s end of year video I will be taking about all the products I tried that stood out to me as just not living up to my expectations. Let’s talk about my most disappointing products of 2020.

Drugstore makeup starter kit 2021

What drugstore makeup products are great if you are starting out in makeup? Why not chat about a full face of my favorite drugstore products to help you out?!

Shop My Stash August 2021

In this video we are doing my August shop my stash! I review my July products and select the products to try in August.

Shop My Stash May 2022

Are you ready for a new Shop My Stash? Let’s switch up my everyday makeup drawer and select some products for the month of May!

Catrice Clean ID new collection

Look at what Catrice dropped?! A new limited edition collection featuring vegan products that are more sustainable AND friendly for sensitive skin. Say hello to their Clean ID limited edition collection.

Shop My Stash November 2020

Since it is the start of the month we are changing out my everyday makeup drawer again! So let’s shop my stash and find some products to wear in November.

New Catrice Fall/ Winter 2021

Today’s video is all about the new products Catrice has launched for their fall/ winter 2021 collection. Yes, we are talking fall/ winter, in August…

New Catrice Spring/ Summer 2021

This video is all about the new makeup Catrice has released for their spring/ summer 2021 update! There’s a gorgeous new eyeshadow palette and a bunch of new lip products.

Shop My Stash December 2021

A bit earlier than planned: but I am already coming to you with my Shop My Stash. I felt ready and December is always a weird month for content so I figured it really wouldn’t make much of a difference if I did it a week earlier than planned. So today we are going over…

Top 10 Complexion Makeup of 2020

Another installment of my 2020 yearly favorites! Today we’re talking complexion products so think anything base makeup such as foundation, concealer and primer.

Shop My Stash October 2020

First Tuesday of the month = shop my stash time! Are you ready to see what I am selecting to use from my makeup collection this month?

Catrice Spring/ Summer 2020

Yay! It is finally here! The long-awaited Catrice Spring/ Summer 2020 update is now in stores and I picked up some products again to try. This is by now a solid tradition on my blog and Youtube channel. In case you are not aware, Catrice updates their makeup line every 6 months. They take out…