Flormar Terracotta powder

Flormar Terracotta powder

In the summer time, I love a shimmery cheek. My favorite blushes for the summer time have shimmer, but what I love even more is an all-in-one cheek product that warms up my complexion, shines like a highlight but has enough pink to work as a blush on me. One such product that just screams summer to me is the Terracotta powder by Flormar.  flormar bronzer blush terracotta powder review swatch marble pink gold

Flormar Terracotta Baked Powder Marble Pink Gold

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Catrice All Matt Plus Universal

Catrice All Matt Plus Universal

A classic powder in Catrice’s makeup line is their All Matt Plus powder. I used to own this in a skin color shade, but never got around to reviewing it. It wasn’t my favorite because the shade was darker than my skin tone. That wasn’t such a big deal in itself: it worked well on my face, but when I went to set my under eye with it, it would darken that area, while I was looking to brighten it. So after a while, I stopped using it and phased it out of my collection. Now that Catrice have come out with a translucent version of that powder, I thought I’d try it again.  catrice all matt plus face powder universal transparent translucent review swatch

Catrice All Matt Plus Shine Control Powder 001 Universal

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MAC Prep + Prime Transparent Finishing Powder Pressed

MAC Prep + Prime Transparent Finishing Powder Pressed

Today’s review features an oldie but a goodie: a product that I used up, repurchased, but just never had gotten round to reviewing just yet. What can I say: it happens. I’m talking about one of my favorite powders on the make up market. I discovered the MAC Prep+Prime Transarent Finishing Powder when my Mineralized Skin Finis no longer sufficed. I had moved work in an office building with a lot of AC and my make up looked horrible after just a few hours into my workday. The problem: the powder. So I went to MAC and asked for a suggestion and this is what they came up with. Here’s why I love it enough to have given this another whirl.  MAC Prep + Prime Transparent Finishing Powder Pressed

MAC Prep + Prime Transparent Finishing Powder Pressed

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Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush & Strobe Lighting powder

Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush & Strobe Lighting powder

How come I always take the longest time to review my favorite products? I simply seem to enjoy using them so much that I forget. That is definitely the case with these two products: one of these is an ultimate favorite product. The other product took some getting used to, but now that I have, I have come to love that too.  Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush Strobe Light Powder Mood Exposure Iridescent Strobe Light Review Swatch

Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush Mood Exposure
Hourglass Ambient Strobe Light Powder Iridescent Strobe Light

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Catrice Prime & Fine Mattifying Powder Waterproof

Catrice Prime & Fine Mattifying Powder Waterproof

That a good face powder doesn’t have to cost much was already proven by the Catrice Nude Illusion Loose powder. But since loose powders can be quite messy, I prefer a pressed version. After hearing loads of good stuff about this waterproof powder by Catrice, I decided to give it a go. Will it mattify my make up and make it last?

 photo catricewaterproofpowder1_zpsvoup7nf9.jpgCatrice Prime and Fine Mattifying Powder Waterproof Transparent

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Catrice Nude Illusion loose powder

Catrice Nude Illusion loose powder

I don’t think I have ever reviewed a face powder before. It’s not because I don’t use it. In fact, I use one whenever I wear make up. It’s just that I always use the same one for a long time and don’t switch it up too much. But when I saw that Catrice would come out with a budget friendly loose powder and I had never tried loose powder before, I thought I would give it a shot.

Catrice Nude Illusion Loose Powder Transparent Matt

Most high end brands have one, but not too many drugstore brands do loose powders. And when they do, they are usually on offer for a limited time only. To see this permanent addition to Catrice’s extended collection, is thus a plus. My problem with loose powders is that they scare me. They could be messy (I would seriously cry if I’d drop this product all over my carpet) and the white color of the powder looks to me as if it will wash out my already pale skintone. At a price point of a mere €5.59, this powder is cheap and thus worth a shot.

The packaging is simple enough: a plastic container with a see through sides so you can see how much is left and a sleek looking black lid with silver letters. The products contains 11 grams of powder which I think is a reasonable amount for a face powder. I think it is handy that the container itself is clear so you know when you’re running out.

What Catrice says:

The transparent, loose powder with a soft-focus effect provides all skin types with a long-lasting matt effect. The micro-fine powder particles absorb excess oil and ensure a matt effect without drying out your skin. For a smooth and flawless complexion. Can also be used to set make-up. Available as a transparent powder – universally suitable for every skin type and tone. It‘s all about nude.

This powder promises to be translucent despite its white color. I am not sure whether a white powder like this suits all skin tones though. I think that on dark skin this could add a sheen of white which you do not like. Something I am afraid of myself. It should give your skin a matt finish which looks flawless and keeps your foundation in place. I am alos not sure I would be wearing this by itself.

When you open up the product, there is a sifter. There is a sticker to prevent the powder from going everywhere during transportation when you first buy it. Once you remove it, a finely milled powder is revealed. The sifter is handy as it prevents the powder from going everywhere and it is easier to control how much product you pick up with your brush. What I tend to do is give this one hard shake before I open the lid. Then when I take off the lid there is some powder in the lid: that’s what I tend to use to powder my face.

As you can see on the swatch the powder isn’t truly transparent but gives off a white sheen. The powder feels soft and is super finely milled. It does feel a little chalky if you take too much of it and I also think it smells rather funny. It certainly hasn’t got the nicest smell I have ever come across.

I found there to be one other downside to this. I’m not sure whether it’s the fact that it’s a loose powder or not, but this runs out fairly quickly. I’ve only been using this for 4 – 5 weeks and I’m already 1/3 through the product. Maybe my brush just picks up too much product or maybe I simply use more of it to create my desired effect, but I think that this will last your 3 – 4 months on average. I have used solid powders that have lasted me much, much longer.

Left: brows, foundation, concealer
Middle: above but with powder
Right: full face of make up

Applied to the face, this powder gives off a soft focus finish which doesn’t leave your skin super matte. The shine on my forehead and down my nose is less than without the powder. The effect is most noticeable on next to my nose and underneath my eyes. It doesn’t add any extra coverage, but the matte effect makes my skin and under eye area look more flawless. I only apply this powder on my forehead, nose (also the sides), chin and on my under eye area. Pretty much any area where I will get shiny. I never powder all of my face, as not all parts need it.

The lasting power of this is good, but nothing great. At the end of the day I’m left with a shiny nose, chin and forehead, but my undereye area does seem to be pretty crease free. So this does a good job at setting your make up. After a few hours my skin’s natural oils do come through, but nothing that a bit of a blot and extra powder cannot remove. I did find that this powder does not last well in heavily air conditioned environments. I wore this powder to a dinner + cinema outing and it didn’t survive the air conditioning in both places. My make up looked cakey and the lines in my face were emphasized. However, with that said, in non-air conditioning environments this holds up very well.

All in all, this is a great every day powder. It gets the job done and gives a natural finish. I have been using nothing but this face powder since I first started using it. The only downsides to this is that it doesn’t perform well combined with air conditioning and I think I will be going through this quite quickly. But other than that this is a great little powder and for less than 6 euros, it really doesn’t break the bank.

What is your favorite face powder?

Make Up Collection: Blushes

Make Up Collection: Blushes

I already showed you all of my lip products in a few separate posts, here, here and here. This time we’ll move up the face and it’s time for blushes. Here are the ones I have, I will indicate which ones are my favorites as we go along.

***Warning*** This post is picture heavy. I’m only posting pictures of the opened products, so you can see the different colors. To also show you what the cases look like would turn this into a 5 week series of blushes, which I find a bit too much. To give you an idea of most of the packaging: see the picture below.

General overview of all my blushes

Benefit box powders in Coralista, Dandelion & Sugarbomb

Benefit box powders in Georgio & Bella Bamba

I love love LOVE Benefit box powders. These are some of my favorite blushes. They last you a life time and the colors are amazing. From very subtle peach to in your face pink: you can go a long way with these. They are pricy though, hence I bought a few of these on Ebay. No clue whether they are genuine, most likely they are not, but they work: they are pigmented and go on as smoothly as the ones I bought at a Benefit counter, so I’m not complaining.

NYX powder blush in Angel and Taupe (top row)

NYX cream blush in Boho Chic, Tea rose and Rose Petal

Favorites: Taupe (for contouring) & Boho Chic.

Sephora blush in Romantic Rose Rose Rebelle (top)

Sephora blush in Meringue Jalouse & Framboise Attraction (middle)

Sephora blush in Abricot Plaisir & Coral Frisson (bottom)

Favorites: Abricot Plaisir & Framboise Attraction. The top two are very nice as well as they are fully matte and go on very natural.

Sleek blush in Coral & Scandalous (top row)

Sleek blush in Pan-Tao & Pomegranate (bottom row)

Sleek blushes are also amazing. They go on smoothly, aren’t that expensive, but are pigmented like there is no tomorrow. These should all be handled with care when you are as fair-skinned as me, especially the bright red one! Apparently the bright red Scandalous is a dupe for a NARS blush in Exhibit A. Two of these are limited edition (Scandalous & Pan-Tao) so they might be hard to find.

MAC powder blush in Margin (frost) & Shisheido RD 103 (top)

NARS Sex Appeal & Orgasm (bottom)

Again, two of my favorite blushes in this lot: MAC Margin & NARS Orgasm. Two very nice go to blushes. The MAC one warms up my face nicely and give it a good glow. And what can I say about Orgasm? Well, I think that this blush should be in every make up lover’s stash (or NARS Deep Throat, Sleek Rose Gold or any other dupe that is out there). This color is amazing.

NYC Color Wheel Mosaic Face Powder in Pink Cheek Glow & Catrice Tickled Pink (LE – Expect the Unexpected) (top)

Eyeko blush in My Coral Crush & Beauty UK blusher/ bronzer in BE 2074/3 (bottom)

The Body Shop Cheek Blush Shade in Golden Coral & Bourjois Blush in Rose D’Or & Rose Coup de Foudre (left, top to bottom)

The Body Shop Cheek Bloom Shade in Dune Pink & Desert Rose (right, top to bottom)

Benefit Lip & Cheek Stain Bene Tint & 2True Cheek ‘n’ Lip Tint in Blush Pink

ELF (Eyes Lips Face) All Over Color Stick in Pink Lemonade, Persimmon & Golden Peach (f.l.t.r.)

These can be used not only as blush, but also as a highlight. That’s what I use Persimmon for mostly. The other two are very nice to just take with you on the go or when you are staying somewhere for the night. At only 1 euro a piece I think these are worth having.

Maybelline Dream Touch Blush in Berry, Peach & Apricot

The replacements for the popular Dream Mousse blushes. Super pigmented and hard to work with, but they go on very smoothly. You do need a very very light hand with these.

ELF (Eyes Lips Face) Studio Line Blush in Mellow Mauve and Berry Merry

Two of my favorite blushes! I especially love Berry Merry.

ELF (Eyes Lips Face) Mineral Blush in Bliss

Q: Well, I have told you about my favorite blushes. Now I’m curious: what are yours?