10 Eyeshadow Palette review

Are you ready for an eyeshadow palette review? Of course I also do an in-depth palette review every week on Saturdays but every so often I like to update you on 10 new(er) eyeshadow palettes I tried.

Ace Beauté Oceanic eyeshadow palette review

Ready for a super fun, super bright, super colorful eyeshadow palette review? Last year I wanted to try ALL the blue/ green palettes out there and one palette I purchased and tried was the Ace Beauté Oceanic palette. Is it the blue/ green eyeshadow palette of my dreams?

Urban Decay Naked Reloaded eyeshadow palette review

Are you ready for Shadow Saturday? Because today’s review is an exciting one. At least to me! Why? Because it is all about an Urban Decay eyeshadow palette and we all know how I feel about Urban Decay eyeshadow. Let’s get rollin’!

LA Splash Classic Horror eyeshadow palette

There are colorful palettes and then there is the LA Splash Classic Horror palette. This palette is hardly reviewed and talked about in the beauty community. So let’s see how this went.

Lime Crime Venus Immortalis

Has Lime Crime released one of the best cool toned eyeshadow palettes in recent years? Let’s have a closer look at the Venus Immortalis and find out.

Zoeva Eclectic Eyes eyeshadow palette review

It’s been too long since I reviewed a Zoeva palette. So time to have a look at one that has a gorgeous color story. Say hello to the Zoeva Eclectic Eyes eyeshadow palette.

10 Colourpop Monochromatic eyeshadow palette review

Are you ready for a massive video? Today I am reviewing 10 Colourpop monochromatic eyeshadow palettes in one giant video, including looks, swatches and a full review comparing these against one another and other palettes with similar color stories.

Juvia’s Place Douce eyeshadow palette review

Let’s talk about one of my favorite eyeshadow brands: Juvia’s Place. If they have one perfect spring palette it would be The Douce. This is the review featuring swatches and two makeup looks using all the shades in the palette.

10 Palette Review

It’s been a few months since I last did a general eyeshadow palette review video. I am always a bit behind with my blog post reviews, so I like doing these videos to lump 10 palettes together after I tried them to give you my thoughts.