Perfume Collection 2020

Perfume Collection 2020

perfume collection 2020

It’s been 1.5 years since I showed my perfume collection and there has been a massive change since then. When I first showed my collection in 2018, I was on the verge of a changeover. Prior to that video, I had been on a search for finding out what I like in terms of fragrance. I filmed the video when I felt I had found it, committed to decluttering and using up several of my perfumes. Since doing that, I have been buying some new bits and I still have a couple of OG favorites that make up my full perfume collection. So let’s have a closer look at my 2020 perfume collection.

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Summer fragrances I love

Summer fragrances I love

summer fragrances I love

In the summer time, I not only change up my makeup routine for more lightweight and liquid products, I also change up the fragrances I like to wear. Perfumes and scents are always very seasonal for me. I grab for particular scents of The Body Shop shower gels depending on the season and I do the same with the fragrances I like to wear. I have 5 standards that I love to wear in the summer time and today I am sharing those with you.

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Top 5 Winter perfume

Top 5 Winter perfume

top 5 winter perfume fragrance katy perry killer queen jean paul gaultier madame givenchy play hugo boss deep red chopard wish

Am I the only one who reaches for particular fragrances in different seasons? I definitely have different preferences throughout the year. In the winter time that we’re still in right now (even though the weather here makes it feel like spring already), I prefer to wear sweet, slightly more heady scents. I am not even sure why, but that is what I find myself drawn towards wearing this time of year. I selected 5 perfumes from my collection to share with you as they are my winter time perfume favorites.

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Dolce & Gabbana Dolce perfume

Dolce & Gabbana Dolce perfume

Truth be told, I don’t remember the last time I bought a perfume. I am quite picky when it comes to the fragrances I wear, but the once I do pick up usually end up being favorites. For spring/ summer, one of my favorites is the Dolce perfume by Dolce & Gabbana. And to my shock I found out that I had taken pictures of this perfume when I first bought it, but I had never written a full review. It’s been nearly 2 years since I bought this perfume, which means I have definitely used it enough to have gotten a good impression of what this perfume is like and when I like to wear it.

Dolce & Gabbana Dolce

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Perfume Tag

Perfume Tag

On Sunday, Dutch beauty blog Miss Lipgloss posted the following list of questions on perfumes and I thought it would be fun to post this here!

My small, yet ever-growing perfume collection

What is your favorite perfume? Pick only one!

J’adore by Dior. It took me 1,5 year to buy it, but it’s my absolute favorite perfume.

Which perfume makes you sick?

I don’t have a specific perfume I dislike. I do dislike scents that smell like air refreshners though. That includes everything with a hint of lavender.

Do you use perfume every day?

Only when I go to work, or special occasions

How much do you use?

I spritz 3 times

Where do you spray the perfume?

I spray it in the air and then walk through the mist. I cannot spray perfume directly onto my skin. It makes me itchy. I eventually even develop a rash if I’m not careful

Do you spray more throughout the day?

No. A good perfume lasts most of the day, which is why I prefer eau de perfume over eau de toilette as it lasts longer and you need less

Which perfume do you associate with an important occasion?

N/A I have a horrible sense of smell.

Do you match your perfume to your mood?


Do you match your perfume to the occasion?

No, but I do match my perfume to my outfit and since I do match outfits to occasions… you do the math

Can you recognize perfumes on other people?

No. Again, I have the worst sense of smell.

Which scent do you associate with a friend or family member?

Anaïs Anaïs was my grandma’s go to scent. She once gave me a bottle when I was very little. It only had the tiniest amount left which she dissolved with some water and had me put on during sleep overs.

Which perfume have you bought and rebought because you loved it so much?

N/A. I’m extremely careful with the amount of perfume I use due to allergies. Which is why I only own small bottles and they last me a life time. I’ve had the Hugo Boss Deep Red one for 6 years!

Do you have a strange perfume habit?


(Translation is my own)