10 Recent Eyeshadow Palettes I Tried

10 Recent Eyeshadow Palettes I Tried

10 recent eyeshadow palettes looks review swatches juvia's placed jeffree star blush tribe huda beauty coloured raine bh cosmetics milani anastasia beverly hills

I love trying new eyeshadow palettes as you may know. That is why in today’s video I am grouping together 10 eyeshadow palettes I tried recently and give you my thoughts. I also include swatches and make up looks I did with these palettes. If you are curious as to a more in-depth review, then please let me know as I still have all of these slated for a future full length blog review. That way I know which ones you are curious about and which ones I should prioritize for future content. Enjoy your day!

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Quick everyday makeup look

Quick everyday makeup look

It is only a few weeks before the summer vacation and for me, as for most teachers, this means crunch time. It is super busy trying to finish everything before the vacation and prepping as much as possible for next year. This means working over time, grading during weekends and staying late to get everything done in time. In times like these, I like doing quick and easy makeup looks that take little effort to make. I thought I’d show you how I do a quick, natural, everyday looks that I love wearing in busy times or if I want to look presentable but don’t want to wear much makeup.

how to quick everyday makeup look for busy people

Quick everday makeup look for busy people

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30 Day Make Up Challenge #18: Extreme

30 Day Make Up Challenge #18: Extreme

For this rendition of the 30 Day Make Up Challenge, I decided to think outside of my comfort zone. I decided to pile on the make up and even though this may not be very extreme for some people, it is for me. I often only have 15 minutes, if that, when I do my make up when I go to work. So to submerge myself into make up for an afternoon is always a nice and welcome change. To create this look I decided to combine a few make up techniques I see many youtubers and instagrammers use, but which it just way too much for me on the daily. So this is my ‘extreme’ make up look.

The first thing I needed was a good dose of color. I mostly opt for ‘safe’ neutral make up looks when I go to work. I sometimes add a pop of color by adding a bit of colored liner or color on my lid, but I usually leave it at that. I also stick by the rule of not pairing bold lips with bold eyes when I go to work. No need to overstimulate my students and having them spend the first 10 minutes of a lesson deciding where to look. I used blue and purples on the eyes and reddish tints on the cheeks and lipst. I feel they sort of go together, but then again, not really at the same time. I had a reason for this pairing though and that mostly had to do with the make up techniques I wanted to try out.

On to the make up techniques I used. I tried to do a 5 in one here: flawless glowy skin, that is contoured and bronzed up, with a strong brow and ombre lips. Pfff that is quite a lot to work with. I also used a chuckload of products to create it and spend over 30 minutes, maybe even close to 45 minutes to create this make up look. That is at least double the amount of time I get to spend on my make up on a regular basis. When I do my make up in the mornings, I do create a full face of make up, but it’s not as ‘perfect’ and full on as this. I apply foundation, concealer and powder. I also try to create some sort of eyelook, but I usually keep that fairly simple and use no more that 2 – 3 shadows, but mostly I go for 1 shade looks. I apply just blush to my cheeks and a lipstick to my lips and that’s about it. I also do my brows, but I just fill them in a bit. You can see my more every day make up look in this video.

For the eyes I mostly went with some bold colors, but I didn’t go int with any crazy techniques. I don’t have that much eyelid space, so I have limited room to work with. If I make looks like these, a winged liner is also no option for me as I need to draw such a thick line to make that work that it would mostly cover up the amazing colors of the eye shadows. So I kept it simple: a bright purple all over the lid, a darker purple shade in the crease, highlight on the browbone and a bright ocean blue in the inner corner. I personally love this combination and feel it truly makes my eyes pop. Read below for a complete low down of how I created this entire make up look.

I used a blend of both drugstore as well as high end make up. Basically I ransacked my make up collection to put this look together.

Products used:


  • Primer: Bourjois Happy Light Luminous Serum Primer
  • Foundation: Catrice Velvet Finish foundation in 010 Light Velvet
  • Concealer: Catrice Velvet Finish concealer in 020 Velvet Rose
  • Powder: Catrice All Matt Plus powder in 01 transparent.
  • Blush: Rival de Loop Young Mono Rouge 03 Pink Grapefruit
  • Bronzer: L’Oreal Glam Bronze Sun Radiance Trio in 201 Blonde Harmony
  • Contour: Too Faced Milk Chocolate Soleil
  • Highlight: The Balm Mary-Lou Manizer & Dermacol Sheer Face Illuminator in Fresh Rose


  • Base: Kat Von D High Voltage Eye Primer in Skin  & MAC Painterly paint pot
  • All over lid: Urban Decay 15th anniversary palette Omen & MUA shade 9 pearl
  • Crease: Urban Decay 15th anniversary palette Half Truth
  • Inner corner:  Urban Decay 15th anniversary palette Deep End
  • Outer V: Astor Eye Artist eyeshadow palette in 320 Shopping Guerilla in New York (purple shade)
  • Brow bone: Astor Eye Artist eyeshadow palette in 320 Shopping Guerilla in New York (highlight shade)
  • Waterline: Essence Highlight it Nude eye pencils
  • Tight line: Estee Lauder Double Wear Stay-In Place Eye Pencil in Onyx
  • Mascara: L’Oreal Butterfly Effect mascara


  • Pen: Catrice Longlasting Brow Definer 020 flASHy Brows
  • Powder: Catrice eyebrow set
  • Gel: Catrice Eyebrow Filler – Perfecting & Shaping Gel in 020 Make A Bow Wow


  • Pencil: LA Girl lipliner in Currant & MAC lipliner in Cherry
  • Lipstick: Dior Rouge Dior lipstick in 999

How did I use all these? I started with my brows. I first ‘drew’ my brows with Catrice’s brow definer. I focused mainly on the first part of my brows with this. Then, I evened it all out with some brow powder and set it with a brow gel. Secondly, I did skin. I primed my face with a glowing primer, and primed my lids using the Kat von D eyeshadow base. I then used a matte and high coverage foundation and concealer and set all that into place with a matte powder. Finally I added Painterly by MAC, to even out my eyelid color.

For cheeks I first applied a contour and blush. Then I bronzed up my face with a shimmering bronzer and I also took that down my neck. However, I did forget to take in the sides of my neck, so you can see that in these pics I’m about 2 shades darker than I normally am. I went in with blush and a liquid highlight and for extra effect, I topped that up with some powder highlight as well.

For the eyes I didn’t go crazy with techinques. I applied a darker shade in my crease first. Then I originally added Omen by Urban Decay, but once everything was done I topped that off with the purple eyeshadow by MUA. It brightened everything up and really amped up the look. For a fun detail I added a bright blue in my inner corners. I used a darker purple shade on my lower lashline and also defined my Outer V with this. I used a highlighter on my brow bone, a nude eyeliner on my waterline and I tightlined with a black eyeliner. As a final touch I topped up my lashes with mascara.

Lips wise I decided to try an ombre lip. I applied a dark red lip liner on the outer edges of my lips and then filled in my lip with a brighter red. I topped it up with a bright red, glossy lipstick which I applied with a lipliner to not get a very full on effect, but that still nicely covered the liner and evened everything out.

Yep, this, in my book, is an extreme make up look. So much make up, so full on is great for a shoot or when you’re being filmed I’m sure. It is not suitable for an every day make up look, but it was definitely fun to do and to play around with my make up again.

What would you do for an extreme make up look?

LOTD: Smokey blues

LOTD: Smokey blues

As I promised you two days ago: my hands were itching to create a make up look with my latest Inglot purchase. I decided to now only use all of the shades in my new palette, but also add some eyeliner and just go pretty much all out with different shades of blue. This is the result.

Because I wanted the focus to be on the eyes, I went with more neutral tones for the rest of my face. I used a very subtle looking blush and highlight and went with a neutral pink lip.

The items I used:

Face: Rimmel BB cream in light, MAC Select Moisture Cover concealer in NW20, MAC pressed Prep & Prime transparent finishing powder, NARS Laguna Bronzer, Catrice Candy Shock Limited Edition Multicolour blush in 01 Sugar Shock and the Catrice Candy Shock Limited Edition Multicolour highlighter in 01 Vanilla Love.

Eyes: Too Faced Shadows Insurance, MAC paint pot in Painterly, Inglot freedom system palette, Rimmel Scandal Eyes Waterproof kohl kajal in 014 bright blue, Essence I ❤ Extreme mascara, Bourjois Volume Glamorous Max holidays mascara in 53 Electric blue, Inglot AMC liner in no 83.

Eyebrows: MAC omega eyeshadow, HEMA eyebrow gel.

Lips: MAC lip erase in dim, MAC Matte lipstick in Pink Plaid.

Close ups:

Here’s what I did to create this eye look:

1. Apply eyeshadow base. I used Too Face Shadow Insurance.

2. Apply a base color. I used MAC Paint pot in Painterly.

3. Apply highlight color Matte 352 on the brow bone and the inner corner. Make sure the inner third of your eye is covered in the matte shade.

4. Apply Pearl Square 420 over the rest of the lid. Make sure to blend the two lid colors.

5. Apply DS 482 on the outer third of the eye and into the crease, make sure you take this as far up as possible. Blend it with the brow bone highlight. Also take it through the crease towards your nose/ inner corner. Make sure to blend so there are no harsh lines.

6. I took the middle color of the Rainbow 116R pan and used that to blend the purple DS 482 with the highlight color.

7. Reapply highlight color.

8. Take the dark blue Pearl Square 428 color and apply to outer V and into the crease. This will deepen the purple color, so don’t cover all of the purple, but leave a margin so you get a blue/ purple/ fleshtone gradient. Blend well.

9. Reapply Pearl Square 420 to the center of the lid.

10. Apply the dark blue on the outer third of your lower lid.

11. Apply Pearl Square 420 to the rest of your lower lid.

12. Tightline your waterline (top and bottom) with a bright blue eyeliner).

13. Apply a dark blue/ indigo eyeliner to your top lid. You can wing it out if you like, or you can just stick to wrapping it around your tearduct like I did.

14. Apply a black mascara to your top lashes.

15. Apply a blue mascara to your bottom lashes.

Fabulous Fifties rockabilly inspired look

Fabulous Fifties rockabilly inspired look

Remember I was going to a vintage party last Sunday? Well I did manage to take a few pics, but lighting was horrible, so I only have a few to show you. So here it is, without further ado: my 1950s inspired hair, make up and outfit.

Completed look

Excuse the vacuum cleaner! haha

Hair & make up

Here’s what I’m wearing:

Make up:

Face: Missha BB cream in no. 13 Bright Beige, Collection Long Lasting Perfection concealer in no1 fair, MAC Mineralized Skinfinish Natural in Medium, Physician’s Formula Happy Booster in Warm

Brows: Benefit Highbrow pencil in medium, HEMA clear brow gel.

Eyes: Too Faced Shadow Insurance, MAC Paintpot in Painterly, The Bodyshop eyeshadow in no 13, Essence Waterproof felt tip liner, White kohl pencil on waterline by Chanel, Maybelline the Falsies Feather in black

Lips: MAC Russian Red


  • 50s inspired floral sundress (Topshop)
  • Black tulle skirt (worn as petticoat) (H&M)
  • Charcoal grey low heeled mary jane pumps (Sacha)
  • Red polka dot scarf (H&M)

For my hair I used the following tutorial by CherryDollFace:

My hair and especially my bangs are a fair bit longer than hers and to top it off I had washed my hair the morning of the party. That’s why on the first close up pictures the curl is much tighter: that was my trial run and I did that on ‘dirty’ hair. It allowed me to make the curl a lot tighter and it came out much better, but oh well. Can’t have it all right?

That’s it, my 1950s look. What do you think?

NARS inspired make up look

NARS inspired make up look

The reason for my reading make up books is to get inspiration for techniques that I might use myself. For some reason, pictures of celebrities never work for me because a) I don’t find it all that interesting and b) I don’t find make up looks used at red carpet events show me anything I don’t know yet. So make up books it is. I own two books by Rae Morris, but my most recent purchase is Francois Nars’ Make Up Your Mind. The other week I had a chance to really browse through it and found plenty of looks that I thought I would like to recreate and all those looks had a few features in common, some of which I have started to use in my every day make up looks.

So what makes this look NARS inspired? What I noticed in the make up looks I liked best is how very few eyeshadows are used (3 at most) and lots of tight lining. Blush is kept simple, with emphasis on adding some color, but not shape to the face. Lips are neutral or colorful depending on the colors on the eyes. But mainly it’s all about the eyes, as I will explain below.

Products used:

Face: Missha BB cream in no. 13 Bright Beige, Collection Long Lasting Perfection concealer in no1 fair mixed with Benefit High Beam, MAC Mineralized Skinfinish Natural in Medium, Shisheido blush in RD 103.

Brows: MAC Omega eyeshadow, HEMA clear brow gel.

Eyes: Too Faced Shadow Insurance, MAC Paintpot in Painterly, MAC eyeshadows in woodwinked, dazzlelight, vanilla and naked lunch, Urban Decay 24/7 liner in Underground, Maybelline the Falsies Feather in black

Lips: Revlon Lipbutter in Candy Apple

Here’s what I did to create the look (and here Mr. NARS comes in):

  1. I applied MAC paint pot in Painterly to even out my eyelid color.
  2. I applied MAC Woodwinked all over my lid and in my crease. Yes, that’s only one color.
  3. Next, I used Vanilla by MAC on my brown bone, but that’s because I prefer using a matte highlight on my browbone. You could skip this step and simply use a shimmery highlight and go with only two colors.
  4. Dazzlelight went into my inner corner AND on my lower lashline with a pencil brush.
  5. I took a bit of MAC Naked Lunch on a pencil brush and applied this drawing a line from my brownbone to my inner corner. (again you could used a shimmery highlight for this)
  6. I tightlined my upper lash line with Urban Decay 24/7 liner in Underground and also applied it on part of my lower lashline.
  7. I applied mascara

So what makes this NARS?

First of all, you could do this look with only two shadows: one all over the lid and a shimmery highlight on the browbone, lower lashline, inner corner and to connect the browbone to the inner corner. Using the same color on the lid and the crease still creates depth, but is much more subtle than going in with a darker color. Using a light color on the lower lashline as well as connecting the browbone and inner corner with a highlighting color was new to me. I think the first is a great alternative to white or nude colored kohl pencil on the waterline, the second opens the eye even more and adds another dimension.

On top of that there is no heavy black liner: Just some tightlining of the upper lash line and some smudged liner on the bottom lash line. To intensify the look, you could even tightline all around and include the waterline (another technique abundant in NARS’ book).

I think, overall, that these are techniques which create fresh make up looks that draws light to your face and remains subtle. I’ve been playing around with these techniques every day since and love it. Of course you can do the same thing with darker colors for a more dramatic look, but I think this is ideal for an every day make up. Especially because you can get away with using this technique and only 2 eyeshadows: quick, easy and simple.

Have you ever used any of these techniques?

Roaring 20s flapper girl look

Roaring 20s flapper girl look

Last night I went to my very first 1920s and 1930s inspired party ever. I have a friend who runs a living history company and she organizes parties from time to time that go back to a certain day and age. This time is was a 1920 and 1930s inspired party. I first attended a lindy hop course just to get a hold of the basics and after that there was a party with a live band. Now, knowing my friend it would be expected to come in style. So I did some research online and in my closet and found all the things I would need for making a 1920s look. Here’s what it turned out to be:

Full outfit

Fashion at the time meant bare arms & legs, a low waistline and a flowy skirt with beaded jewelry to match. Well, I think I got that down. The dress I have owned for years. I purchased it as a prom dress back when I was still a full time student. Little did I know that it was a 1920s inspired cut! The only things that are missing from my outfit in this picture are my faux fur shawl which I got from H&M for less than 5 euros (it is featured in another picture in this post though) and my Aldo clutch which I’ve had for years. Other items:

– Dress by ZARA (5- 6 years ago)

– Shoes by Bronx (again 4 -5 years ago)

– Necklace by Sixx (on sale about a year ago)

The main effort of this look however, isn’t in the clothes but in the hair and make up. The 1920s meant the first era where women were allowed to show themselves. Hence the bare arms and legs, which before were a complete no-go, were now shown and also hair and make up were a major part of a ladies’ persona for the first time ever. The bop was the favored hair style and the make up was exemplified by an thin, arched brow, dark eye looks, pale skin and small cartoon-esque drawn on mouths. Since I wanted to go as authentic as possible, I did some research on youtube, found a hair and make up tutorial which seemed doable, gave them my own twist and came up with this:

Full face look

I faux bobbed my hair and did my make up including the weird little drawn on mouth. The lipstick didn’t stay put though. One beer and it was a mess, but hey, it looked cool didn’t it? I did a trial look on Friday, without the fake lashes, just to see if my ideas would work out. This is what that looked like:

Trial hair and make up

Here I am wearing my faux fur and I think my hair worked out better too, but at the time I had been wearing it an entire day and didn’t use any hair spray so it was super frizzy! Let’s have a look at some close ups and I will tell you how I created this look.

Faux bob (blurry because I was in a hurry to get out the door)

I turned my hair into a bob using this tutorial. I just didn’t do a finger wave. Instead I used curlers (papilloten in Dutch) which I put into my wet hair to create a poodle like effect. I then sectioned my hair and did what the lady does in the video: make a pony tail with half your hair, tuck it under and pin it and pin the rest of the hair. And there you go: I went from fairly long hair to a bob in a matter of 15 – 20 minutes. It’s really easy to do and I quite like it, so perhaps I will do this some time this summer to keep my hair out of my face and neck when it’s very hot.

Eye make up. Excuse the blurriness. I took this one at midnight after coming home from the party as none of the pictures I took that afternoon had come out.

I know about the eyelash. I stuck it back on after taking this pic and it lasted all night, as you can see in the picture above.

I used the following tutorial for this make up look: click here. I did exactly what she did, but I didn’t have some of the products so I changed it up a bit. For a full list of the products I used, please see below.

The make up I used

Products used:


– MAC chromographic pencil in NC15/ NW 20 (to neutralize parts of brows)

– Benefit Instand Brow pencil in Medium to Dark (to draw on brows)


– MAC Painterly Paintpot as a eyeshadow base

– The Bodyshop matte white eyeshadow as highlight under brown bone

– Urban Decay 24/7 liner in Zero (underneath eye and smudged along top lash line)

– NYX Jumbo Pencil in Slate (base color for eyeshadow, all over lid)

– MAC Sketch eyeshadow (all over lid and to darken the crease) (Row 2, eyeshadow 3)

– MAC Blackberry eyeshadow (to blend the crease up and out into the matte white shadow) (Row 2, eyeshadow 2)

– Fake lashes: MAX (from a store called Action, these retail for 80 cents per 3 pairs)


– MAC studio sculpt concealer in NW 15

– MAC mineralized skinfinish natural in Medicum

– Sephora blush in Rose Rebelle


– MAC Lip erase in Dim

– LA Girl lipliner in current

– NYX lipstick in Black Cherry


– Diamond Cosmetics Cherry Tobacco:

Late night in my kitchen after a few drinks and some dancing. The hair had to be repinned a few times, but stayed put quite nicely. As you can see the lipstick got very smudged and looked horrible afterwards, but I am quite please with the rest of this look. Even though the lashes were difficult to get on at first, they worked quite nicely in the end.

I personally loved going all out with a look for a change. I don’t get to do this often. I got quite a few stares from people while on my way to the party, but I didn’t mind. I think that all in all, as a complete hair n00b and with zero knowledge on 20s make up I did quite good. All I know is that I loved doing this. What about you? Have you ever make any period looks? Which one? Or which one would you like to try out? Let me know in a comment below! Thank you for your time.