Makeup Declutter 2020 // Eye Products

Today’s video is the last of my 2020 makeup declutter. The last category we will be going through is eye products. Think single shadow, mascara, glitters, liners and brows.

Lip Declutter 2020

In which we declutter my lipstick collection and we get rid of 80+ products!

Makeup declutter | Lip products

For my final decluttering episode, I have a major category that I had not yet shown you. I have plenty of lip colors and I try lots of different shades. For reviews, I always like to try at least a nude, a red, a bright and if possible, a fun wacky color. But that means…

Makeup declutter 6 | Eyeshadow palettes

I think this is a declutter many people have been looking forward to. I’m an eyeshadow junkie, but because of that, there is plenty that I have tried that I don’t or no longer love. Of course that means that there will be plenty left once I’m done with these. Curious to see the rest…