What’s in my bathroom?

What’s in my bathroom?

what's in my bathroom skincare haircare bodycare storage

After doing my skincare routine video a few weeks ago, I got some requests to show what is in my bathroom. So I thought we could do that today. 2019 is the year where I want to try some different skincare. After some years of diligent skincare use, I decided it was time to try some products that make me feel a tad nervous. I have since acquired some of these product and am talking you through everything as well as my haircare and bodycare shelves. I hope you enjoy!

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Bookshelf Tour

Bookshelf Tour

book bookshelf tour organization books

I already asked it on my socials weeks ago and today it is finally here: my Bookshelf Tour. You can see these shelves in the background of so many of my videos, so I have been getting tons of requests for doing a bookshelf tour. Today we’re doing it!

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Wardrobe Tour 2018

Wardrobe Tour 2018

When I posted a tour of my office, I asked what you would like to see first: a wardrobe tour or a makeup collection video. And the most requests came in for an updated wardrobe tour. So I decided to make a quick video on how I store my clothes now. I last did one of these videos in my old place, which you can see here if you’d like.

wardrobe tour closet organization how to

Wardrobe Tour | Closet organization & how I store my clothes

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Makeup Declutter #4 | eyeliner, brows, pigments, glitter & more

Makeup Declutter #4 | eyeliner, brows, pigments, glitter & more

In order not to overload you with a almost hour long decluttering video, I decided to split my eye products into two videos. I simply thought that would be easiest. So today’s video will bring you a declutter of all my eye related products that are not eyeshadow. Think both cream, gel and liquid eyeliner as well as eyeliner pencils, brow products, eyeshadow primers and some of the more fun stuff such as glitters and pigments. I hope you enjoy!

makeup declutter 4 eyes eye products brows eye liner glitter pigment primer

Makeup Declutter | Eyes pt 1
Eyeshadow primer, brows, eye liner, glitter & pigments

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Wardrobe tour & closet organization

Wardrobe tour & closet organization

Just a few more weeks before I get the key to my new home and I figured I would show you my current wardrobe organization. Once I move it is very likely to change quite drastically (if the current owner doesn’t take it out, I will have a walk in closet!!), so I figured that now would be a good time to show you my wardrobe and how I keep things organized inside my closet.  wardrobe tour closet organization clothing clothes small space seasons

Wardrobe tour & closet organization

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Reorganized make up, beauty & clothes

Reorganized make up, beauty & clothes

The past few weeks I’ve been obsessed with decluttering videos and Konmari style organization tips. I’ve been watching many videos on Youtube and I love keeping my things organized. I like having an overview and for a while I have felt my make up collection had begun to become too cluttered and messy. I also felt my stack of t-shirts needed reorganizing and there were a few other sections, mostly inside drawers and behind closed doors that I felt needed the once over. But once I got started, I felt I could tackle a few other sections as well. I managed to take before and after pictures of the main areas I wanted to tackle, so I figured it would make a great blog post.

Ta-dah! My reorganized make up drawer. I also reorganized two hair care drawers, two other drawers with beauty products, my shelf with t-shirts, my underwear drawer and my nail polish collection. I started by sorting through my belongings and throwing things away. I got rid of quite a bit of make up (see the last picture in this post), a garbage bag filled with clothes and 2 handfuls of nail polishes. Because any round of organizing starts with purging your things.

Like I said at the start of this post, I watched a lot of make up collection and make up decluttering videos on Youtube. I also spent quite some time seeing people use the KonMari method for reorganizing their belongings. Now, I didn’t really stick to the principles of the latter ‘method’ as I am a pretty neat and organized person to begin with, I just wanted to be smarter about how I stored a few things. I ended up paying a visit to IKEA. After a browse online and looking in other home stores for the perfect solution for storing mainly my make up in a more clever way, I kept coming back to the Godmorgon series combined with some Skubb drawer liners. My main goal: to fit all of my make up into one single drawer of my MALM chest of 4 drawers.

Godmorgon Transparent box with compartments

I didn’t really see this Godmorgon series in too many of the make up organization Youtube videos, but I had decided I needed something new to line the one drawer in my MALM 4-drawer set to keep things organized. Before, I used the discontinued Anordna drawer liners and I felt the Gormorgon series offered the solution I needed: higher, more compartmentalized storage that can be stacked or at the very least layered. The first thing I opted for was this box with different compartments. The front bit can move and be lifted up and out if need be.

Godmorgon transparent box with lid set of 5

I got two of these 5 set box sets as they come with a lid, they are great for keeping products separated, while also allowing you to stack other things on top. Because the boxes are clear you can always see within the blink of an eye were all your things are and you can easily lift these up and out of any drawer.

Godmorgon transparent storage unit set of 3

These drawer inserts seemed handy, but when I got them, I wasn’t sure yet how I’d use them. I ended up using them to layer and put them on top of some of the transparent boxes you see above.

Godmorgon transparent storage with compartments

The final transparent storage solution I got was this, but I really only wanted the little drawer inserts. They seemed handy to me for putting away little things such as hair clips and ties. The idea of these is that you hang these from the sides of your drawer and thus you will always have easy access.

Skubb white box set of 6

The Skubb boxes have been a favorite of mine for lining drawers. I use them to store beauty products, hair brushes, socks: you name it. I seem to have one in almost every drawer. Ever since I reorganized my entire home last winter, I have been keeping my socks in these Skubb boxes underneath my dresses inside my wardrobe and I thought it worked fabulously. That’s why I bought some more boxes and decided to use them to help store my t-shirts and underwear.

On to the before and after pictures!

Make up organization before (above) and after (below)

I took the before pictures after I had already sorted through my make up collection the night before. Before reorganizing this, I kept my lip products in a separate drawer, used the Anordna drawer liners which are very shallow and struggled keeping a few areas organized, yet accessible. I used most of the Godmorgon pieces I bought to reorganize this. The only parts I didn’t use were the ‘cross’ shaped divider and a few of the boxes from one of the lidded box sets I got.

Make up collection before

Make up collection after

In the bigger organizer, with the moving tray, I ended up storing foundation, my favorite blushes, highlighters and bronzers, my extra lipsticks, lipglosses, different types of lipstick (pencils, liquid, etc.), concealers and other highlighters, face powders, primers and bronzers. I stored my remaining blushes in the compartment left void by the organization units. I used the two bigger boxes with a lid. One for small eyeshadow palettes and another for my cream and single eye shadows. A long rectangular box was used for small high end palettes and two of the square boxes were used for gel eyeliners and highlight eyeshadow shades.

Beauty drawers (after)

Finally, I used the three trays to store my favorite lipsticks, brow products, favorite pencil liners and some of my every day products. I filled up the rest of the drawer with my larger eyeshadow palettes and repurposed some of the spaces now freed by moving my lip products to this drawer in the drawer below and above this one. There isn’t a huge change visible in the area where I keep my brushes, but I also moved some things around and now only keep a container with extra eyeliners (colors, liquids, jumbo pencils, etc.) up top. I even managed to move my every day products such as mascara and eyeshadow base into one of the clear drawer sets on top, as well as all of my extra brushes.

Haircare products before (left) and after (right)

I then went through all of my hair products. I threw out a bunch of hair clips, hair ties and the like. I don’t think it’s likely I’ll be wearing butterfly hair clips any time soon and I finally parted ways with my excessive hair band collection. That left me with more room for hair products. I now store my every day and opened hair products in the top drawer. Leaving room for hair brushes and back up products in the drawer below.

T-shirt before and after (above), underwear before and after (below)

Only one part of my wardrobe was driving me crazy and that was my shelf with t-shirts. It was just a hassle to put things back or taking anything out and therefore there were shirts I hardly ever wore, because I simply couldn’t find them quickly. I now have a big Skubb box with neutral shirts and one with printed shirts. One of the rectangular Skubb boxes is used to organize colored shirts and long sleeves and another one is used for tank tops. I used the KonMari method for folding these (but I already used this method for my pants and jeans long before the KonMari craze started, so I guess I had already figured it out by myself).

My underwear drawer was quite messy as you could see, and there were plenty of items I had a hard time reaching in this section. I originally kept bandeau tops, which I really only use as underwear under sheer shirts or low cut tops in the back of my t-shirt shelf. But now I could move them into my underwear drawer. I also divided up my panties, had more or at least better room for my under shirts, dresses, skirts and pants that I use to layer under sheer clothing. All in all, it made for a neatly organized drawer.

Reorganized nail polish collection

But after reorganizing my make up, I was left with 4 drawer liners that I didn’t want to throw out. Since I was on a roll, I decided to also sort through my nail polish collection. And then it hit me: I can use the drawer liners to organize my nail polish. So I got rid of a few so it would fit and behold a much more organized nail polish stash. Just compare it to this post I did last year and you’ll see what I mean. It makes for such a big change now nothing can slide around anymore.

Make up I am giving away

So what is the end result you may ask? Well for the make up, this is all I am getting rid of. I also got rid of some nail polish of course, but I put it all in a bag and I am giving it away to friends and family. I have some cousins who are really into make up too and I’m sure they will be thrilled to try a few of these things out. It has also inspired me to do a make up I regret buying blog post and so that will be coming up in the next few weeks.

What do you think of my reorganized make up stash?

Organize your life!

Organize your life!

My name is Maaike and I’m a organization-aholic. Before we can get into this post, let’s gather some facts about me shall we?

  1. I live my life on 30 M2 (or 90 ft2)
  2. I have accumulated too much junk, but am terrible at throwing things away ‘for no reason’. Just click the tab ‘collections’ above or, simply click here and you’ll see what I mean.
  3. I love to organize/ reorganize/ structure my life/ stuff. In fact, I can be quite obsessive about it and actually do it for fun.

Today I’ll will tell you more about some of the things I do to organize my space and my life to keep my head clear from clutter and to live my life comfortably even though I live in very very small space. I hope you can take something away from it to declutter your brain.

Source: weheartit.com

1.) Allocate your belongings to specific spots

The number one rule for an organized and decluttered home is to make sure that you know which things go where. And I don’t just mean ‘roughly’, I mean exactly. If you always put your pens together in the same spot, chances are it’ll be a lot easier for you to find them.

2.) Clean up your room/ house before going to bed

A cleaned up living space eases your mind and actually makes it easier for you to fall asleep. It works for me anywayz. I always clean up plates, glasses and cups that I’ve used throughout the day before I go to bed. I also put away pens or anything else that might simply be lying about. I simply put everything back in its ‘designated spot’. That way I can find it again when I need it in the morning.

3.) Write things down

I write down everything: to do lists, grocery lists, blog post ideas, songs for blog posts, when I meet up with friends, my timetable at work, doctor’s appointments, etc.. I take a note of everything. Either in my trusty Moleskin agenda or on a separate piece of paper. I for instance keep a notepad next to my bed for those last minute ideas that always tend to pop into my head right before falling asleep.

4.) Use your space wisely

If your living space is small it is a good idea to figure out the best way to use the space. It took a while until I had found mine, but now I have it, it hasn’t changed in over 5 years. When organizing your space it is especially important to keep in mind what is important to you. That is the reason why I have my desk/ office area close to a window to allow for natural light to hit it when I’m working during the day. On the other hand my couch & sitting area is located underneath my bed where it’s much darker, which adds to the coziness factor. I also keep a fairly large open space in the center of my room so I can use that to do home work outs, practice dance routines and make space for when I’m having friends over for dinner.

5.) Don’t have too much ‘junk’ in plain view

The more stuff you have, the harder this becomes, but the key is to try to put as much of your stuff behind closed doors or in boxes. The less junk you see the less cluttered your living space will feel. So investing in cupboards, wardrobes, practical bookcases, bins, decorative boxes and the like may be to your advantage if your living space is small. This also goes for little trinkets such as photo frames and candles: the fewer you have the better.

6.) Make lists

This ties in with the writing things down point. I make lists all the time. In fact, I make lists of lists. No kidding. I have a list for my CDs, my books, my shoes, my records and my DVDs. But I also make lists for blog posts and to do lists for my thesis and work. I do not leave the house without a list if I’m running errands or go out to buy groceries. My grocery list actually includes EVERYTHING I need. Even if it’s something I buy every week, I still include it on my list.

7.) Work with what you have/ is readily available

When organizing things, it is important to try and be creative. It’s very handy to simply drive to IKEA and buy everything you think you’ll need. However, when you look around your home or shops closer to home you can a) save money and b) save time. I bought some bins from a local drugstore for cheap to hold my old uni stuff and my jewelry rack is actually a kitchen organizer. Most of my shoes I keep in their boxes which I then store in my wardrobe and I am the queen of stacking.

8.) Try to come up with a ‘system’ that works for you

A system is probably a big and scary word, but that is in fact a little bit what you need if you want to become more organized. Being organized is about being one step ahead of the game. So you think things through before you do them, rather than just doing them. You don’t leave your house without a list of things you need to buy. You don’t go to bed before your space is back to its original state and you try to do things in advance. It requires a bit of planning!

9.) Do things in advance

Which leads me to my next point: do things in advance if you can. I save a tremendous amount of time in the morning because I pack my bag, lay out my clothes and pick out my make up and perfume the night before I go to work. I try to check my work email on Sunday to save time on Monday morning when I come in (especially if I’m having a meeting that day). The fewer distractions you have, the easier it is to focus on the task at hand.

10.) Divide up your time.

The first thing you shouldn’t do is procrastinate. Don’t just think: I’ll do that tomorrow. Because tomorrow that painting will still not be hung up, and the day after and the day after and the day after that. I’m like that with doing my dishes or folding my laundry: they are chores I do not like doing, but I know that once I’ve done them it gives me a satisfactory feeling because everything will be neat and organized again. This does require some preparation. If you don’t feel like doing all the little things separately (like me), try to gather several small tasks and turn it into one big one that you can work on for a while. If you don’t feel like doing larger tasks in one go, try splitting it up into smaller parts that are easier to manage.

So there you have it 10 tips which are hopefully helpful to whoever may read this. If you like this post you may also be interested in some of my other blogs on organization: