Songs of the Moment

Songs of the Moment

Today we are doing a casual blog and I am sharing a few songs I have been listening to. Just a handful of tunes that I have been enjoying that I would like to share with you. Nothing too complicated, just a few fun tunes to enjoy in these dark December days. What have you been listening to?

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Songs of the Moment

Songs of the Moment

If you know me, you’ll know I am always listening to new music. With that I mean new to me. I am a bit too busy to be able to stay on top of new releases constantly, but every 3 months of so I go through a bunch of indie release lists and find what I like best. I then give everything a whirl and select my favorites, only to repeat the process again. By now, I have had a good chance to listen to my last music update which I did in August. Here are 6 songs I am currently really digging.

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The Play List Series #1: Songs of the Moment

The Play List Series #1: Songs of the Moment

As I posted yesterday, I will kick off my so-called Play List Series today. In these series, I will strive to give you an idea of what my music collection looks like and what I listen to. If there is anything you want to see in the series, just leave your request in the comments below and I’ll see if I can turn it into a post! I don’t know yet how often I’ll do this. I’m aiming for a 2-weekly or possibly a monthly post right now.

The first part of the series will feature a list of 30 songs that I have been listening to a lot over the past couple of weeks. It also consists of songs that I have been playing for some time but that I keep coming back to ever since discovering them. Also, I would like to note that this is NOT the most recent stuff I have. It’s just that I never know straight off the bat whether certain songs are actually as good as I think they are. Most songs need to grow on me. Therefore, I will now only post songs from my ‘new’ songs folder that I know.

Please note that most of the songs below are ‘indie’ and some are even fairly hard to find. I have provided youtube links where possible, but there are also links to other sources and links to other songs by the same artist. Below the list of songs you will find a specific description of the songs as well as all the links so you can listen to the songs. NOTE OF WARNING: THIS IS A LONG POST!

The list:

  1. Admiral Radley – I Heart California
  2. Baths – Animals
  3. Best Coast – Boyfriend
  4. Boemklatsch ft. De Jeugd van Tegenwoordig – Kutmuziek
  5. Bombay Bicycle Club – How Can You Swallow So Much Sleep
  6. Bushido – Alles Verloren
  7. Death in Plains – Whirlwind
  8. Django Django – WOR
  9. Double Me – The Way of the World
  10. Fantasia – I’m Doin’ Me
  11. Foals – Blue Blood
  12. Forest City Lovers – Light You Up
  13. Good Old War – My Own Sinking Ship
  14. Jeremy Messersmitch – Franklin Avenue
  15. Johnny Flynn ft. Laura Marling – The Water
  16. Justin Nozuka – Love
  17. Kesha – Take it Off
  18. Laura Marling – Hope in the Air
  19. Olney Clark – Tea and Thunderstorms
  20. Patrick Watson – The Great Escape
  21. Shiny Toy Guns – Ghost Town
  22. Sleigh Bells – Tell ‘Em
  23. Stars – We Don’t Want Your Body
  24. Sun Kil Moon – Ocean Breathes Salty
  25. Tame Impala – Solitude is Bliss
  26. The Audition – Dance Halls Turn to Ghost Towns
  27. The Crystal Method ft. The Heavy – Play for Real
  28. The Kills – Black Balloon
  29. Tift Merritt – Mixtape
  30. UNKLE ft. The Black Angels – With You in my Head

Admiral Radley – I Heart California

This collaboration between Grandaddy and Earlimart has come not only to a brilliant single about the shallowness and absurdity of The Sunshine State, but also the album of the same title is definitely worth a listen. And I cannot forget to mention the awesome karaoke style music video.

Baths – Animals

Experimental beats, complex rhythms and chanting children. Not for the music rookies among you.

Best Coast – Boyfriend

Noise pop with a hint of  surf influences anyone?

Boemklatsch ft. De Jeugd van Tegenwoordig – Kutmuziek

Dutch elektro team from Utrecht teams up with Faberyayo & Willie Wartaal of Dutch rap group De Jeugd van Tegenwoordig to make this raw thumping and incredibly catchy tune. The title pretty much means ‘bad’ or ‘sucky’ music, only the Dutch word used is slightly more vulgar. Let’s just say it contains a word that I don’t want to write down on this blog myself. Taken from the album: Spontaneous Combustion.

Bombay Bicycle Club – How Can You Swallow So Much Sleep

I’ve been digging BBC for a while now. Their songs Evening/Morning & Magnet have been on my random shortlist for a while now. This song is taken from the Eclipse Soundtrack. It’s a Bonus Track on the Itunes Deluxe Edition of the soundtrack. They just recently released a new album called Flaws, which is a lot more acoustic than the previous one, but still with very pretty songs.

Bushido – Alles Verloren

German rap that I just happened to have come across and like. Not a new song, as I just found out it’s from 2007, but it’s new to me.

Death in Plains – Whirlwind

Elektro fused with a hint of Rock with a hint of the 80s.

Django Django – WOR

They’ve played BBC’s introducing and their music is just raw Rock music with a foothold in the 70s, yet it sounds completely new & fresh.

Double Me – The Way of the World

The upbeat atmosphere of the music arrangement might throw you of, make you think this is a happy song. However, this indie pop song’s lyrics are about death (‘it will probably kill you’) and anything but cheerful. Yet, I love these kind of ambiguous songs.

Fantasia – I’m Doin’ Me

This lady is my personal fave of the R&B divas out there right now. That may seem like not such a big deal, but I am not big on R&B. It’s a rare exception that I like these type of songs. And all credit is the result of just this song. Nice vocals, good beat, great lyrics.

Foals – Blue Blood

If I’m not mistaken, Foals opened up for Snow Patrol at the show I went to in June earlier this year. I loved their set and love this song.

Forest City Lovers – Light You Up

Canadian band. I encountered this song on an indieplaylist. It starts simple and picks up in the middle. Lighthearted just like the title suggests.

Good Old War – My Own Sinking Ship

Simple folksy song with nice harmonies.

Jeremy Messersmitch – Franklin Avenue

Again a not so new song. It’s from 2008. Singer/songwriter and just a pretty pretty song.

Johnny Flynn ft. Laura Marling – The Water

Folk music is all the rage in Britain these days. Think success stories like Mumford & Sons and Noah and the Whale. Johnny Flynn & Laura Marling are from the same London folk music scene. This song is taken from Johnny Flynn’s album Been Listening, but the song has been performed live for a longer time. Unfortunately, I cannot find an album version of this song anywhere it seems.

Justin Nozuka – Love

From Justin’s new album: You I Wind Land and Sea. With simple, acoustic guitar songs and amazing lyrics, Justin Nozuka came on the scene a few years ago with his album Holly. His new album is slightly overproduced and there are more studio tricks added which sometimes are a distraction and lead away from the songs. This song however, is still true to the amazingness that was the first album.

Kesha – Take it Off

You can love it, you can hate it, but this song is the ultimate I-wish-it-was-summer-still party song.

Laura Marling – Hope in the Air

A name already on this list, but this time solo. Taken from her second CD I Speak Because I Can. Pretty song, with amazing lyrics plus she’s as cute as a button. If you want to buy her album, make sure you get the Deluxe edition as it features free downloads to songs by other artists with similar types of music.

Olney Clark – Tea and Thunderstorms

I love the strings at the beginning of the song. Yes, it can sometimes be that simple.

Patrick Watson – The Great Escape

Singer/songwriter with a song as fragile as broken glass. He sings with raw emotion. Americans may recognize this song from a juice commercial.

Shiny Toy Guns – Ghost Town

Indie Rock band with catchy tunes. Ricochet is also worth a listen.

Sleigh Bells – Tell ‘Em

Hailed by Pitchfork as ‘undeniable breakouts’ in 2009, this dancepop group from Brooklyn are now getting some more exposure.

Stars – We Don’t Want Your Body

This song is a little late to pick up, but it is one of those songs that grew on me after a few times. This indiepop song is definitely catchy.

Sun Kil Moon – Ocean Breathes Salty

I came across this on NPR. Just another pretty song by a great singer/songwriter.

Tame Impala – Solitude is Bliss

With their record gaining more attention lately, Tame Impala is definitely a name to keep in mind.

The Audition – Dance Halls Turn to Ghost Towns

Not a new song by any means, but definitely a catchy Rock tune. Me likies :-).

The Crystal Method ft. The Heavy – Play for Real

I came across this in the opening of an episode of CSI: Las Vegas in season 10. I happen to love The Heavy and I think this combination between them and The Crystal Method just works. Raw, thumping alternative dancy kind of track.

The Kills – Black Balloon

Again, not a super new song, but I just ‘rediscovered’ it again. It’s been in my playlist for a few months now and I just came across it again the other day and remembered why I loved it. Simple song and just amazing overall. Music video includes a Vampire theme.

Tift Merritt – Mixtape

Who still remembers cassette tapes? Tift Merritt surely does. Sweet song, with a creative little video.

UNKLE ft. The Black Angels – With You in my Head

Any Twilight fans remember the fight practice scene in Eclipse? This is the song that plays. For the non-Twilight fans: great song, with a nice repetitive drone, dark undertones and the amazing line: ‘Collecting all the people you love to sing you a song even if they stick to humming’. This song has been stuck on repeat for the past week or so, so that definitely couldn’t be left out.

The Playlist Series

The Playlist Series

Today I came up with an idea for my blog: to start a series on my different music play lists. As the subtitle of this blog says: I’m a ‘music loving language nut’, that ‘music loving’ is shown by the amount of music I have and listen to. Not a single day goes by without listening to music for a good part of that day.

I have several play lists to organize my music. I have to, simply because I have so much music: almost 250 GB in total of which around 40 GB is made up of individual songs. The rest consists of mainly albums and a classical music collection. The list of individual songs is what I use to make other, more specialized play lists. This big lists serves as my own personal radio station and consists of the following types of music: light Classical music, Jazz, Hip Hop & R&B & Rap, Country, Musical & Soundtrack, songs in foreign languages, songs in Dutch, Rock & Alternative, Singer/Songwriter, Dance  and Pop & Indie (divided by the decade). Especially the latter category is huge as it contains everything that I cannot strictly fit into the other categories.

I regularly reorganize my play lists: I refresh them with songs from the big play list and whenever I have something new that is interesting enough, it will go into a specialized play list. If I simply like the song, but it doesn’t strike me as being all that special, it just goes into the big play list.

The main play list I use is called Random. This is the ‘shortlist’ of the big list. This play list comprises around 800 songs, but the number fluctuates. I try to keep the number below 1000 songs though, as that seems to be an amount of songs that allows me to really list all the songs that I either really like, or am into at that moment. This play list gets a complete make over every 2 months or so. There are a few songs in there that I always seem to like no matter what, what I would call my ‘staple songs’. And those staple songs  are never really deleted from the playlist.

My other play lists are: Relax, Dance, New & I usually also have a play list that changes with the seasons. The Relax play list is just that: songs to relax to. My Dance playlist is really just my gym list, but it also lists songs that I danced to at dance class, or songs that I like to dance to. Pretty much: it lists everything that makes me move. The ‘New’ playlist is also pretty straightforward: it is pretty much the folder in which I stick new songs that I find on youtube, websites, on the charts, or that I encounter when listening to a CD.

The above mentioned play lists are pretty static. I only add to them. Only after months and months I’ll reorganize them. Usually when I get bored with them, or when there are too many songs in the folder. Other play lists that I use are play lists that fit the mood of the season and I still have a Backstreet Boys play list floating around, just so I can reminisce the good old days of BSB fandom.

So, later today you can expect the first post in the series. I think I will start of with a list of songs that are currently floating around in my ‘New’ playlist, or that I have had on repeat for the past couple of weeks. Be on the look out for that tomorrow!

Naturally, the only question that remains to be asked is: what is it that you would like to see in these series? It could be anything: from a list of my fave songs of the 70s, or the shortlist of my most relaxing songs, to the most random thing I have, or from which band/ artist I have the most songs. Just leave a comment to let me know your request and I will see if I can make it happen! Looking forward to receiving your requests!