Colourpop Single Eyeshadows

Colourpop Single Eyeshadows

colourpop eyeshadow single palette mono pan review swatch makeup look 
    Hear Me Out (matte)
    Let Me Explain (shimmer)
    Made to Last (matte)
    Take the Lead (matte)
    Cloud Nine (matte)
    Snake Eyes (metallic)
    High Strung (metallic)
    Glass Bull (metallic)
    Tea Garden (metallic)
    Team Captain (matte)
    Slay-Farer (metallic)
    Tiny Tangerines (pearl)
    Formation (matte)
    Bassline (metallic)
    Backstage (matte)
    Two Piece (pearl)
    Deja Boo (pearl)
    Tiki (matte)
    Paper Tiger (matte)
    Koi (matte)
    Sauvage (metallic)
    Poodle (matte)
    Prowlin’ (metallic)
    Silver Lining (matte)
    143 (matte)
    Fault Line (metallic)
    Crown Jewel (metallic)

Last summer I placed an order for some Colourpop singles and by now I have been able to use them enough to tell you how I feel about these. The focus of this blog post, however, will not be the review, but the makeup looks. This is going to be a picture heavy post with looks I created using every single shadow in this palette. If you are interested in seeing how I created the palette, then click this link to see my first impression. For now, let’s just get into the blog post.

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Kiko Water eyeshadow

Kiko Water eyeshadow

Kiko is an incredibly affordable makeup brand from Italy that deserves so much more love than it gets. Some of their items can be quite pricey, but they often do sales and other discounts so you can get the products at an even cheaper price very often. One their standout items to me are their eyeshadow sticks, but I have since also discovered their Water eyeshadow singles.  kiko water eyeshadow single mono review swatch

Kiko Water eyeshadow
200, 215, 227, 228, 230

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Colourpop Singles eyeshadow palette

Colourpop Singles eyeshadow palette

Everyone has been gushing about the Colourpop eyeshadow formula and so I was dying to try some. Rather than buying one of their ready made palettes, however, I decided to go with singles instead. Why? Because none of the palettes in their line truly tickled my fancy and because I am currently experimenting with a lot more colorful eyeshadows, so I figured I would be better off getting my own custom palette.

colourpop single pressed eyeshadow palette zpalette mono review swatch

Colourpop Pressed Powder eyeshadow palette

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Make Up Collection: Single Eyeshadows & Pigments

Make Up Collection: Single Eyeshadows & Pigments

I thought it would be time for me to show you another part of my make up collection. There are only a few parts left and then, in the course of roughly one year, I will have shown you my entire make up collection in a bit more detail. Today I will show you my single eyeshadows and pigments. I don’t have that many single eyeshadows anymore as I have depotted most of them and put them into Z-palettes. There are a bunch that don’t fit snuggly into Z-palettes as they are too high or because I didn’t have any space left in the palettes anymore. So these post features my remaining eyeshadows and pigments. I have also swatched all of these for your viewing pleasure.

Overview of mono eyeshadows

Overview of loose pigment eyeshadows

Bourjois: 48 Vert Pétillant, 71 Or Raffiné, 16 Ambre Nude, 05 (nameless) & Famous Eyeshadow Shimmer in Shade 7

The green Bourjois eyeshadow is the oldest one in my collection. I’ve had it since I was a teenager. I know make up has an expiry date, but the shadow smells, feels and looks fine so I’m still using it.

Accessorize: Cocoa, Molten Copper, Golden Caramel & Famous baked eyeshadows in Shade 5 (purple) & Shade 1 (green)

These are impossible to depot. They are round and dome shaped, which makes them unsuitable for putting in the very narrow Z-paletets. They are super pretty though. The green eyeshadow got busted when I dropped it while taking these pictures :-(. Luckily most of it is still in tact.

Yves Saint Laurent Ombre Solo Double Effect in Shade 1, Chanel 70 Platine, Benefit Fishnets

Again these three are oldies but goodies. As you can see the YSL and Chanel shadow have been well loved. I used to wear these all the time when I first started wearing make up on a regular basis a few years ago. The Benefit one is a super dark and pigmented eyeshadow which is hard to work with. It’s very easy to go too dark with it and the texture is creamy and powdery at the same time, but it’s great for a dark brown smokey eye.

Gosh Waterproof eyeshadow sticks in Love that Real Gold, Love that Champagne, Love that Copper

I bought these three on sale at my local drugstore. And they truly are waterproof. Great for hot weather or when you want to go swimming or know you’ll be out in the rain for hours. These simply won’t budge.


Top row: Gosh eyeshadow sticks in copper gold and champage, Chanel Platine, YSL light pink & dark pink, Benefit Fishnets, Famous Shade 7, Famous baked eyenshadows in Shade 1 and Shade 5.

Bottom row: Bourjois 48 Vert Pétillant, 71 Or Raffiné, 16 Ambre Nude, 05 (nameless), Accessorize in Golden Caramel, Molten Copper & Cocoa

Barry M Dazzle Dust & Gosh Effect Powder

Left (bottom to top): Barry M Dazzle Dust in 90 Pearly Mauve & 88 Winterberry, Gosh Effect Powder in 05 Plummy & Mink

Right (bottom to top): Gosh Effect Powder in Glamour, Meringue, Azure & Apple Jam

I’m not huge on loose eyeshadow, but I of course wanted to try them. I found the Gosh pigments all on sale at my local drug store. The Barry M ones I bought in England.

Swatches (f.l.t.r.): Barry M Dazzle Dust in 90 Pearly Mauve & 88 Winterberry, Gosh Effect Powder in  & Mink, 05 Plummy, Glamour, Meringue, Azure & Apple Jam

MAC Pigment samples

Left row (bottom to top): Pink Pearl, Kitchmas, Bright Coral, Melon

Right row (bottom to top): Copper Sparkle, Cocomotion, Old Gold, Golden Olive, Mutiny (blue)

Like I said I’m not one for pigments, but I was willing to try them. I bought these 9 pigment samples from MAC pigments online from a store called The Body Needs. I think I paid 15 euros including shipping for these 9 shades. Less or roughly around the price of a full sized pigment. And since a little goes a very long way with these, having only a small jar will still give you enough of product to try out and make some great looks with.

Swatches (f.l.t.r.): Mutiny, Pink Pearl, Kitchmas, Bright Coral, Melon, Copper Sparkle, Cocomotion, Old gold, Golden Olive

Do you like using pigments? If so, then please tell me how you use them, because every time I try I end up making the worst mess of myself and my workspace!