Colourpop Pretty Fresh foundation

Time for a base product review. This month one of the foundations I tried is the Colourpop Pretty Fresh foundation. This launched this summer and I couldn’t wait to give it a whirl.

Highlighter Collection 2020

Curious to see what my highlighter collection is like? Today I am showing you ALL of them and swatch them too. I hope you enjoy!

Etude House Lovely Cookie Blusher review

Have you also heard of those great Asian makeup products? I certainly have and one product I have heard lots of positive reviews on is the Etude House Lovely Cookie Blusher.

My Dutch Bookshelf

As of today I have decided to post my book videos the week they go up. I have not been inspired enough to write AND a blog post AND make a video for my booktube channel ever since lockdown happened. I will say though, that I will still sometimes write a review or a Friday…

Top 10 Favorite Fall Eyeshadow Palettes

Shall we talk about eyeshadow palettes again? You know I love it! I know you love it! So let’s have a look at my top 10 favorite eyeshadow palettes for fall.

Hourglass Veil powder review

I can be quite fussy with powders and loose powders are never my favorite. However, the Hourglass Veil Mineral powder was a powder that greatly impressed me. Here’s why.

Makeup Application Tag

It’s time for Tag Tuesday! Today we are doing the Makeup Application tag. Hope you enjoy!

Colourpop Disney Villains Hades highlighter review

It’s been ages since I last tried a Colourpop Super Shock highlighter, but now that they come in easier to use packaging and with fun Disney branding to boot, I thought I could buy a new one to try. Let’s see how I fared with Colourpop’s Super Shock Hades highlighter in Everybody’s Got a Weakness

Full Face of Maybelline

In which I do a full face of Maybelline and give you my reviews on my favorite and not so favorite products by this great drugstore brand.

Sephora Lip Kit

I wanted to try one of the Sephora lip kits. So when I visited New York last year I picked one up to try it. Here is my review now that I have tried most of the products.

Wardrobe Makeover vlog + declutter

This summer I couldn’t travel for obvious reasons, so that’s why I did some bits around the house instead. One task on the wishlist? Redoing the inside of my walkin wardrobe. And I vlogged the entire process!

Shop My Stash September 2020

Time to shop my stash! Let’s pick some makeup to use in September. I have lots of things I want to try, so be ready for some big changes in my everyday makeup drawer.

Urban Decay Inked Brow brow gel review

A product I hadn’t tried yet was a long-lasting brow gel. So when I wanted to try an Urban Decay brow product and found out they did a brow gel that promises 60 hrs of wear time I had to try it. This is the Urban Decay Inked Brow.

5 Palette Videos You Might Have Missed

Did you know I uploaded an extra video to my Youtube Channel in the month of August? Yes, in that case, let me help you out and post the 5 videos I put live extra during my August Palette month series.

Top 10 Blush Formulas

After talking about nothing but palettes for a full month it was high time I changed things up. So let’s talk blushes instead! These are my top 10 favorite blush formulas.

LA Girl Haute Haute Heat eyeshadow palette review

What do you do when a palette is affordable and has a stunning color story that is pulls on your heartstrings? You buy and review it of course! Let’s have a look at the LA Girl Haute Haute Heat palette.

Best Grungy Eyeshadow Palettes

Who doesn’t love a good grungy color story? I know I do! Grungy eyeshadow palettes are some of my favorites and in today’s video I am recommending 10 different palettes that I think are almost perfect grungy palettes. So if you love grungy color stories as much as I do, then please keep on watching!

Natascha Denona Lila eyeshadow palette review

So far this month I have been reviewing lots of different palette, but I haven’t spoken much about luxury brand palettes. So let’s change that by reviewing the Natascha Denona Lila eyeshadow palette.

VE Cosmetics Grimoire eyeshadow palette review

You know that I have to try it if a new cool toned palette comes to the market. So when I spotted the witchy themed eyeshadow palette called Grimoire by UK indie brand VE Cosmetics, you know I had to try it. These are my thoughts.

Top 10 Inspiring Color Stories

An eyeshadow palette is only as good as its color story right? Well how about we talk about color stories that are super inspiring, at least to me.

Limited Edition Palettes Worth the Money

I am not a fan of limited edition eyeshadow palettes, but there are a few that I bought over the years that I love. These are limited edition palettes worth the money.

Top 10 Colorful Eyeshadow Palettes

Let’s talk color today! I thought I could do a video on my top 10 favorite colorful eyeshadow palettes, because that is an area in my collection that has certainly evolved.

Blush Tribe Hasina 2 eyeshadow palette review

Don’t you just hate it when a brand discontinues your favorite product? Well in this case, the product wasn’t cancelled, the entire brand was. Alas Brush Tribe is no more, but that doesn’t mean I cannot still enjoy their Hasina 2 eyeshadow palette.

Zoeva Eyeshadow Palette Collection

What do you think of when you hear Zoeva? Zoeva is a German makeup brand not many people talk about. So I figured it was high time to talk some more about them as they do some stunning eyeshadow palettes. Here are the ones I have.

Zoeva Heritage eyeshadow palette

Time for another Zoeva eyeshadow palette review! By now I have reviewed nearly all of my Zoeva palettes. Say hello to the Heritage palette.

Shop My Stash August 2020

Let’s shop my stash again shall we? It’s the start of a new month so let’s select some new makeup products to use!

Top 10 eyeshadow formulas

Curious to know which brands make my favorite eyeshadow formula? Then click on through because that is what we will be discussing today.

Colourpop Pretty Fresh concealer review

Last Wednesday I reviewed the Colourpop Pretty Fresh Tinted Moisturizer. But there are more products in the Pretty Fresh line. Say hello to the Pretty Fresh concealer.

MAC Lipstick Collection

Let’s reacquaint ourselves with some MAC lipsticks shall we? I love a good MAC lipstick but have fallen out of the habit of using them. So let’s swatch and see which ones I love.