Ranking Face Palettes

A video I promised to do ages ago, but only now end up doing is the ranking of my face palette collection. I have quite a few, but the thing is: I never wear them! I mostly use them whenever I travel but I don’t travel enough to really have a use for this many….

Ranking Anastasia Beverly Hills eyeshadow palettes

Today’s video is another ranking video. In lieu of August eyeshadow palette month, I of course wanted to make this ranking video about eyeshadow palettes. So I wasn’t sure what to do exactly: I have too many palettes to do my entire collection. But I figured I could rank my palettes from one single brand….

Ranking my bronzers

After ranking my blushes and highlighters, it is time for a new ranking video. Today we are ranking my bronzer collection. I think there are a few surprises here to be found. Bronzer is definitely a product I struggled with a lot as many bronzers are not light enough or look very muddy on me…

Ranking my blush collection

After ranking my highlighters, I thought it would be fun to tackle another category today! So today we are doing my blush collection. There are quite a few more here than in my highlighter category and so this is a bit of a long one, but I hope you don’t mind. Enjoy the rest of…

Ranking my highlighters

When I asked for suggestions what people would want to see me do as part of Every Day May, someone suggested doing a ranking video. And I immediately knew I wanted to rank my highlighter collection. After my declutter, I have bought a few, some I have yet to try, but in total there are…