What’s in my bathroom?

After doing my skincare routine video a few weeks ago, I got some requests to show what is in my bathroom. So I thought we could do that today. 2019 is the year where I want to try some different skincare. After some years of diligent skincare use, I decided it was time to try…

Makeup collection, storage & vanity tour

Say whut?! Yup today I have a pretty cool video for you. Well at least, I think it is cool. Because today I am sharing my updated makeup collection for 2018 with you. I did one of these last year, but that was before I moved and I kept my makeup in 5 different spots….

My jewelry organization

Let’s talk organization again shall we? The past 6 months I have been reorganizing and cleaning up different parts of my room. The last part I reorganized (i.e. I just got rid of a ton of stuff), was my jewelry rack. It is featured in my room tour but also in this post which I…

Make Up Collection & Storage (incl. video)

I thought it was time to show you all my make up collection. I have been writing about make up purchases in the past, but I’ve never actually shown you what I have. So please watch the video below to see my make up collection: As you can see, I went over things rather quickly….