Current favorites

Current favorites

I am not a huge fan of favorites videos. I just don’t see how people can have different favorites every month. That is why I don’t do them too often myself. I just don’t feel like oh wow: I am loving this! all that much. But from time to time, I come across a product that I feel I have to rave about and then decide to rope in some other things that I have been loving. And since that happened the other day, I decided to do a new current favorites video.  current favorites summer 2018

Current favorites | Summer 2018

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Current favorites | December 2017

Current favorites | December 2017

Lately I have been loving plenty of products and so I thought it would be time to talk you through them. I don’t do these often as I don’t see how people can have 10+ new favorites every month. I know I can’t. I tried it for a while, but after a few months I found it hard to rave about products continuously. I last did one of these in June and even threw in a few products I do not like. This round though, it’s all products I absolutely adore.

current favorites december 2017

December 2017 favorites

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Current favorites (August 2016)

Current favorites (August 2016)

I completely missed out on July’s and June’s monthly favorites, because life simply got in the way. When push came to shove, I couldn’t think of enough items to show you that I was loving. I decided to wait until I had enough things I was loving to do an article for you. So that’s what we are doing today. I hope you enjoy!

A selection of what I’ve been loving lately.
Some items were too big to fit into one shot.

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March 2016 random favorites

March 2016 random favorites

It’s been a long time since I did a monthly favorites blog post, but I decided to bring them back. It is just a nice way of making myself more aware of those little things that I enjoy doing or using on a daily basis. Things that put a smile on my face, that sort of thing. It wasn’t that I didn’t have that, but after doing these types of posts for a year straight, I felt they became too repetitive. Yet, I think that showing you what I’ve been loving, no matter how samey it might be, is also a nice way to tell you a little something more about me, which is why I think it will be a nice little addition to the blog. On to my March 2016 favorites.

8 of my favorites… 2 of them didn’t fit into the picture

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December favorites (2013)

December favorites (2013)

Are you sick of favorites yet? No? Well, that’s great because I have one last favorites post for you. Rather than overlooking all of 2013, I’m just showing you a few things which became favorites int he past month. And there is a lot of food in there: I’ve found quite a few delicious things again. I’ve also featured a few beauty products, but these are very recent and thus could not be included in my overall favorites of the year. Here goes nothing!

Against the Grain cookies in Chocolate Chip & Hazelnut and Chocolate & Orange

Let’s start with the best find I did in months: COOKIES! I haven’t been able to have store bought cookies in months and then I found these. These cookies are wheat, gluten and dairy free and are absolutely delicious. My favorites are the chocolate & orange ones. These cookies are crunchy, full of flavor and allergy free. There not cheap though: at almost 4 euros for a pack they’re expensive cookies, but great for the occasional treat of course.

Kruidvat cleansing wipes for dry and sensitive skin

I hadn’t used make up removing wipes since I was a teenager, but recently I’ve been using these to quickly clean myself up in the mornings. I like starting fresh & clean, but with my sensitive skin, water is just a big no go as it makes my skin feel only drier and more sensitive. These are a great alternative I find. And psst: I’m even using these to quickly freshen up my armpits before I put on deodorant.

Crackers from chestnut meal without added sugars

 Another one of those no go products: crackers. And then my organic supermarket started stocking this brand. These crackers also come in buckwheat (and even without sugar OR salt) and quinoa. Since I’d never tried chestnut meal I was curious to try these, as well as the fact that they contain no added sugar. And OMG! Can you say delicious? Again, crunchy and finally I have found myself a base for jams and marmalades again. That occasional bit of sweetness combined with something crunchy was something I was starting to miss.

Etos blush from Christmas collection

The prettiest blush I bought in a long time is this limited Christmas edition one from Dutch drugstore Etos. The minute I saw it I loved it. When you blend the colors together you get the prettiest shiny looking pinky peach colored blush color. I’ve been wearing this tons in the weeks before Christmas. With this baby you no longer need highlighter to give yourself that healthy glowing look. This blush does all that in one go.

Fuzzy sweater (H&M)

With the colder weather I’ve been addicted to fuzzy sweaters. And don’t worry, no rabbits were hurt in the making of this sweater: it’s made with synthetic fiber. But oh it’s so soft and so warm and so fluffy. I love wearing it around the house mostly and just chill out.

OPI All Sparkly and Gold (Mariah collection)

This limited edition nail polish has been on my nails quite a bit these past few weeks. It’s very sparkly and very gold. Eh, like the name suggests. It’s a very pretty gold color: more antiqued yellow gold than a true yellow gold. That slightly tarnished look is what makes this polish a great one in my opinion. Another plus it that it is easy to remove for a glitter.

Naked snack bars

Another food discovery I made are raw food snack bars by the brand Naked. I tried two so far and love them. I took a picture of the back as well, and look at those ingredients: real ingredients and sweetened with dates. Delicious and chewy these bars are a great snack. Now if they’d only sell these at the railway station or my regular supermarket!

Catrice Liquid Metal eyeshadow in Gold Leaf Me

If you saw my Make Up favorites of 2013 post which went up yesterday, you may have already seen this shadow. I already owned two other shadows from this line, and I originally passed up on this color. Yet, it’s greenish, golden color kept attracting me and finally I just caved. And I haven’t regretted that decision. Look at that swatch!

Higher Living Sweet Chilli organic herbal tea

Chocolate tea anyone? I never thought I’d like it. I tried a chocolate tea years ago and hated it. But the fact that this would be more of a chai tea, with ingredients such as cocoa, liquorice, chilli, ginger, cinnamon, cardamon and cloves, made me want to try it. This has been my favorite tea all month. It’s sweet and satisfying as much as having actual sweets but it packs a bit of punch. It’s a warm flavor perfect for the dark and dreary weather and very Christmassy as well.

Barry M Textured nail polish in Countess

Last but not least, another nail polish. Again a glittery one and again with a hint of gold (I am really liking gold colored make up this time of year not?). This one is different because it gives off a textured sand effect, making the glitters matte looking. Plus it’s long wearing. I wore this for 5 days before it started chipping and it didn’t chip majorly until I want to IKEA and started lugging around boxes.

What are your December favorites?

November favorites (2013)

November favorites (2013)

It’s that time of the month again: it’s nearing the end. And what a November it’s been. Starting with 2 weeks of non-stop grading due to exam weeks, the craziness finally died down slowly. Followed by teaching and the picking up of my gym routine, I got my life back on track. I also went to a few concerts: Volcano Choir, Johnny Flynn & The Sussex Wit and one day of Song Bird Festival. The latter included performances by James Vincent McMorrow, Orlando, Tom Odell, Marcus Foster and Jack Savoretti. All in all it’s been a crazy month, and it’s come to a rough end: for the past week I’ve been dealing with a nasty flu. It seemed gone after 2 days, only to come back, packing twice the punch. I therefore apologize for any mistakes in this post as I am typing this up while I’m running a fever. Let’s get cracking!

1.) Live music

Johnny Flynn & The Sussex Wit live @ Bitterzoet

It had been ages since I got my concert fix. In fact, this year I didn’t attend all that many concerts because a) nothing too swell was on and b) I was too busy. So I had some catching up to do and went to 3 shows in 8 days. Hearing music live is just the best and with my now working in Amsterdam I’m super close to my usual venues.

2.) A ‘new’ breakfast

Excuse the messy picture! But I have discovered a new breakfast: first a glass of juice and than followed by overnight ‘oats’ with superfood mix and extra nuts. The juice you see here is coconut/ pineapple juice but I’ve also been digging an orange/carrot juice mixture. I drink this first thing when I’m at home and have the other part on the train. It’s a new thing I’m trying which I read about in a book on food combining and so far so good! I say overnight ‘oats’ because mine actually doesn’t contain oats at all. It’s 2 tbls of flaxseeds, 2 tbls of chia seeds, 2 tbls of quinoa flakes and 1 – 2 tbls of cocoa nibs. I stir it up in 3 tbls of Greek yoghurt which I dilute with water. This way I’m filled till lunch time but since I don’t eat it straight after I get out of bed I can actually manage it.

3.) Boardwalk Empire

I started watching this last week when I got sick and I have to say I’m hooked. It helps that I’ve got absolutely nothing better to do, but this show is so good. It takes a while to get into as there are many different characters that you have to get to know, but once you do it’s awesome. Telling of the dealings of Nucky Thompson, the corrupt manager of Atlantic City in the 1920s during the Prohibition, it gives great insights into the 1920s era in the US. If you like a mixture of panhandling crooks with a dose of romance set against a pretty accurate display of American history.

4.) Origins GinZing moisturizer

I told you about my night time skincare routine on Wednesday, but this item has quickly made its way into my day time skincare routine. It smells fresh (citrus!) and feels amazing, plus I’ve been using it for a month and no allergic reaction. If it takes me through the winter without too much dryness, I’ll be sure to write a review. But for now I can say I love this stuff.

5.) Cut out boots

These cut out boots are from New Look and I bought them last September and I’ve been wearing them non-stop this month. I wear them with skirts, dresses: they go with everything and are so comfortable. One of the best buys of the season fashion wise.

6.) Pale blush

Come fall, I have a tendency to bring out my paler, cooler toned blush colors. This one by MAC in Azalea is a special favorite of mine come this time of year. It doesn’t show up much, but since I have a tendency to wear darker eye looks as well as lip colors in the fall, these type of muted blushes suit the look a lot better.

7.) London Grammer – If You Wait

This album has been playing all month. I just love her voice so much and the music is quite relaxing, which after a busy day, I like to play most. My favorite: the title track If You Wait, which I, unfortunately, could not find anywhere. So go out, buy it (it’s probably on Itunes) and enjoy! Make sure you get the acoustic version though and not the remix!

8.) Eyeshadow as eyeliner

Last but not least, I’m not much of an eyeliner type of girl, and when I wear it I like it to be subtle. And this month I’ve been digging the look of a well-pigmented eyeshadow to achieve just that. The eyeshadow you see above is a discontinued eyeshadow by Benefit called Fishnets and it’s the most pigmented eyeshadow you’ll ever find. Too much for a standard eyelook, but fantastic in its use as eyeliner. Plus it can be smudged out easily for a more smoky look. I’m a fan.

What are your favorites this month?

October favorites (2013)

October favorites (2013)

Poof! That’s the sound October made when it disappeared. And that’s how quickly it went by as well. October was the month where I soldiered on at work, went on a trip to London (shoplog to come very soon!) and I got started on my massive room change by cleaning up different areas of my room. Make up, DVDs, shoes, clothes and beauty products are all done. Next up: little trinkets, storage, making a new ‘memory box’ and then on to books & CDs. And during this month there were plenty of things I have been loving: from beauty to music, and from fashion to home decor.

1.) Fluffy pillows

My couch was probably the first thing I overhauled as part of my room change. It’s the only thing ewhich will stay where it’s at as it is a super comfy couch and I love it to death, even though it is definitely not something I would pick out if I’d ever buy one myself. However, with some bedsheets from HEMA and some new pillow cases from H&M, I spruced it up quite nicely. The red colored pillows are the only ones I already head and come mainly from Ikea & Xenos. All other pillows I had I lined with new pillow cases from H&M. Most of them are nice and fluffy which makes my couch even more comfy, as if that was even possible.

2.) River Island ‘hairy’ cardigan

All I can say about this cardigan is: IT’S SO FLUFFY! I think fluffiness is a current theme, but in any case, I wore this cardigan non stop during the month. I threw it over dresses, at work, at home, and was sad when it really really really had to go into the wash. It’s a good thing I love it so much because it wasn’t super cheap either. I believe I paid around 55 euros for this. What I love about it is the fact that it’s heavy enough to stay put, it keeps you warm without overheating and it’s soft and comfy. Since the color is this lovely neutral shade it goes with many outfits and thus it’s versatile. Me likes!

3.) Burgundy/ plum make up looks

And then especially this one. I absolutely love the make up and I don’t often have that. In case you’re wondering: this is a page taken from the Dutch Elle for November. I love how the look is very simple, as it’s pretty much one color for the eyes and the lips. However the color makes it interesting enough and I just love anything burgundy. From the smoked out plum color on the eyes to the berry stained lips and the subtle rosy cheeks: this is a look I think I might try to recreate on myself some time.

4.) New music

This is a bit of a cheat entry as I could feature this every month, but instead of going through indie playlists (I haven’t done so since August!), I have been buying new music at a steady pace throughout this year with the highlight being the past 2 months or so. Some people think I’m strange because I still buy CDs, but I love being able to chuck 5 CDs into my player and just give it a whirl. Some  music just fares better when listened to in album form as well and plenty of great albums have been released this year (and there’s more to come). The picture shows a selection of some of my most recent purchases: Paul McCartney – New, Johnny Flynn – Country Mile, Volcano Choir – Repave, Bastille – Bad Blood (fave CD of 2013 so far!!!), London Grammar – If You Wait, Arcade Fire – Reflector.

5.) Sleek Pomegranate blush

It’s autumn and that means that I am busting out my fall colors again. For some reason I’m especially sensitive when it comes to which blush colors I pick when it comes to the changing seasons. And like every year since I’ve had this, Pomegranate has become my staple fall blush color again. Like any Sleek blush the pigmentation is great. I use a stippling brush to apply this and then blend it out with a clean buffer brush. I sometimes sheer it out a bit more by applying some extra powder over it. It is easily my most worn blush by Sleek. Thanks to Noelle, because if it hadn’t been for one of her blogsales I wouldn’t have had this baby.

6.) Retro style messenger bag from Six

The minute I saw this bag, I knew I had to have it. The colors, the size, the overall look: it just screamed my name. I spotted it as I walked home late at night after dance class and I pretty much went to the store the next day to pick it up. During my London trip I used it continuously and it definitely stood the test as carry-on luggage and as a general purse to carry around town. This is great for shopping sprees, running errands or short visits. This is definitely my favorite bag for the season.

7.) Glitter nail polish

I haven’t been posting many nail polish posts these past few months, but that’s because my nails now seem strongest when I don’t wear any nail polish. So I haven’t been wearing it much and thus my compulsion to buy up any glitter nail polish I see has become a bit unjustified on here. I am working on strengthening my nails though so I hope to be wearing nail polish again in the very near future. As I have plenty of plain colors, I have been buying glitter top coats mostly as these are easily combined with solid, creamy colors to give different effects. This picture depicts some of my most recent purchases: L’Oreal Color Riche Sequin Explosion, Models Own Freak Out, Models Own Hot Stuff, NYC Party Time Blue, NYC Rock Muse Smoky Top Coat Green Day, Barry M Nail Paint Amethyst Glitter.

What are your October favorites?