OPI I Can Never Hut Up

OPI I Can Never Hut Up

The days where I would be tempted to buy a full range of a limited edition OPI nail polish collection are long gone. However, that doesn’t mean that I don’t still love the brand. I simply own a lot of nail polish (in fact, it is in a desperate need of a declutter) which means not that many shades of nail polish excite me anymore. So when I first spotted the spring 2017 nail polish collection I wasn’t too hyped for it. Until I saw ‘I Can Never Hut Up’ in real life and knew that this would be a great addition to the collection.

opi I can never hut up fuji collection swatch review spring 2017 nails nail polish

OPI I Can Never Hut Up (Fuji Limited Edition)

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Top 5 OPI nail polish

Top 5 OPI nail polish

You all know by now that OPI is my favorite high end nail polish brand. I love the formula, I love the longevity and I love the shade selection. I felt it had been a while since I showed you my favorite OPI shades. What I usually do is buy the limited edition colors, but there are many shades in the range usually that are very similar. But these 5 are my current absolute favorite OPI polishes.

Top 5 OPI nail polishes

Top 5 OPI Nail Polish

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Instanails #5

Instanails #5

Happy September! And to kick off this month in which classes will start back up again, I thought I could give you an overview of some of the different nail polishes I’ve been wearing. I’ve been on a roll when it comes to doing my nails these past few weeks. I am truly enjoying doing my nails again and so I have plenty to show you. Here we go!

Essie Viva Antigua!

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OPI Soft Shades & New Orleans spring collections

OPI Soft Shades & New Orleans spring collections

When it comes to nail polish, you all know I love myself some OPI. It is by far my favorite nail polish brand and whenever they release new collections, which is often, I always check them out. So when I found out that this year OPI is releasing a 6 polish pastel collection as well as a new city inspired spring collection I could not help but pick up a few. Today I’ll be reviewing the entire Soft Pastels collection and one polish from the New Orleans collection.

OPI Soft Shades | Pastels collection
OPI New Orleans collection – Show Us Your Tips

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OPI Hawaii collection

OPI Hawaii collection

The minute I laid eyes on the OPI Hawaii collection on a number of blogs I decided I NEEDED a few of the polishes in my life. There hasn’t been an OPI collection in almost 2 years that I went crazy for like this one. The pretty pastel shades, combined with some amazing brights make an excellent spring nail polish selection. When I spotted the polishes in store, there were four colors that instantly grasped my attention. I took home a nude, two pastels and a bright shade.

OPI Hawaii collection
Do You Take Lei Away?, That’s Hula-rious!, Suzi Shops & Island Hops, Aloha from OPI

And this is them! Aren’t they beauties? By now, it isn’t a secret that I love OPI polishes. Of all nail polish brands, I think I may have most by this brand. The product stays on my nails the longest, the brush is thin and precise which makes for a flawless application every time and the color range is always stunning. I have been building quite the collection over the years and at €14.25 a pop, these do not come cheap, but so far I have had no regrets regarding an OPI purchase.

In total the OPI Hawaii collection contains 12 different polishes, not all of which I think will be flying off the shelves. There are some metallic shades, a deep purple and the funkiest yellow chunky glitter you have ever seen. I opted for all cream finish polishes on this round: Do You Take Lei Away?, That’s Hula-rious!, Suzi Shops & Island Hops and Aloha from OPI.

Left: Do You Take Lei Away?
Right: Aloha from OPI

Left: That’s Hula-rious!
Right: Suzi Shops & Island Hops

Do You Take Lei Away? is a creamy nude shade that is a tad on the darker side of the color specter. It is a cool brown toned nude which I think will be very pretty against my fair skin. The swatch is two coats and this went on very smoothly. I picked up this color because I actually do not own a lot of nude shades (would you believe it?!). I have one from last year’s Brazil collection and one or two by budget brand Catrice, but this shade is a) unique in my nude nail polish collection and b) a great staple to have. It is the first nude shade I buy that I can see myself wearing on its own, rather than topping it up with a glitter polish.

That’s Hula-rious! is quite possibly the prettiest mint green color I have ever laid eyes on. I have plenty of mint colored polishes but most of them are very blue toned. This is the first true mint green I have added to my collection. It’s a very fresh tint of mint as there are no undertones to take away from its brightness. It’s pretty, it goes on opaque in 2 coats, so what’s not to like? The main reason to pick this up is because the minute I saw this hit the blogs, I knew it would be perfect for spring/ summer.

Suzi Shops & Island Hops is a pale pink color that I was hoping could finally fill a blank spot in my nail polish collection. I have tried many light pink shades, but most of them are very sheer or they go on streaky. Out of all the polishes I am showing you today, this one went on opaque in two coats as well, but the first coat didn’t go on very evenly. This made the second coat leave some transparent spots. I haven’t tried it on my nails yet, so I’m hoping it’s just a result of my quickly swatching these. Other than that the shade is super pretty and if this goes on opaque in 2 coats I will surely get a ton of wear out of this.

Aloha from OPI is the brightest shade I picked up. A good creamy red nail polish by OPI was still on my wishlist. I picked up the Coca Cola mini collection last fall to make amends. But then I spotted this: a red with a lot of orange and a hint of pink? This is right up my alley! I love orange toned reds in spring/ summer: on my lips AND on my nails. It pleases me to have found one by OPI that not only goes on opaque in two coats, but also is a bit more special than your average orange toned red. In certain lighting this pulls towards coral and thus this is all the more special.

All the swatches in one go. Here you can see more clearly that Suzi Shops & Island Hops went on a tad streaky on the swatch wheel. All the other shades are opaque in 2 coats and I can’t wait to play around with these. Pastels are some of my favorite types of shades to wear during spring and a bright coral red and staple nude are must haves in any well-rounded nail polish collection. I am very pleased I managed to pick these up.

All in all, the OPI Hawaii collection is definitely worth a browse. In my opinion, OPI hits the nail on the head with a great mix of pastels and brights. The metallic colors aren’t my cup of tea, but of the shades I bought I don’t think there is a shade I won’t wear. The pale pink color will need a bit of getting used to, to make sure I can use it to its full potential, but other than that these shades are all definite hits for me. If you are willing to spend money on a good quality nail polish that comes in some stunning shades, the OPI Hawaii collection is definitely worth checking out.

What is your favorite OPI nail polish? And would you like to see my ‘collection’?

OPI 50 Shades of Grey

OPI 50 Shades of Grey

It is no secret that OPI is my favorite nail polish brand. At first I wasn’t too excited to see their special limited edition for the 50 Shades of Grey movie release. I saw some swatches online, but wasn’t blown away. That was until I laid eyes on the collection myself. I picked up two of the special shades which I will be showing you today close up and on my nails.

OPI Fifty Shades of Grey collection

Before I take you into the post, I have to apologize for the color and lighting difference in these pictures. I took the product pictures during the day, but I never have time to do my nails then. This time of year is quite challenging managing a blog along side long days at work. So I had no other choice but to take pictures at night under fluorescent light. The nail swatches are still very true to color though, but it makes my skin look a little bit more shiny than it really is.

The two colors I picked up are Shine for Me and Cement the Grey. In total the collection entails 6 polishes. Three of the shades are creamy grey polishes in varying degrees of darkness. Then there are a creamy red, a metallic silver and a blue and silver glitter. The polishes retail from Dutch high end drugstores such as Douglas for €14.25 a piece.

OPI Fifty Shades of Grey Cement the Deal

The first shade I picked up was Cement the Deal. When I saw swatches online, I thought I’d prefer the medium toned creamy grey called Embrace the Grey. But once I saw these in store, I felt it would be too dark against my pale skin. Cement the deal looked like a color I could wear easily on its own or as a base color for glitter polishes. It is the lightest shade out of the three creamy dark shades.

OPI Fifty Shades of Grey Shine for Me

Besides OPI polishes one of my major loves are glitter polishes. I had seen how nicely opaque this glitter would go on the nail, and when I saw it in store I was instantly mesmerized by the amount of glitter in this polish. At first glance this polish looks like a mixture of blue and silver glitter. However, when looking more carefully, the flecks are much more multi-toned. I can see both light and dark blue glitter, but I also see flecks that pull more purple. Pretty!

For the swatches I used two coats of Cement the Deal on all of my nails. I layered one coat of Shine for Me onto my pinky, middle finger and thumb. I love how this makes for a really easy yet fun nail look. The creamy grey just by itself looks very classy and timeless. Whereas the glitter adds a touch of sparkle.

One thing I love about OPI polishes is how long they last on my nails. I wore this on my nails for 5 days without chipping. I only had some tipwear. My nails grow fairly fast, so after 6 – 7 days, I was able to peel this off starting from the base. In fact, the nails with the glitter coat on, were easiest to peel off because I had applied more coats of polish onto those nails. I wore this nail look over one coat of Trind Nail Repair, one coat Orly Polish Bond and topped it off with one coat of Sally Hansen Insta-dry top coat.

What do you think of the 50 Shades of Grey collection?

OPI Coca Cola mini collection

OPI Coca Cola mini collection

I’ve been a tad naughty. Remember my London beauty products shoplog? Click and have a look if you don’t, but you’ll see that I forgot to include something in that shoplog. I wasn’t sure whether I was going to review this, but after swatching them, I decided to pop them up here anyway. During my trip I also picked up these OPI minis from the Coca Cola collection at the airport, right before I went home. The Coca Cola collection is a travel exclusive and so it is not available in regular stores. Yet, it includes some unexpectedly fun colors that have surprised me with their quality and overall look.

OPI Coca Cola Mini collection (travel exclusive)

The collection contains around 10 polishes and this set included 6 of them. I saw these polishes months ago on a Dutch beauty blog, but I had completely forgotten about this collection until I ran into it myself. When I saw the polishes on the blog, I wasn’t too impressed. When I saw the polishes for myself I became a lot more curious. I saw a few of these already before I left for London, but most of the collection was gone, and so I didn’t give it much thought. On Gatwich airport, most of the polishes were still available and because I couldn’t pick and had hopes for some of the colors in this set, I bought the set rather than a few full sizes.

In the set you get 4 creamy shades, a metallic silver and a black jelly polish with red glitter. This set retails for £16.35. The colors that sucked me in were the black with red glitter, the pinky coral and the creamy red shade. For some reason, red shades have been a bit hit and miss for me. Many of the ones I find, are of a jelly texture which means they are not opaque and look horrible on my nails since I have very white natural nail tips. I was hoping this red would finally do the trick of being a full on cream, yet cover opaquely.

Like I said, this set is not readily available in Europe. It’s a travel exclusive which means you can only find this at airports. The six colors in this set are the following:

  • You’re so Vain-illa: creamy textured polish, cream colored with a grey undertone
  • Turn on the Haute Light: metallic polish, full on silver
  • Sorry I’m Fizzy Today: creamy textured polish, pinky coral shade bordering on barbie pink
  • Coca-Cola Red: creamy textured polish, full on red with a hint of pink
  • Get Cherried Away: creamy textured polish, dark berry red
  • Today I Accomplished Zero: jelly textured polish, black with red glitter

You’re So Vain-illa

A vanilla shade… When I first saw this I didn’t like it much. It looked muddy to me on the pictures I had seen online. When I saw it in real life it looked much better. It’s a very neutral shade and I love these for layering under glitter top coats if I want to go for a more subtle glitter look. I held the swatch against my nails to see what it would look like against my skin and it actually looks not too shabby. One of the more surprising colors in the set for me.

Turn on the Haute Light

I absolutely love this silver too. This will be great for Christmas. It mimicks liquid silver and put on your nails this will give an instant festive look. I love how it’s not too chunky. I have another metallic silver from Hema, but that has some chunky glitter particles in it. This one doesn’t have it which makes this more sophisticated and chique. Given the fact that I usually wear silver jewelry and prefer silver hardware this will go perfectly with my wardrobe too.

 Sorry I’m Fizzy Today

This was one of the shades I was eying up when going over the full sized bottles. It is a very pretty coral pink shade that is nice and bright. Not a shade for winter, but definitely something that is fun come spring or summer time. I love how opaque this is too. It went on almost opaque with one coat, yet it’s not too thick and gloopy. I love the texture on these creamy shades. OPI has really outdone itself in this case.

 Coca-Cola Red

The killer, which was the reason for me to by the set, was this one. And oh my! Can you see how pretty that is. This is what I would call a true red and no matter how strange it may seem, I didn’t have that in my collection anymore. Simply because all the ones I used to have either had shimmer, or weren’t opaque enough. Of course I had to try this on my nails. The last picture in this post is of a quick manicure I did with this and one of the other polishes from this set.

 Get Cherried Away

Not much of a cherry color I’d say, but this is nonetheless a great color. It’s like a bright berry shade. It’s almost purple, but not quite and not quite red either. I love it. It’s pretty and a brighter alternative for a darker fall nail. This with some gold sparkly top coat will be one of the next things I’ll be wearing on my nails.

Today I Accomplished Zero

I was a bit bummed out that this was not opaque in two layers, but with three it most certainly will be. I absolutely love this too. And this is THE polish that sucked me into the collection. A black base with red glitter is so Coca-Cola but also a very different type of nail polish. In any case, I didn’t own anything like this yet and I love how unique this is. Too bad it’s a tad sheer though.

The other day I did a quick manicure before going to bed and used the Coca-Cola Red shade. I used Today I Accomplished Zero on my ring finger as an accent nail. I only used one coat, but I was just playing around. It’s about the red mainly and I really like the way it looks on my nails. As you can tell it goes on fully opaque and this is two coats. In fact, this was almost opaque at the first coat already so that is great.

What is your favorite red nail polish?