NOTW: Midnight in Moscow

NOTW: Midnight in Moscow

Shock & horror! No it’s not Halloween just yet, but I think for the first time on this blog, I have a nail of the week for you that entails only one nail polish. Before you start thinking that I am losing my edge: I’m not. I had a party to go to and I wanted my nails to look classy and sophisticated for it. And I thought: why not just post this anyway. I went with a color by OPI called Midnight in Moscow: a dark but gorgeous color. Is it black? Is it red? No, it has a bit of both. See the pictures below to see what I mean.

OPI Midnight in Moscow (with flash)

OPI Midnight in Moscow (no flash)

Products used:

– Etos nail hardener in extra strong

– OPI Midnight in Moscow

– INM Out the Door fast drying topcoat

No flash


As you can see here, the color is a very very dark red: a blackened red. It looks different in different lighting. In daylight you can see a hint of red shining through, as on the pictures with the flash. My camera didn’t pick up on that though and so on the pictures without flash, it looks almost black, but not quite.

Here you can really see the difference between flash and no flash

If you’re interested in seeing why I needed my nails to look classy and sophisticated than stay tuned and check back tomorrow as I’ll have my complete make up, hair and outfit up.

NOTW: Pastels for Easter

NOTW: Pastels for Easter

Just a quick little post as I’m busy with some social activities these days. I visited my parents for an Easter brunch yesterday and today I will be hitting up some friends for a birthday so I don’t have much time. This is the nail look I put together for a fun spring/ Easter look. Hope you enjoy! Oh and eh: Happy (belated) Easter!

ImageOn my nails:

thumb: H&M Peppermint Fusion

index: Catrice Let’s Mauve On

middle: Catrice Biscuits & Cupcakes (LE)

ring: Catrice Apropos Apricot

pinky: China Glaze Lemon Fizz

Top coat used: Seche Vite

Base coat: Etos Extra Strong Nail Hardener

NOTW: Frosty Ocean

NOTW: Frosty Ocean

I of course had to us my new Catrice & Essence polishes on my nails as quickly as I could. So when I was doing my nails before heading to my parents for my mom’s birthday I came up with this quick and easy nail look.

On my nails:

  • Essence Walk on Air as a base color
  • Catrice Million Styles Top Coat in Return of the Space Cowboys (middle finger & pinky)
  • Catrice Million Styles Top Coat in Have an Ice Day (index & ring finger)

I wanted to try these two especially as the swatches over black didn’t make them look all that impressive. I think that Have an Ice Day is done much more justice over this creamy blue color. It even allowed my camera to sort of pick up on the multicolored specks of glitter in the polish.

Return of the Space Cowboys is still not looking all that great, unless I look at it in direct sunlight. I think this will look better over a lighter grey or blue color. I will most likely try that next. Unfortunately my camera had a hard time picking up this color and the only thing that popped up was this blurry picture, but this gives you the idea.

As you can see the glitters have a bit of a greenish sheen to it apart from blue. What my camera fails to capture and which I find rather hard to see in real life too, is the fact that there is also purple in this top coat. You can see it in the bottle, but it doesn’t really transfer onto your nails. I hope that over a different base color the purple will show up.

What are you wearing on your nails this week?

NOTW: Coral Ocean

NOTW: Coral Ocean

It’s been a while since I did any nails of the week, so I thought it was time to do something new. This time I was feeling like doing something colorful with a beautiful bright coral color and a bright teal.

Left hand

Right hand

As you can see I alternated my hands and added some dots on my ringfinger which painted a different color than the rest of the nails. My right hand looks kind of beat up, but that’s because my nails on that hand are very brittle and chip easily.

The nail polish I used:

– Etos nail harderner (base coat)

– Essence nail art twins color twins in Bella

– Diamond Cosmetics in Warm Coral

– Seche Vite fast drying top coat.

What do you think?

NOTW: New Catrice polishes

NOTW: New Catrice polishes

The other day German budget make up brand Catrice revamped their collection with some new products. My favorite Catrice product must be their nail polishes. So when I found out about the new colors they were releasing I decided to have a look and see whether anything would be worth picking up. Unfortunately there are quite a few repromote/ rereleased polishes that I already have. That is why only three of the polishes caught my attention and I’ve swatched two of them for you.

The first one I would like to show you is this great shimmery dark teal color: Be Pool. Technically this isn’t even in their new collection as it’s not permanent. This color is a limited edition that comes with Catrice’s current limited Nymphelia collection. This is a great color in my opinion. It is just the right mixture of green and blue and I love how it is this dark shade. I haven’t seen many shades like this.

This color has been added to the permanent collection AND it is brand new too. It is called Welcome to Rosywood and it is a a dark creamy rose color void of shimmer. It has a hint of brown to it and thus makes a great dark neutral color with my skin tone.

Another thing Catrice did is change the brush to apply the nail polish with. It is mostly wider so you can cover more of your nail in one go. Since my nails aren’t big to begin with, it’s not the most ideal brush for me, but I managed to put it on without too many problems after all. I do have to be careful when putting it on though.

I really like both colors but I think the teal color is my favorite. I have one other polish that I will most likely show later this week.

On a personal note: London is fun! I will make sure there’s a post on my first day tomorrow. How have you been?

NOTW: Strictly Cookies & Cream

NOTW: Strictly Cookies & Cream

This week I wanted to try something clean and simple. I love Ciaté’s Cookies & Cream nail polish as it’s a great neutral shade. I decided to pair it with a stripe of Ciaté’s Strictly legal as I thought the dark purple with subtle golden glitter would be a good contract with the creamy beige of the other color. This is how it turned out:

Ciaté Cookies & Cream with one stripe of Ciaté Strictly Legal

I love the clean look of the beige overall color. The purple gives it a bit more oomph so I think it compliments the other color nicely. Only thing I’m not too happy about are some of the stripes. Some of them became a bit too chunky (like you can see on my index finger here) so the stripy thing definitely needs some more practice. I also nicked to nails before they had completely dried so I also had to redo two of my nails. Other than that I’m actually quite pleased with how this turned out.

Any opinions?

NOTW: A little bit of this…

NOTW: A little bit of this…

… and a little bit of that. Finally my nails have started to grow out again so I think I can do some fun nail creations again some time soon. As for right now, my nails are covered in 5 different colors. I simply couldn’t choose and didn’t think any of these colors special enough to wear by themselves. All I did know I wanted to do was wear some Catrice nail polish. I have tons of their colors as they are cheap and fun, but I feel like I’m not using them enough. So I went with these 5 pastel/ light colors to balance out the gloominess outside.

What I’m wearing:

Catrice: Biscuits & Cupcakes, Let’s Mauve On, I Scream Peach, Sold Out Forever, Clay-ton My Hero.

Like I said: light pastel-like colors apart from the bright peach tone.

I actually think that I may subconsciously be picking out my nail color according to my mood. I was wearing mostly dark colors the past few weeks, when I also felt tired and under the weather. Now, I feel as light as a fairy and overall good. I seem to have more energy and life to me than a few weeks ago, so that has me think: is that why I suddenly decided to go with brighter colors? Who knows! It might just be!

How do you pick out your nail color?