Happy Moment #2

Happy Moment #2

happy moments

October just wrapped up and it was a month of many ups and a few downs. I came down with a cold for instance, but what was perhaps the most shocking was the sudden passing of my grandfather. I found out as I had just arrived in my New York hotel and the funeral was the day after I got back. So that definitely put a sad spin on things in October. Despite that I did lots of things that were #happymoments, so let’s focus on the positive instead.

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Happy Moments #1

Happy Moments #1

happy moments

So I thought it would be fun to also write some more blogs about my life and what I’ve been up to. Therefore, I will be posting a blog post once a month, possibly on the last Friday of every month about my ‘happy moments’. I want to keep this positive and focus on the things that stood out to me in a good way throughout the month. Not because my life is a constant high, but because I think it is good to focus on the things that you enjoy rather than the things you don’t, I want to focus on that. Here we go!

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Happy Moments #7

Happy Moments #7

Let’s get personal again shall we? Lately I’ve been realizing just how blessed I am and how amazing my life actually is. I’m not sure why, but before, when things got hectic, I sometimes lost track of that, but I’ve taught myself how to focus on positive things when life feels like a maelstrom. With just 3 weeks left in the school year, times are hectic. Apart from work my social life always picks up in the summer time too, so next to long days at work, I’m actually not home all that much. But that just makes me appreciate those moments even more. Here’s what currently putting a smile on my face.

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Happy moments #7

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Happy moments #5

Happy moments #5

Time to appreciate life for a minute. Every once in a while I try to write up a list of some of the things that make me happy. They aren’t very life changing or different for that matter but I like to sometimes take a step back and take a look at some of the good things that have happened. The last time I did this post was March and of course much has happened in the mean time.

Vacation/ travel

I love traveling and I got to go on two different trips since March. First, I visited my friend Alison in May and then I went to the US and Canada over summer. I have found in recent years that I need to go to a different place, preferably by myself, in order to stay sane. I love walking along shorelines by myself in unknown cities. It is a time when I feel I reflect more on what’s going on in my life and how I would like to do things differently.

Vegging out on the couch after a rewarding workout

One thing I’ve been doing more off again is working out. What I probably like most about working out is the aftermath. I love to do a strenuous work out and then have some food and lie on the couch watching a movie, TV series or some Youtube videos to pass the time. Half the time I will nap and miss half of what is going on, but I love to thoroughly recover after a good workout.

Doing that rewarding workout

I used to be at the gym quite a bit, but for the past 2 years I wasn’t going enough. So one realization that hit me during my most recent trip was that I need some time to get back into the swing of things. I am very consciously making an effort to get myself to the gym. No excuses: no matter whether I am tired, sore from the last work out or whatever, I go without fail. So far, it’s working!

Finishing a good book

There is nothing more satisfying than reading a good book. Finishing said great book can be a sad ordeal. It is sometimes quite a feat to leave your favorite characters behind, but the best part of finishing a book is that you can always pick it up again and read it another time. Besides, finishing a book is something quite satisfying in itself. There is just something about that feeling of turning that last page that always puts a smile on my face.

Nailing that make up look

Another conscious effort I am been making ever since summer break was done is to spend enough time on my make up in the morning. I have changed up my morning routine in such a way that I can spend a little more time on my make up in the morning. I just thought it was a shame that I have so much great make up and I only use half of it because some of it takes too much of an effort to use in a quick and dirty way. If only I could cope with waking up even earlier so I could spend some serious time on it, but then again I don’t feel like walking around with a full red carpet ready make up look on a daily basis.

Beers/ drinks/ laughs with friends

After summer vacation I figured I needed some well-deserved me time. But that doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate everyone I hold dear. I spend time with my family and friends on different occasions since then and I’ve been having a great time. From beers in De Bonte Koe to music listening evenings and afternoons spent with my best friend in which both of us simply lose track of time: here to many more fun ‘dates’.

Making plans for concerts & events

Now that I have gotten settled in again after my vacation (travel is fun, but the jetlag not so much) and work is going on in full swing I have found some time to plan some concerts and events again. I have already bought tickets to go the I Love Beauty event in December and I plan on buying tickets to two different concerts some time this week. There is one more concert I want to attend but it is completely sold out and I am on a waiting list to try and find a ticket.

A train that does run for a change

Lately I have been having quite a bit of bad luck when it comes to trains. So a happy moment is definitely those days that they do run. In the past 2 weeks I have only had one day where there were absolutely no delays. And if the delays were only 5 minutes or so, no every time the delays were quite massive: at least 20 minutes up to an hour and one time I didn’t even get to go to work at all. Luckily I didn’t have any lessons that day because that would have been dreadful.

Unpacking the Misslipgloss Goody Bag

At the end of August, I went to the Misslipgloss brunch and everyone who went were gifted a massive goody bag. You can see it in this blog post. Unpacking all of the goodies once I got home was a real treat. There aren’t a lot of products that I don’t like. In fact, most of the products were ones I was curious about and I still wanted to try. Since most of it is skin and hair care I haven’t been able to use anything yet, but I will once my current products run out.

Taking pictures for reviews

Nothing fulfills the joy of a make up lovers heart than buying make up products, but what I also thoroughly enjoy is taking pictures of the products I buy to use on this space. I am still working on taking pictures of many of the products I bought in recent times and it’s a slow process as I now only have one or two days a week on which I can do any picture taking. Between work and workouts I simply do not have that much time, but I enjoy breaking out a new make up product every once in a while and doing a 2 hour picture series for future reviews.

What were your happy moments this summer?

Happy moments #4

Happy moments #4

It’s been a while since I posted about some of my happy moments. The reason for that was that for a while I just forgot about doing this post. Winter is never my favorite time of year and so I am very much appreciating the fact that I now walk out the door when it’s daylight again. It makes me feel more energized and so I figured I felt it was a good time to reflect on some of the things that are making me happy.

1.) Live shows

One resolution for 2015 was to go to more concerts again. And I have. I have been to 5 shows already and have plans to go to at least one festival and another 5 concerts. Where other people go clubbing or doing whatever I love going to concerts. It is always interesting to see how the artist performs their songs live. Seeing live music always adds an extra layer for me, as well as another memory. I tend to listen to more of that artist’s music if I’ve seen them live.

2.) New music

This shouldn’t come as a shocker and I could throw this in whenever I make a happy moments post. However, this time round it is extra true. At the beginning of this year, with little new releases happening and my feeling like I had heard everything 2014 had had to bring, 2015 didn’t get the best fresh new music start. In fact, I felt a little out of sorts and thus tried my hand at a reimagined composition of Vivaldi’s Four Seasons, asked my best friend for help and took some time buying some of my favorite albums of 2014.

3.) Enjoying my job

If you didn’t already know, I started a new job in August after quite a rocky ride at my previous one. It’s great to feel good about my job again. I thoroughly enjoy this one and I feel I can really achieve something here when it comes to teaching English. And so far so good: I’m getting good feedback from colleagues and students alike and so I hope to keep it that way.

4.) Daylight

I already mentioned enjoying the fact that I now get out the door when it’s daylight again. But just the fact that the sun is poking out its face more often is something I am very happy about. It’s my sole reason for feeling energized and just overall better. Despite the fact that I spent a week being sick with a spring cold, I love to hear the birds sing, flowers popping up again as well as some gorgeous sunrises and sunsets that I have already had the honor of witnessing again.

5.) Organizing trips

When I felt a bit stuck in life last year, I did some soul searching. Apart from discovering that I simply love, love, love live music, I also found I love traveling. So this year I’m trying to more of that too. I already have booked two trips so far and am hoping to add another at the end of the year. However, that will all depend on funds. So far, nearly every penny I have left after paying my bills has gone into concerts or trips. It’s one of my strategies to try and spend less money on useless stuff and create memories instead.

6.) A newly organized house

So far this aspect of my happiness has not been mentioned much on here yet. I started a project ‘room change’ in late 2013, but I found little time to complete it in 2014. Until the end of the year that is, which is when I cut to the chase and bought new furniture. I now live in a space that not only is decorated and furnished to my liking, it is also much more practical and homey feeling. If you’re interested I could do a room tour and show you some before and after pictures.

7.) Seeing my visitor numbers grow

Another thing that is making me very happy is what is happening to this blog. I am not sure where you all come from, but in the past few months I’ve been gaining many many visitors. In fact, in the past 6 months my visitor numbers have pretty much doubled. At first I thought it might be a fluke, but by now I’m believing that maybe some of you are intending to stay around and that is really really cool. I also feel that after 4+ years I have finally found my mojo when it comes to this blog, so I hope I can keep it up for as long as possible.

8.) Working on my health and fitness

I’m still not completely satisfied about this, which is mainly due to the fact that I haven’t been working out as much as I’d like to, but my health and fitness have definitely improved. I lost weight, sleep well, try to eat as healthy as I can, and work out whenever I can as well. My goal is to be fit and healthy again before summer and so far I’m on track, but I feel I could be more resilient in my work out schedule. So for then next few weeks that is what I will be working on: a fitness schedule that I can keep up and get used to so it becomes part of my system again.

9.) Meeting new people

One of my favorite things in the world is meeting new people. I’ve hit that moment in my life when the people I know, tend to be the same people, so I always appreciate it if I meet someone new. It’s always exciting to see how relationships evolve and change anyway, but it becomes extra exciting when new people enter your life and you have no clue where things will go. Here’s to meeting some more people in 2015.

10.) Reading books

Finally, I’ve added reading books. I went on a major reading kick at the end of 2014 and since this new year I have not nearly finished as many books. However, I still enjoy a good read and sometimes books simply surprise you. It is why I love reading in the first place and I get excited to finish books, and am eagerly figuring out what to read next all the time. Since I spend quite some time on the train, I also have more time to read, so here’s to a book filled 2015.

What makes you happy?