Olay Total Effects Moisturizing cream for sensitive skin

Olay Total Effects Moisturizing cream for sensitive skin

I’ve said before that I’m not that experimental when it comes to skincare, but in the past year that’s been changing. I’ve been able to find more and more skin related products that don’t break me out or lead to allergic reactions and so I’ve been a bit more daring. So when I found that my local drugstore did a buy 1 get 1 free offer on all Olay products a few months ago I decided to purchase two of their creams. For the past few months I’ve been using one of them as my night time moisturizer and I’ve been loving it. And that means that a full review is in place.

Olaz Total Effects 7-in-One Moisturizing cream for sensitive skin

Before I get to the review, I think it is wise to point out that this brand is available under the name Olay in English language countries, while in Holland this brand is called Olaz. So in case you were confused by the name of this product: no, it’s not a typo and I didn’t get it wrong either. The reason why I picked up some Olay cream is because it’s been my mom’s staple brand for as long as I can remember, so I thought it time to try some myself. This product retails for €20.99 for 50 ml of product.

What Olay says:

Specially designed for sensitive skin types, this daily 7-in-1 Moisturiser with SPF 15 contains a proven age-defying complex to fight multiple signs of ageing, PLUS helps to improve skin’s surface moisture barrier. For younger-looking skin, better protected skin from environmental factors.

The packaging of this moisturizer is really simple. I love how it has a pump, but the cap is a little flimsy. It hasn’t broken on me yet, but I just feel like it will before I run out of this. This product is formulated for sensitive skin and that’s why it peaked my interest. It’s supposed to infuse your skin with moisture while working as an anti-aging product and it also contains SPF 15.

This cream isn’t marketed as a day cream or a night cream, but as something you can use twice a day. It’s an all round moisturizer which is perfume free and easily absorbed by the skin. The product is dispensed through a little nozzle that is attached to a pump. Like I said above, the packaging works easy enough and I like the hygienic pump. Much better than sticking your finger in a pot. The only downside is that the packaging is solid so you can never see how much product you’ve used up.

The ingredient list is a long one, that I don’t really understand the finer details of. But water and glycerine are at the top and also some silicones. But the product doesn’t boast to have any magic ingredients that should do miracles, so I wasn’t expecting the ingredient list to be anything special. The longer the ingredient list, the more likely you are to react to a product. So be careful if you have very sensitive skin.

I was pleasantly surprised when I first used this product. The cream is thick and has a whipped texture. A pea sized amount is more than enough for my entire face. It is absorbed quickly, but I do find it too thick for a day time moisturizer. That is why I only use this at night. For a day time moisturizer I still like using my Dr Scheller Organic Jasmin cream.

The main question though is: does this product work? And I can say that it does. I wake up with nice and soft skin. It feels moisturized, it doesn’t feel tight or dry at all and I find that my milia have not multiplied and don’t grow as big as quickly anymore. I layer this over my serum and I use a separate eye cream, but I wake up with skin that has never felt better. I do have to say that I started using this in summer, and as the months grow colder I also need a bit more from my skincare. When I notice my skin getting dryer despite using this, I will make sure to start using something differently again, but for now this will do.

All in all, this Olay moisturizer does what it is supposed to do. It leaves my skin feeling soft and supple. For the price I think you can get a moisturizer with a shorter ingredient list though, so if you have very allergy prone skin this may not be for you. But it’s been working well for my dehydrated skin that needs all the moisture it can get.

What is your experience with Olay products?

Dr Scheller organic jasmine moisture care

Dr Scheller organic jasmine moisture care

In my end of August empty products post, I showed you I had run out of my beloved Organics Ginzing moisturizer. When I was in Germany a few months ago, I had to pay a visit to DM to see what they were stocking not only make up wise, but also skincare wise. I found a 100% organic brand, Dr Scheller, which wasn’t too expensive and boasted all natural ingredients. Knowing my Ginzing moisturizer was about to run out, I decided to pick up the Dr Scheller Organic Jasmine 24 H Moisture Care cream and give it a try.

Dr Scheller organic jasmine moisture care

The cream comes in a sturdy glass jar with a plastic jar. The style of the product is clean and simple. The brown and flower close up enhance the idea that this is a natural product but other than that it is nothing too special packaging wise.  I seem to remember that apart from being organic, this product is also 100% vegan, but I’m not sure about that anymore. I’ve been using this cream on a daily basis as my morning moisturizer for the past 2 months and so I feel I have tried it enough to have a good idea of what this cream does for my skin.

Dr Scheller is an organic skincare brand that promises to give you a product with certified organic ingredients and this cream should contain 95% all natural ingredients. The organic jasmine line is formulated specifically for dry skin. A combination of oils, fig extract and jasmine extract is promised to moisturize ‘thirsty skin’. Dry lines should be smoothed out as a result of regular use and it should stabilize the moisture balance of your skin. To top things off, this product is free of silicones, gluten, parabens, mineral oils and coloring agents. When you look at the ingredient list, the main ingredient is water followed by oils, glycerin, shea butter and more oils. This product does contain perfume so if you are allergic to that you may have to skip this.

When you unscrew the lid, you will find a rich and thick cream inside. It smells of jasmine, so if you’re very sensitive to smell this may not be for you. It was what took me the most getting used to. The smell is very herbally and quite strong. When used under foundation I didn’t mind it so much, but on days where I wear no make up and just this moisturizer the scent was a bit there at first, but I got used to it just fine. Now, I wear this whether I’m using make up after it or not.

Because the cream is quite thick and on the heavy side, it takes some time to sink into your skin, so leave ample time between applying this and your make up if you’re wearing make up over it. Despite it’s richness, I do find that once it has sunk into my skin, I don’t easily sweat it out. That’s what happens for me with a lot of creams: I leave the house and within 10 minutes my face starts to ‘ooze’ moisturizer. Forgive the graphic description, but it doesn’t feel nice nor does it look very pretty as your face becomes shiny and when wearing make up, smears easily.

You can see on the swatch how thick this cream is. I use two of these drops to spread over my face. I find that because it’s so thick I go through it fairly quickly. Spreading out the product needs some work and you really have to massage this in due to its texture. But it works great. My skin has been feeling great: no dryness, no feeling of stretchiness and I feel that my milia are also responding to this quite nicely by not becoming super huge. Lastly, I have been using this every day for 2 months and not once had an allergic reaction.

My conclusion is that this is a great basic every day cream if you have dry skin. And if you can get over the jasmine smell this is even great for sensitive skin like mine.

What is your daily moisturizer?