Catrice Spring/ Summer 2018 makeup collection

Catrice Spring/ Summer 2018 makeup collection

It’s time! It’s time! Time for the new Catrice Spring/ Summer 2018 edit that is. As always Catrice has just launched their new products for the new season as they do every 6 months. While not yet available in store, I was able to find the products already online. I placed an order and immediately decided to try them all out for you. These are my first impression review and loads of swatches. new catrice spring summer 2018 first impression review swatch makeup

New Catrice Spring/ Summer 2018 makeup launch

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Summer sale haul

Summer sale haul

As a bit of a treat-yourself-moment, I decided to get some fashion bits in the summer sale to celebrate my own birthday. Summer sales are my favorite as I feel you get the best deals. So I usually go ham. And I went ham this year too. Shoes were my main vice and I also snuck in some new collection items, because that how things go. Let’s stop the rambling and get on with this haul, shall we?

summer sale fashion haul

Summer sale fashion haul

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Fashion wishlist

Fashion wishlist

There are so many cool pieces floating around now, but I’m trying to be a good girl and not spend all my money as I’m trying to save up for a house this year. That’s why I am currently on a pretty much all out fashion no buy, which is why I can only lust after pieces, rather than actually adding them to my wardrobe. But hey ho, I figured, why not share the fun and post a fashion wishlist on the blog. Here is my current fashion wishlist.

current fashion wishlist

Pink dress | H&M €39.99
Trench coat | H&M €69.99

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New in: Catrice Spring/ Summer 2017

New in: Catrice Spring/ Summer 2017

It seems Catrice rolls out their line update earlier and earlier, as I already spotted all of their new products at my local drugstore last Thursday. Their spring/ summer line change seems to be the biggest one every year and boy did they come up with some cool new products to try out. There are some new eyeshadow palettes, new ombre lipsticks, a new foundation and much, much more. I got my hands on everything I deemed interesting to try and in today’s video I am showing you all of it, including swatches!

New in: Catrice Spring/ Summer 2017 make up products

New in: Catrice Spring/ Summer 2017 make up products

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Catrice & Essence Spring/ Summer 2016

Catrice & Essence Spring/ Summer 2016

It’s February, which means that Catrice and Essence are once again overhauling their lines. I was at my drugstore last Tuesday and found a ton of the new Catrice items. From Essence I just found a few bits that I hadn’t yet tried as well as their new limited edition All That Greys. I decided to get ahead of the game and make a video where I show you all the new items, including swatches! So if you would like to see these items then click on down below to see them in all their glory.

Click for more pictures & the video

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Lookbook summer 2015: Get boho in Soho

Lookbook summer 2015: Get boho in Soho

This year’s summer trends are not really up my alley. The colors are muted, there are few great dresses to be found and I just wasn’t all that inspired this season. I managed to incorporate a few summer trends though in today’s lookbook. My main aim is that boho/ 70s vibe that is all the rage. So think fringe, khaki and faux suede combined with neutrals, a bit of lace detail and maxi length skirts. This lookbook mostly features pieces that I showed you in last week’s collective haul, but I also threw in a few older items.

One conclusion we can draw from this overview is that I still look best in a dress. At least that is my favorite outfit here. Runner ups are the two outfits containing shorts and the faux suede a-line skirt. The maxi skirt outfit I like: that is the type of casual outfit I would wear on a lazy summer day, but I find it a little too, I don’t know, frumpy looking. Let me know in a comment below which outfit is your favorite! I’m curious.

1.) Lace summer dress

Cream lace sundress with sweetheart neckline (Urban Outfitters)
Tassled leather sandals (Primark)
Leaf necklace (Six)

How lovely is this dress? I found it at Urban Outfitters, on sale, last fall. Of course I have not yet been able to wear it as it is such a summer piece. It is super flow, super girly and the sweetheart neckline is lovely too. It also has some nice detailing in the back as the straps are fanning out across your back before they attach to the dress. I personally think this is very flattering on and needs next to nothing to compliment it. So I went with tan sandals and a simple necklace and let that be that.

2.) A-line and crochet

White crochet top (H&M)
Camel colored A-line skirt with button front (H&M)
Tan sandals (Primark)Bangle bracelets (Six)

I love A-line skirts, but I’m a bit too curvy for them to fit me properly. So this skirt is about 3 sizes bigger than usual, but that’s when it finally fit me and I liked it enough to add it to my wardrobe. I paired it with a crochet top which I feel gives the outfit a more airy vibe. The best part about this skirt is that is made of a very thick material and so I think this will be a great piece for the fall as well. I feel that the color will go nicely with my fall wardrobe as well as it has that mustard yellow undertone to it.

3.) Khaki shorts & boho hat

Black floppy hat (H&M)
Black tank top (H&M)
Khaki shorts (H&M)
Beige thin cardigan (H&M)
Black strappy sandals (Forever 21)
Bangle (Six)

A very H&M heavy outfit (wait until you see the next one!), but I love me some H&M. The hat I have had for a long time, and I never actually wear it. It fits nicely though and I should just bust it out and give it a whirl. The shorts and cardigan are new. I really wanted to have a pair of khaki shorts, so that’s why I brought this one out. The strappy sandals was the first pair of sandals I ever owned and were an emergency purchase in Toronto, which was seeing 37 degree weather when I was there.

4.) A touch of fringe

Navy fringe kimono (H&M)
Acid wash shorts with frayed bottoms (H&M)
Stripy tank top (H&M)
Sunglasses (H&M)
Tassled necklace (Forever 21)
Open flats (H&M)

That 70s vibe is best expressed through a bit of fringe. I have seen people wearing fringed items for years on Youtube and blogs, but never had I found any at an affordable price. Until I found this kimono type thing at H&M. It’s a navy, embroidered number and I love how you can just throw this on and be out the door. I wore this with a grey maxi dress the other day and I thought that also worked really well. Unfortunately I was never able to find this item on the H&M website, but only in stores, so I doubt you can still get your hands on it.

5.) A little bit of country

White scalloped top (Primark)
Floral print maxi skirt (Vintage from a market in Toronto)
Sandals (New Look)

This outfit does not accentuate my shape in any way, shape or form, but I do love how comfy this is. This is one of those easy summer day outfits, that you can just throw on and not worry about anything. The top is made of a very stretchy material, but perhaps a bit too suffocating if we get another heat wave. The skirt is made of a heavy but flowy cottony material. I am not sure what it’s made of as it has no label, but it has been a summer staple ever since I bought it.

What summer trends are you wearing? And how?

Spring/ summer 2015 Catrice haul

Spring/ summer 2015 Catrice haul

The new Catrice line is here! I was at my drugstore this week and lo and behold I walked into the display filled with brand new products for Spring/ Summer 2015. I simply bought everything that caught my eye and I will be showing you everything I purchased two ways: there’s a video AND there are pictures. No swatches yet, because I naturally want to review most of these products. Leave a comment down below to let me know which products you’d like to see in a review.

The video:

Watch the video if you’d like to hear some initial thoughts on these products. Below you can find some close ups of these products. I have also added prices for your convenience.


Catrice Ultimate Nail Lacquer in 86 (S)wimbledon €2.99


Catrice Luminous lipsticks in:
080 Don’t Mind the Pink; 100 Me, My Macaron & I; 130 Brigitte Loves Bordeaux

Catrice Ultimate Color lipsticks in:
390 On The Pink Side of Life & 400 Rose-Mantic Nights

Lipsticks are €3.99 each


Catrice Absolute Rose Eyeshadow Palette in 010 Frankie Rose to Hollywood €4.99

Catrice Satin Stay Cream to Powder eyeshadow & liner in:
020 Beigà-Vu, 030 Welcome to St. Rosez, 050 Love me Lavender

Catrice Liquid Metal eyeshadow in 120 Satina van der Woodsen

Eyeshadows are €3.99 a piece


Catrice Prime and Fine Eyeshadow Base in 010 €3.59
Catrice Instant Eye Brightener €3.99 (not new, but new to me)

Catrice Nude Illusion Loose Powder Transparent Matt €5.59

What product would you like me to review first?