Styling a Jumpsuit

Styling a Jumpsuit

styling a jumpsuit how to style fashion outfit look pretty little thing asos polka dot boilersuit

A while ago I posted a what I wore blog post and in that post I showed you a jumpsuit by Pretty Little Thing. I got this in the winter sale and I instantly got questions whether I could style it up. Because this is pretty much the first jumpsuit I own, I knew that figuring out how to wear this would be a challenge. It is quite a bold number: an intense dark green with a mustard yellow polka dot print, this jumpsuit is quite out there. So how to wear this? I am trying 6 different options in today’s video.

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1 skirt, 5 ways to wear it

1 skirt, 5 ways to wear it

Styling up basic items is a topic I have now touched upon a few times. From a white button down shirt, to crop tops, a good basic can make or break any outfit. Today I’m styling up one single skirt in 5 different ways. From masculine to feminine and from casual to formal: one skirt will go a long way.

Polka dot skater skirt (H&M)

The skirt I’ll be styling up today is this basic skater skirt. I love skater skirts. On dresses but also straight up. This one in particular is one of my favorites because it has polka dots: one of my favorite patterns. The pattern makes it a little less basic perhaps, but I’ll show you below that you can do much more than pair this with a white, grey or black t-shirt. In fact, you will see no outfit like that at all.

1.) Preppy

Sheer white blouse with faux leather peter pan collar (ZARA)
Black brogues (Primark)
Orange belt (H&M)

This very monochrome look, with a white shirt with a faux leather peter pan style collar, is the preppiest look I’d wear out. The brogues add a touch of school girl fun. The shirt is sheer which keeps the top half soft, feminine and flowy. In order to not have this be an all black & white outfit, I decided to accessorize with a bright orange belt. To break up the bleakness and give the outfit a bit more interest. To keep things simple I didn’t go with any other accessories.

2.) Monochrome androgyny

Paisley print sweater (H&M Men)
Black pumps (Van Haren)

Putting a sweater with a skirt always makes for a good outfit. Here I decided to clash print and opt for a busy paisley print sweater. Which shows that looking for items in unexpected areas of the store can bring you to interesting outfits. This sweater was in last year’s men’s collection and paired with a skirt it makes for an instant androgynous look. Pair it with high heels to ensure the girliness of the bottom half of the outfit and keep it simple. The clashing patterns are quite out there, so to layer up on jewelry doesn’t really go with it.

3.) A formal pop of color

Red tie up button down (Forever 21)
Necklace (Primark)
Ballet flat with toe cap (Primark)

Who said a formal outfit cannot containt a pop of color? I personally think it is no problem and if you want to steer clear of black & white you can easily add a colored blouse. I love putting red and black together for a much needed color pick me up, so that’s why I went with this, but of course you can also opt for a blue or green, whatever suits you. Just keep the base as simple as you can and use a few accessories to finish off the look.

4.) Neutral with a hint of blue

Off white button down shirt (H&M)
Blue necklace (Forever 21)
Desert Boots in wolf (Clarks)

I love to combine black with softer, more neutral colors. But of course that could easily become boring. So again, I opted for a pop of color in my accessories to add a bit of interest. The button down reminded me of the type of shirt you’d wear on an expedition to explore some foreign land, and so I opted for a comfy ankle boot. The top and shoes are quite boyish looking which makes for an unexpected element, which I am fond of. I love pairing masculine with feminine items.

5.) Comfort comes first

Black t-shirt (H&M)
Orange/ rust colored cardigan (Urban Outfitters)
Gold leaf necklace (Primark)
Dr. Marten’s 1461 in black

This last outfit is the coziest outfit of them all. The cardigan is what makes it so. If you’re willing to invest in the warmest, fluffiest and comfiest cardigan you’ll ever find: check out Urban Outfitters. They aren’t cheap, but they always do unusual ones and the quality is certainly a lot better than an H&M one. To stick to the comfy theme, I paired this outfit with my sturdy Dr. Marten’s.

There you have it: 5 ways to wear one skirt. I hope this inspires you to wear your own skirts in multiple ways. In my case, I just experiment and see whatever works. In the end, you should feel comfortable in what you wear. In other words: just go for it and rock what you got.

Youtube: favorite fashion channels

Youtube: favorite fashion channels

I love watching beauty videos on youtube and there are plenty of gurus that I follow and I blogged about them too. What I’ve never done is tell you about my favorite fashion and style channels to follow. I have selected only 5 of them. I follow a few more, but I may have to feature those in another post. For now I will share with you my 5 favorites.

1.) Clothesencounters

This channel has to be featured here, because that’s where my youtube style video obsession started. Originally run by best friends Jenn & Sarah, it is now just Jenn who’s making videos as Sarah got too busy with uni stuff. Nevertheless they have a very edgy style and what’s more they love mixing thrifted finds with high street items. Another thing I love about these videos is that the music selection as it’s right up my alley.

2.) The Fashion Citizen

Featuring twin sisters Melissa and Stephanie, this channel offers two styles for the price of one. Both sisters are very different in what they like. Melissa is more sophisticated chic, while Stephanie is more edgy. They also feature some cool music in their videos and are the queens of thrifting. They seem to be hitting up a different Good Will or thrift store every single week, finding the coolest items for outrageously cheap prices. Denim shorts for 1 dollar anyone?

3.) Beautycrush

This British gal has some serious sense of style. Being a graduate in fashion styling may help her, but she also has her share of beauty videos up. I only recently started viewing her channel, but I’m hooked. Again, she’s quite edgy and seems to have a very sweet personality. Me likes!

4.) Chrisellelim

Chriselle started with her friend Michelle Phan, but her own channel has been on the rise for a while now. Her style is very sophisticated and she’s all about layers and textures. I’ve only been watching her for a little while as well, but I was instantly drawn in by her use of colors and smart ideas for layering.

5.) Wendy’s Lookbook

Now if you don’t know this lady yet, you have been living under a rock. This channel is known for its fantastic editing and great locations for filming. The amount of work that’s put into these videos is amazing and that is already worth watching them. But that’s not all. Wendy has some great sense of style as well and focuses mainly on single pieces that are on trend and shows you have you can style them. Her great spirit is an added bonus!

So these are 5 of my favorite fashion gurus on youtube. What are yours? Share them in the comments below so I can maybe find a few I don’t know yet.