We interrupt this programme to bring you important news…

Today’s blog post is a quicky to let you know that today will be a little quiet on here and on Youtube. I have not been able to upload a video this weekend because of several reasons. That’s why I figured I would come here and give you a quick update instead. Sorry!!!

I got tired of the sunflower…

… So I changed my background color and removed the header. I think this color is more in line with fall than soft yellow.

New layout Part 2

Wasn’t liking the previous layout after all. I also thought it too dark. I think this one is much nicer! It’s much brighter, plain and simple. Me likies! EDIT: Also added a header now!

New layout

I thought it was time for a new layout! What do you think? I’m not too sure about it yet. Your thoughts are welcome!

A change of color

Have no fear. This is still the same blog. I was just getting sick of the red, so I changed it for a brown color. What do you think?