Brand Bites | L’Oreal

Brand Bites | L’Oreal

It’s time to explore some more brands in my make up collection. The brand I’d like to talk to you about next is L’Oreal. This behemoth in the beauty industry is a brand that has its hits and misses for me in the make up department. Products I love, I truly love. Products I dislike, I truly despise. There is just no middle ground with them for me. Watch the video below to hear me tell you about the L’Oreal make up products in my make up collection: from holy grails to absolute duds.

All of my L’Oreal products in one video!

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Make Up by numbers tag

Make Up by numbers tag

My friend Karin from posted a tag not too long ago where she had counted every make up item she had. I haven’t counted the amount of make up I have ever since I started storing it in the 3 drawer set it’s been sitting in since 2010. I wasn’t surprised by these numbers, but it does kind of show the ehm… problem, fairly nicely. I simply have a lot of make up. That is old hat. And if you’re curious to know just how much I really have. Well then, keep on reading.

***Disclaimer*** Yes, I have a lot of make up. I like it. I like playing around with it and I like trying new things. Besides I’ve been purchasing make up extensively for almost 6 years now. So it’s not as if this ‘happened’ overnight.

Make up collection earlier this year

First up I’ve decided to count every single last bit of make up I have: from eyeshadow to nail polish, from blushes to brushes. Let’s start with the face make up shall we?

Face products:

  • 1 foundation
  • 2 BB creams
  • 4 face powders
  • 1 primer
  • 5 concealer
  • 7 bronzers
  • 5 highlighters
  • 31 blush

Apart from blush, I am not a big face product fiend. I simply use what I have and that’s that. This is especially the case for face powders and foundations/ BB creams. I have a foundation for winter time and BB creams (one light and darker) for the rest of the year. The powders I have match the three face products and I have a loose Make Up Forever HD powder which I got for free as a gift with purchase from Sephora in the States last year. I only use two bronzers to bronze, the others I like using as a blush or a highlight in spring and summer.


  • 14 pigments
  • 5 duo eyeshadows
  • 13 cream eyeshadows
  • 34 single eyeshadows
  • 17 small palettes (3 – 5 eyeshadows)
  • 26 larger palettes (6 eyeshadows or more)
  • 17 eyeliner (liquid, gel and felt tip)
  • 23 eye pencils
  • 4 lip liners


  • 54 lipsticks (much more than in the picture below!)
  • 21 lipgloss
  • 32 lipbalm

The category that has the most products is definitely been eyeshadow. Apart from nail polish, eyeshadow is the only thing I’ve been using since I was a teenager and I have always had a weak spot for it. Especially when it comes to eye looks I like changing things up: where I can wear the same blush for days and weeks on end, I change my eye make up on a daily basis. In the past year, I have added a slight lipstick addiction into the mix. Where I got rid of more than half of my lipglosses over the past 1.5 years, I have only added that amount in lipsticks. They last longer, and the color pay off is so much better.


  • 3 eyeshadow bases
  • 1 eyebrow powder
  • 2 eyebrow pencils
  • 1 eyebrow gel
  • 1 lip erase
  • 5 mascaras


  • 1 pencil sharpener
  • 37 brushes
  • 4 sets of fake eyelashes

Again no categories to be wowed by. I have the basics I need and pretty much stick to that. The only reason why I have 3 eyeshadow bases was because I bought a Kat von D base last year because I thought my Too Faced one was running out, but that is still going strong. I use MAC’s Painterly Paint Pot as a base as well so I sometimes double it up as my lids are very greasy and I sometimes just need that bit of extra coverage on my lids. The only reason why I have 5 mascaras is because I always keep 1 back up and I was gifted 3 other ones in the course of the year.


238 nail polishes

Nail polish was my first love in the world of beauty and I have been buying it since I was 12 years old. I have bottles that go back that far, so it’s no wonder that I have that much I think. I am going a bit overboard on the top coats though, because I’ve been loving trying out new ones a little too much lately.

Feel free to also do this tag if you’d like!

Note: Pictures are not up to date. I took these last spring. Lighting in my room is terrible at the moment due to scaffolding placed in front of my windows because my house is being painted. The collection looks slightly different now. The numbers are current though.

Updated make up collection & storage

Updated make up collection & storage

A collection update. It was about time. The last time I showed this was almost 2 years ago and lots has changed since then. I purged quite a few sections mainly, but on the other hand, not so much has changed. I still store my make up collection in the same way and I honestly don’t want it to go anywhere anywhere else. Meaning: I’m not willing to buy other storage for it any time soon and so, if things don’t fit anymore, it means I simply have to throw things out or give them away. And yes, I know, it’s still a lot of make up, but I enjoy it and I like playing around with new looks and new products. Do I need all of this? No. Do I use it? Yes. Is it a hobby? Yes. Am I crazy? Yes, yes, yes, yes. So, now we got that out of the way, let’s get to it.

My make up storage space and what’s on top.

Ta-dah! I present to you: my make up station. Nothing has changed here. I am still using the IKEA Aneboda 3-drawer set to store my make up and the Anordna drawer inlays to organize it. It even includes the same desk organizer I also got from IKEA (but I forgot the name) and the Q-tip holder is from HEMA. Also: excuse the dirty brushes.

On top of my storage unit, you will find some daily essentials: a cloth to wipe brushes, tissues, Q-tips, brushes and some bigger eyeshadow palettes. The black container is for putting in lipsticks when I’m on the go. It has a mirror and some Q-tips so I’m prepared wherever I am.

Palette wise this is where I store the Urban Decay Vice and 15th anniversary palettes, my MAC palette, my Z-palettes filled with NYX, Sephora, Catrice and Essence singles, my Sephora + Pantone palette from the US and a 120 palette for when I want to do something crazy. My brushes are from all over the place: Sigma, HEMA, The Body Shop and Real Techniques are the main brands though. My kabuki brush is by ELF.

Drawer 1: Lips, every day stuff and eyeliner

Now this has changed a lot! In the back there is a spot for back up products. I only keep back ups of mascaras though, so that’s not too interesting. Then there’s lip gloss and lipstick on the left. I used to have twice the amount of lip gloss and many of the lipsticks you see here are now gone: I purged my lipsticks after taking these pictures, but as you may have noticed replaced them very quickly. Another thing I purged since the last time you saw my collection are my lip balms. Since lip balms take ages to get through, I decided to throw out a bunch and also stop buying them. My goal is to one day finish all of these and I figured I have more than enough to last me a life time.

The two sections on the right hold my every day products and lip and eye liners. In the small section to the left I keep my sharpener, MAC lip erase, my favorite eyeshadow for highlighting, brow powder, mascara, eyeshadow base, etc. I also keep my Benefit High Beam and Mac paint pot in Painterly here as I tend to reach for these products most often. On the right you see my lip- and eyeliner section. Again something I purged majorly. Most of my NYX eyeshadow pencils have found a new home and I’ve only kept Milk, Slate and Black Beans as those were the ones I really used. Other than that you see pencil liners, liquid eyeliner, gel eyeliner and some glitter liners by Sleek.

Drawer 2: Eyeshadow

As you may remember: I’m an eyeshadow junkie and if you thought that what was on top of this drawer set, was it, you’re wrong. I still have a load of eyeshadow and it’s the only part I didn’t purge much.

In the back, on the left, are some pigments and older eyeshadows that I used to love but don’t reach for all that often anymore. In front of that are some single eyeshadows: mostly baked and mineral eyeshadows and some L’Oreal Infallible ones. All the way up front is my larger Dior palette which I bought on a boat once, my Sleek palettes, TBS shimmer cubes, and my Wet N Wild palette.

On the right hand side you can see some smaller eyeshadow palettes such as Urban Decay Naked 1 and 2, a Too Faced Naked Eye palette and my Inglot palettes. In front you can find even smaller eyeshadow palettes by NYX, Dior and Make Up Designory. Last but not least, I have a section where I keep my cream eyeshadows such as MAC paint pots, Benefit creaseless cream shadows and Maybelline Color Tattoos.

Drawer 3: Face products

Another section that was purged quite a bit: face products, with special attention paid to blush, which is now consolidated to the left side of this drawer. There are the Benefit box powders in their own little section, then ‘other’ blushes, such as cream blush and some colors which I don’t use as often next to that. The section in the front is where I keep blusher which I use most often. This includes: NARS Orgasm, MAC Margin & Solar Ray, NYC Color Wheel and my favorite peach blush by Shisheido.

The other half of this drawer is devoted to foundation, concealer and face powders. I don’t really do foundation and so I only have one real foundation (the Fit Me one I gifted to a friend because it didn’t work for me, so that has disappeared already) and then I have some BB creams, one of which is almost gone, and one which is a tad too dark for now. Then there’s a small concealer section and there’s a lone primer in there as well. In the front there are bronzers on the left, highlighers on the right and my MAC Naturalized Skin Finish Natural and MAC Prep + Prime transparent powder.

And that’s it! Kind of short and sweet and not including some of my more recent purchases, but you get the idea. Hope you enjoyed and have a good Sunday 🙂

Make up collection: large eyeshadow palettes

Make up collection: large eyeshadow palettes

Remember a while ago I wrote a post saying I was done with posting all of my make up collection? Well turns out, I hadn’t. When browsing my computer I found some pictures which I took months ago of a part of my collection that has been ignored. Until now! And what a shame it is, because I think that most of the eye candy of my make up collection is to be found in this part. So without further ado, I would like to introduce to you the larger eyeshadow palettes of my collection.

My large eyeshadow palettes, all stacked together.

I would define ‘large eyeshadow palette’ as an eye shadow palette that contains more than 5 eyeshadows. I have a few more, but those have been granted their own posts, and some of the palettes featured on here have already been graced with more expansive posts. I will therefore not dwell on these too much and just show them and some swatches.

Most of these palettes are high end, but I also have two more budget friendly palettes to show you. To start off, with one of them is the affordable 120 palette:

120 eyeshadow palette (original)

This palette boast 120 different colors of eyeshadow. You can find this in several webstores, as well as ebay. Usually it costs around 20 euros. The reason why I like this palette is that it has a host of colors you won’t necessarily need on a daily basis, as well as some very wearable ones. The texture can be a bit chalky, but especially on the rare chance that I want to use bright orange or ocean blue, I will always have them handy. My favorite shade in the palette is a bright, true red. A difficult color to find in eyeshadow, but my go to color when making autumn/ fall inspire looks.

Dior Cannage Color Collection

I bought this particular palette on the boat or the airport on a trip last year. Of all high end brands, Dior is my favorite and this palette has some amazing shades in it. I wouldn’t necessarily combine them together (a bit too much shimmer if you ask me) but it has an amazing champagne colored highlight, a deep brown, an amazing plum, and a stunning navy.

10 pan Inglot Freedom system eyeshadow palette

This isn’t my only Inglot palette. I also have a smaller one, but I’d decided I wanted a larger palette and one with lighter pastel colors for spring. My favorites here have to be the purple, all three lavender shades, as well as the mint green. You can find a full review including swatches, by clicking here.

Catrice City collection – London

Some time late last year, German budget brand Catrice released a City collection with palettes and nail polish inspired by four major world cities: New York, Berlin, Sydney and London. I went with the London palette as it had the most colors that appealed to me. A nice lavender, as well as as a gorgeous mauve-y color make this palette really cool in my book.

Too Face Naked Eye Palette

I sincerely doubted between getting the Naked or the Natural Eye palette by Too Faced. I bought this one, because I already had so many brown eyeshadows and I needed some grays. This palette is great for a smokey eye for all occasions. I love the taupe colors in this palette as well as the deep charcoal gray.

Urban Decay Deluxe palette

Comes in a purple velvety packaging with a silver sequined front. What’s not to like? Seriously, this palette has a lot going on: from neutrals to brights to a velvety matte black. My favorites here are the golden color in the middle top row. As well as the bright green. I got this a long time ago and it was my first make up purchase off of Ebay.

Urban Decay Sustainable Palette

The UD palette every one always forgets about. It has some gorgeous colors, but it is rather hard to work with some of the colors. The white, purple and baby blue all have super chunky glitter: hello fall out. The other colors (for instance the teal, rose gold YDK and the infamous Half Baked) all glide on as you can expect from UD. The packaging is another hurdle to overcome when you want to use the palette. You have to turn the lid away from the palette to get to the shadows, and it has happened to me quite a few times that I was required to refasten the screw that holds the palette together.

Urban Decay 15th anniversary palette

The minute I saw this palette on American websites, I knew I had to have it. The colors are gorgeous and it’s a very versatile palette. The packaging is gorgeous (purple velvet box and silver embossed cover). I tend to save this palette for special occasions or when I feel like doing something creative. You can read a more elaborate review including swatches by clicking here.

Urban Decay Naked 1 and Naked 2 palettes

Yes, I have both the naked palettes. When the second one came out I wasn’t sure whether I should get it. I already had the first one so why the second one too? I read plenty of posts on websites where the two were compared and came to the conclusion that they would be different enough. By now, I find myself using my Naked 2 palette more often than the Naked 1. Cooler toned browns (as well as some of the greys) suit me better. You can read a full review of the Naked 2 palette (including swatches) by clicking this link.


Swatches have been organized in the chronological order in which the palettes were shown above. Each palette has one swatch.

If you’d like to see my other eyeshadow palettes, than please click the following links:

Sleek palettes

MAC eyeshadow palette

Depotted NYX eyeshadow (in Z-palette)

Depotted Sephora eyeshadow (in Z-palette)

Depotted Catrice & Essence eyeshadow (in Z-palette)

What’s your favorite eyeshadow palette (you have)? Mine would be the UD 15th anniversary palette.

Make Up Collection: Cream shadows & bases

Make Up Collection: Cream shadows & bases

This will be the last post containing the contents of my make up collection. Last year, I decided to show in detail the make up I had. By now, I have cleaned out parts of my collection and added on to it and it isn’t the same anymore as it was, but I still wanted to finished what I started. So, without further ado I will show you the final products that you haven’t seen in close up just yet: cream eyeshadow, color bases and one cream highlighter.

NYX Jumbo Pencils

milk, oyster, lavender, iced mocha, rust, pure gold, lime, baby blue, slate, black beans

Let’s start with the budget version for color bases: NYX Jumbo Pencils. These creamy eye pencils are great to intensify the colors of your eyeshadow, but less suitable to be used as eyeliner. Make sure to use a base that will make your eyeshadow last longer as these will crease tremendously on their own. My favorite ones are milk and slate. These I find the most useful as they are pretty allround.

MAC Paint Pots

Bare Study, Painterly, Rubenesque, Let Me Pop

Paint pots are quite possibly my favorite cream shadows/ bases. These double as they can be worn on their own, but also underneath other shadows (especially painterly and bare study). Let Me Pop is a glimmering coppery/ peach color from a LE edition and I wear this as is. Rubenesque and Bare Study are two of my favorite eyeshadows to create a quick look with.

Benefit, Essence & Catrice cream shadows

Get Figgy, Skinny Jeans, Stiletto, Lord of the Blings, Raise the Curtain

Out of these five colors Lord of the Blings and Raise the Curtain were the cheapest and they are my favorite. I don’t find myself reaching as much for the Benefit ones, even though I really like using them when I’m making a plum colored smokey eye. Skinny jeans is the perfect color for usage under a grey smokey eye, but I don’t find myself wearing any of the Benefit shadows as is.

Benefit High Beam

An item I forgot to put in the post about bronzers and highlighters. I used to use this all the time and I still go through phases using this. It’s a great product and gives a very natural glow, but a little goes a very long way!


NYX Jumbo Pencils (Slate, Milk)

Mac Paint Pots (Painterly, Bare Study, Rubenesque, Let Me Pop)

Benefit Cream Shadows (Get Fitty, Stiletto, Skinny Jeans)

Catrice, Essence, Benefit Highbeam

That’s it! Now you’ve seen all of my make up collection in detail. Next up: my favorites per category with swatches and more elaborate reviews. My plan is to pick my favorite blush, eyeshadow, etc. of the moment and write a full review on it. I think that will be more insightful than just showing you what I have.

Make Up Collection: Sleek Palettes

Make Up Collection: Sleek Palettes

We are nearing the end of my showcasing my make up collection. I literally have only 2 more of these I can do and after that, I don’t have any more make up to show you. Today I will be showing you my Sleek I-Divine eyeshadow palettes. I have 7 of them and I love each one. They are not too expensive and feature 12 great shades that have great pigmentation. The Sleek eyeshadows are a bit powdery, but that gives them staying power and the colors are versatile and each palette is unique in that sense. I really like using these, especially because they feature quite some matte shades and I love my matte eyeshadow. I did not include swatches of these, as there are already so many blogs that do those. If you want to see what these shades look like, I suggest a Google search.

The packaging: on the left is the new packaging, the old is on the right.

The palettes come in these handy palettes. They fit right in your hand so size wise they are spot on. Each palette comes with sponge tip applicators (which I don’t use) and a gigantic mirror. Many people like taking these on the go and I understand why. They are lightweight and offer you a variation of color which allows you to change up your look daily. I’m still contemplating on taking one of these with me when I go to the States next month.

Primer palette & Storm palette

The Storm palette was my first Sleek purchase and I still love it. As you can see in the picture there are quite some shimmery shades in there, but also a few mattes. The only downside to this palette: no matte highlight color. The black color broke during transportation btw.

The Primer palette I have never used. I don’t know why. I just forget about having it I guess. I tend to grab a paintpot or NYX jumbo pencil when I need a colored primer for my lids. I am sincerely considering getting rid of this. The picture shows up blurry for some reason, but just click it and blow it up and you will be able to see the colors in focus.

Good Girl palette & Acid palette

The Good Girl palette is very pink as you can see, but also features some orange and reddish colors. I especially love the raspberry color (right row, second from the bottom) and the hot pink (top, left row).

The Acid palette I used for the first time the other day. These aren’t very everyday colors, but they are still pretty nonetheless. I just find it a pity that the two blue shades in here are almost identical.

Oh So Special palette & Au Natural palette

Oh So Special is a great neutral palette. There are some great overall colors (the pinks and light browns) and a bunch of good crease colors too (including an amazing plum color). I loved it so much that I featured it in my favorite products of 2011 post.

Another great neutral palette Sleek does is the Au Natural palette. This one is much more brown oriented. The crease colors look very similar to Oh So Special, but as you can tell there are more mattes in this palette which makes it great for every day looks. I did a review (incl. swatches) on this palette when I first got it.

My latest Sleek palette!

Ultra Mattes V2 Darks palette

Finally! A drug store brand that comes out with a fully matte palette. Sleek came out with two and this is the second one with a few neutral shades, some colors and some crease colors. I am in love with this! I contemplated getting V1 Brights as well, but since I didn’t think I’d get much use out of it, I decided to just go with this. My faves? The plum (bottom right), the dark green (bottom right), and the teal (top left). I made a smokey plum look with this the other day and this is how it turned out:

Colors used:

Pillow talk (white) on brow bone

Dune (cream) to blend dark plum into brow color

Flesh (orange/ tan) all over lid

Villan (plum) in crease

Thunder (charcoal) in outer V

You can buy Sleek in Super Drug drugstores in the UK and online on their website. Check out their blushes while you’re at it, because those are amazing too!

Do you have any Sleek palettes? Do you like them? Why?

Make Up Collection: Face Products

Make Up Collection: Face Products

Let’s have another look at my make up collection. Today features the category that interests me the least. Face products just aren’t something that you need a ton of. Once you have the right color, you have the right color and you can just stick to that. I watch these make up collections on youtube and always wonder: why have 10 different foundations? I just don’t get the point. I don’t even own foundation anymore as I threw all of them out as I wasn’t using them anyway. These are the face products that currently reside in my stash.


I use bronzer every day. I am so pale that even in winter I can use some subtle color to give me a healthier look. These are the bronzers I own:

– Sephora sun disk bronzing powder in 01 light

– Bourjois Poudre Clubbing gold bronzing powder

– L’Oreal Glam Bronze Sun Radiance Trio Blondes

– NARS Laguna bronzer

– Too Faced Bronzer in Snow Bunny

– Benefit One Hot Minute face powder

– Bourjois DĂ©lice de Poudre bronzing powder in peaux mates/ hâlĂ©es 52

My go to bronzers are the Sephora Sun Disk and NARS Laguna ones. Both are matte and great for light skin tones. The two Bourjois powders I’ve had for years. They were my first bronzers and thus way too dark and I don’t really use them anymore, but I just can’t get myself to throw them away. They still smell and look okay, so I’m sure they haven’t expired yet. The Benefit bronzer is my on the go one, even though it’s a loose powder. It comes with a brush and is very compact. Here are the swatches:

Sephora Sun Disk, NARS Laguna, Benefit One Hot Minute, Bourjois Poudre Clubbing, L’Oreal Glam Bronze, Too Faced Snow Bunny, Bourjois DĂ©lice de Poudre


Highlighter is an optional product for me. I definitely don’t use this every day. I usually only use it in summer. My favorite out of the bunch is the one in the right hand bottom corner.


– ME ME ME Shimmy Shimmers in gold shimmer

– Catrice highlighting powder in Fairy Dust (LE Enter Wonderland collection)

– Sephora highlighting compact powder in pink

– Too Faced Absolutely Invisible  softly illumination transparent powder in Candlelight

–  Famous by Sue Moxley Baked Bronze in Bronze Pot Shade 1 – Miami

As I already said, the Famous by Sue Moxley baked bronze is my favorite highlight to use. It’s very subtle and according to youtube’s Gossmakeupartist it’s a dupe for MAC’s soft & gentle Mineralized Skin Finish. And also the ME ME ME Shimmy Shimmers is apparently a dupe for Bobby Brown’s Shimmer Brick. The Too Face powder is very pretty, yet very subtle as you will see on the swatches.

ME ME ME Shimmy Shimmers, Catrice highlighting powder, Sephora compact powder, Too Faced Candlelight, Famous by Sue Moxley Baked Bronze

Primer, concealer and face powder:

As you will see on the picture below, I don’t have many other remaining face products. These are all shades that I can work with, that don’t break me out and that I enjoy using. Why keep more when you don’t use it anyway right?


– Garnier BB Cream in Light. See my review in this post.

– Sephora primer

– MAC Select MoistureCover concealer in NW20

– MAC Studio Sculpt concealer in NW15

– Benefit Lemon Aid concealer

– Benefit Erase Paste in fair

– MAC Mineralized Skin Finish Natural in medium

– Benefit Hello Flawless custom powder cover up in honey

My most used products are definitely the MAC ones and the BB cream. All throughout winter, I wore the BB cream as a base, deleted the redness in my face with the Studio Sculpt concealer and finished it off with my Mineralized skin finish. I now have a different BB cream (by Missha, review to come), and a concealer more apt for summer (MAC Moisturecover in a shade darker). The Benefit powder is great for on the go as well. It comes with a sponge (for coverage) and a brush (for evening out your skin) so it is multifunctional. The other two Benefit products have been well loved in the past, but I have since moved on to different products. I have yet to try the primer. Here are the swatches:

Garnier BB Cream, MAC Select MoistureCover, MAC Mineralized Skin Finish Natural, Benefit Hello Flawless, Benefit Erase Paste, MAC Studio Sculpt, Benefit Lemon Aid

As you can see: not that many products. Like I said, I just stick to what works and don’t venture out much. The products that I don’t use anymore, I stopped using because I found something that works better for me. I either found a better shade (bronzer), a better consistency (concealer) or a product that simply works better all together (I replaced my Lemon Aid with the Garnier caffeine roller). I still use them from time to time though so that’s why they are still here.

That’s it. What are your favorite face products?