Brogues collection

Brogues collection

Time for another shoe collection installment. Today’s topic: brogues. I love a good brogue and wear them tons in especially the fall and spring time. Over the years I have gotten quite a few so I thought it would be a good moment to share with you what I have. If you don’t know what a brogue is: it is originally a men’s style shoe. The difference between a brogue and a Oxford is that an Oxford is usually smooth, whereas a brogue has a design running over the shoe. Some of my brogues are quite classic while other are more modern and a touch crazy. This is my brogues shoe collection.  brogues collection shoe fashion outfit style

Brogues Shoe collection

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Dr. Marten’s shoe collection

Dr. Marten’s shoe collection

My love for shoes knows no bounds and while I am not super true to any particular brands, there is one brand that stands out in my collection: Dr. Marten’s. Dr. Marten’s shoes are known for their sturdy quality as they were started as workman boots. Brought to the mainstream by the punk scene of the 70s and many designers and famous musicians, the brand has much more to offer than their iconic 1460 boots. I have those and then some!

dr marten's 1460 1461 shoe boot collection

Dr. Marten’s Shoe Collection

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How to break in a pair of Dr. Marten’s

How to break in a pair of Dr. Marten’s

Dr. Marten’s are a notoriously difficult pair of shoes to break in. They are a very sturdy shoe. So sturdy in fact that you need to go through blisters and sore feet until they become truly comfortable. Since then they have started making styles that are a bit easier to wear, made from softer leathers, you can now buy Dr. Marten’s without the hassle. However, if you want to go for a classic pair of 1460s or 1461s, then here are my tips.

These shoes have caused me so much trouble, but now I hardly wear anything else.

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Spring/ summer 2013 shoplog: shoes & accessories

Spring/ summer 2013 shoplog: shoes & accessories

As promised: part 2 of my spring/ summer shoplog. Today it’s shoes and accessories. Just like last time: remember that I purchased these items in the course of 3 – 4 months, not in one go. Before we hit the jackpot where I’ll show you how I gave my wardrobe a serious spring/ summer update, I will show you the add ons. Shoes and accessories are as important and can make or break any outfit. Here’s what I got in no particular order. Enjoy the rest of your Sunday.

Tan leather wedge sandals (Deichmann/ Van Haren)

First up: my new sandals. I own like one pair of sandals because hardly any of them fit my feet. So when I found these and found out they were real leather I couldn’t pass them up. Unfortunately with the kind of weather we’ve been having I can only hope I’ll be able to wear these out any time soon. They are from the Halle Berry collection by the way.

Faux pearl collar necklace (Sacha)

I had been wanting one of these for a while, but never found one I liked. This one is so cutesy and kitsch that I couldn’t pass it up. I mean: if you’re doing it, you better to it right.

Coral clip closure wallet (Sacha)

The reason why I went into Sacha: I needed a new wallet. My old one gave up on me while I was in the UK. For a while I couldn’t find any I liked. They are all so big and I personally am a bit over carrying a large purse that won’t fit into any bag. This one is so similar to my old one too, that I can easily find my cards without too much thought.

Coral chandelier earrings (Six)

Weeks ago, accessory store Six had a discount on all earrings. When the weather warms up I enjoy wearing dangling earrings so I stocked up. My first pair are these coral ones.

Lilac hoop earrings (Six)

You will find a these in the colors I chose for updating my wardrobe: lilac and lavender have become my new favorite colors. So when I saw these hoop earrings I couldn’t pass them up.

Peach filigree chandelier earrings (Six)

The minute I saw these earrings I loved them. They are super heavy and long though and they hurt my ears after a few hours, but they are so pretty. Very summery looking too.

Black tights (Primark)

I can’t visit Primark without buying tights. I stocked up majorly and I’m glad I did, because I’ve been able to put these to good use with all this rain and dreariness.

Neon coral pink bead necklace (H&M)

This necklace was one of those purchases where I contemplated buying the item for a while. I loved it the minute I saw it, but wasn’t sure. And then… I just couldn’t stop thinking about it. That’s usually a good sign and the color right on trend and since most neons don’t look too good on me, I thought this way I could still wear some neon without looking like a ghost.

Silver arched necklace (Forever 21)

Simple get eyecatching short necklace from Forever 21. These kind of necklaces are right up my alley.

Mint green bib collar necklace (Forever 21)

All I could think when I saw this was: white button up shirt, this necklace. Need I say more?

Lavender/ peach bracelet

Bracelets are not the type of accessory I usually go for. This one I liked a lot (notice that color?) and thought it would be cute for summer.

Lilac bow (American Apparel)

These bows from American Apparel are so cute! I bought a burgundy one in Berlin in August and wore it quite a bit throughout autumn and winter. So I thought I’d add another one in a more spring/ summer color.

Large silver geometric necklace (Primark)

Primark do some great accessories, but this time around I couldn’t find much apart from this necklace. It’s big and chunky and remind me of the time of neck ornaments you see in Egyptian art.

Black ballet flat with metal toe cap (Primark)

Tan cut out loafers (Primark)

Another thing Primark is good at: shoes. Especially there flats are nice as they are cheap and not too uncomfortable. Can’t wait to wear these.

Chunky silver chain necklace (H&M)

I love me some chunky necklaces! If you couldn’t already tell. This short, but chunky chain one makes no exception.

Black cat eye sunglasses (H&M)

Big sunglasses are usually not my thing, but I thought these cat eye ones were so much fun! Plus if they are a bit too big for me that is actually a good thing as I tend to wear sunglasses to shield my eyes from pollen.

Black & white polka dot sunglasses (Forever 21)

AAAAAaaah! I love polka dot prints and so these fit right into that compulsion.

Lilac & blue belt (H&M)

This needs no explanation: I said I was obsessed with anything lilac & lavender right?

Pink heels (Deichmann/ Van Haren)

Neutral heels that look good are so hard to come by. I have a pair of nude heels, but they are patent faux leather and not always right as they are very much a skin color. I was missing a pair of girly pink heels and now that problem has been solved as well.

Alright those are all the shoes and accessories I purchased since February. I hope you liked it and stay tuned because in the next week or two I will be posting the last and most interesting part of this extensive haul which includes dresses, shirts and skirts. Have a good one!

New in: Mint green & white creepers

New in: Mint green & white creepers

Oops I did it again! Buy new shoes that is. Anyone who knows me, knows that I really don’t need any more shoes, but when I see a pair that I think is unique and makes me squee with glee I can’t resist. And that was exactly what happened when I saw these puppies.

I already wrote about being obsessed with these shoes a few weeks ago, so it shouldn’t be a surprise that I ended up getting them. I found them on the Urban Outfitterrs website after watching Jenn from ClothesEncounters on Youtube pair hers with different outfits. I googled them to see how much a pair would cost and where I could get them. Since Jenn bought hers from Urban Outfitters that’s the first place I looked and lo and behold. I thought that creepers only came in black, but in fact they come in a multitude of colors. The ones I got, I could ONLY find on the Urban Outfitters UK website though. I pined after them for quite some time, but once the website indicated there was only one pair left in my size I immediately snagged them up. By now there is only a size 6 and a size 8 left (UK sizes).

Creepers aren’t a brand of shoe: it’s a style. In fact, several brands make them and mine are by Underground (together with TUK they seem to be the main manufacturers). My creepers are the single sole (so 4 cm) Wulfrun style creepers. Above you can see a picture of the box it came in. Delivery was super fast. I ordered them on a Tuesday and the package arrived 2 days later. Shipping was free as I spent more than €100.

Now I know that Creepers aren’t for everyone. In fact when I first saw these type of shoes I thought they looked hideous. But that was until I saw them in this color. The standard black makes it look too goth or punk rock to me, but in the mint green and white I think they look much more fresh and girly. I’m thinking pastel colored socks and these shoes with skirts, dresses or pants for spring and summer would be perfect! Plus these shoes are flat, 100% leather and super duper comfy. It’s the best of both worlds (style & comfort). Let’s have a closer look!

Top view

The sole – nice & thick

Some details

My reasons for loving these so much:

  1. The color: mint green is great for spring/ summer!
  2. Silver hardware.
  3. It’s a sturdy shoe and super comfy. The minute I tried these on I didn’t want to take them off
  4. Shoes are true to size.
  5. They’re leather, which means they’ll last.
  6. The suede like finish of the leather.
  7. The tough & girly look combined into one shoe.
  8. The retro feel of these. Creepers were introduced in the 50s and became a big part of Mod Culture in the 60s and Punk in the 70s.
  9. And yet they are still modern because of the color and the crispy white details.

I’m very curious to see how these will hold up once I start wearing them. Because even though I’ve had them for a while now I haven’t had a chance to wear them yet. I blame the weather for this. Until last week we had snow and sleet and I don’t want to ruin them the first time I wear them. So here’s to hoping the weather will change for the better soon so I can start wearing them full throttle. Rest assured that you will get to see these shoes on my feet some time in the future of this blog.

What do you think of my latest purchase?

Fall/ Winter lookbook (#6): navy polka dots galore

Fall/ Winter lookbook (#6): navy polka dots galore

Are you ready for something super girly? After weeks of bulky sweaters it’s time for a more dainty look. It’s perhaps a little less pretty than the lace & pleather look I posted a few weeks ago, but there’s still plenty of girlishness in this outfit. From the polkadots on the dress, to the tassled loafers and the mustard bow belt, I think this outfit is a perfect combination of girly and preppy. What about you? Oh and try to guess how much the whole thing costs (including everything: tights, shoes, accessories), I reveal it halfway through the post.

What I’m wearing:

– Mustard & navy polka dot skater dress (Bershka)

– Navy woolen knit sweater (Vintage market in London)

– Dark navy/ gray tasseled loafers (vintage)

– Mustard bow belt (Bershka)

– Necklace: zweeuws knopje (gift)

– Navy tights (HEMA)

Total cost of complete outfit: 40 euros. I bought the dress and belt on sale. The dress only cost 6 euros, the belt 3 euros. The shoes and sweater are vintage and even though that doesn’t necessarily mean cheap, you can sometimes get good deals. These real leather loafers have barely been worn judging by the soles and only cost 10 euros. The sweater is the most expensive item here at 15 euros.

Close up of dress, belt & sweater detail

Close up of shoes (check the tassels!)

Close up of necklace

I used to own a necklace like this which belonged to my grandmother, but I lost that on a trip last year. My mom very kindly repurchased a similar necklace because I loved it so much and gifted it to me on my birthday.

One more time: the completed look. Any thoughts? Opinions? Yay/ nay? Would you wear this?

Handy fashion tips

Handy fashion tips

You know how fashion is usually geared towards looking pretty? Well that’s not what I want to talk about today. No I want to share with you my handy fashion tips. In other words: my personal tips & tricks that are practical rather than esthetic. Want to know how you can prevent pantyhoses from ripping and sliding down your bum (amongst other things)? Then keep on reading!


  1. Don’t you just hate it when your pantyhoses or leggings are sliding down as you wear them throughout the day? Well I do too. Solution: just wear a pair of matching undies OVER it. It not only prevents your tights from sliding down your butt, but it also ensures no one can have a look at your actual undies when your tights are very sheer. Win-win situation!
  2. Another pantyhose related tip is to wear socks over your pantyhoses when you wear boots. I have ruined many pantyhoses because I wore them in boots or because I walked around in them around the house. Adding socks over it will prevent your pantyhoses from ripping and they’ll still be suitable to wear with those cute pumps you own.
  3. I also like to prevent my tights from forming fluff from rubbing against the inside of my boots. I have plenty of calf high boots and they always seem to have some form of stitching that again ruins your pantyhoses. What I did is take a piece of band aid and stick it over the stitching.
  4. Buy inlays for your heeled shoes. I have a bunch of heels that I have owned for quite some time now and they are all worn in and thus super comfy. However, by now my foot is able to slide down just enough that my heel actually pops out when I walk. I just stuck on these inlays that go in the back of the shoe and ta-dah: your old shoes feel as good as new.
  5. Shorts that are too big or too small. Do you own shorts that suddenly don’t fit you anymore? Here’s what you can do about this: add an extra button or simply take off the button and attach it at a more convenient spot. I own a pair of jeans shorts that once were too tight. I just added a jeans button a little to the left of the original button so they would fit again. By now, they fit perfectly again and I just use the original button again.
  6. Having sewing skills could majorly help you maintain, reuse or alter your clothes. Just a few basic skills are enough, such as stitching on buttons or mending holes. I have a black lace skirt that I once ripped while getting of my back. I just recently tried to mend the hole and they are now back to looking as good as new. I also replaced an ugly button on a pair of shorts I bought AND took in a dress and a skirt that ended up being too big.
  7. Save your shoes in the original box as much as you can. This will give your shoes a proper way to be stored and they will be damaged less quickly and look nicer for a longer period of time.
  8. Instead of throwing delicate items in the wash you can also try letting them air for a while (lest they are not dirty of course). This is what I do with blazers. Many blazers are dry clean only and if you’d wash them it would take ages to dry. If I’ve worn a blazer for a day, I turn them inside out, put them on a hanger and hang them in front of my open window for a day. Any nasty smells are gone and your blazer is good to go!
  9. Have any old shirts or sweaters lying about that you won’t wear anymore but which look too nice to throw away? Reuse them as work out shirts, pyjama tops or as an extra warm layer for underneath your clothes on cold days.
  10. Gym or work out shoes can become smelly quite quickly. The trick is to always take them out of your gym bag and make sure the top is open. This way your shoes can air. I have had my pair of dance sneakers for nearly 10 years and they still don’t smell even though I wear them multiple times a week.

There you have it! My 10 practical fashion tips to use, reuse and prevent your clothes from going bad or uncomfy. What are yours?