Things I Love #7

Things I Love #7

I thought it was time to share some favorites again. Sometimes I feel I don’t do these often enough. Usually by the time I have gathered enough favorite things, I have already moved on from them. So I should either do this more often, or I should be willing to include fewer items. I just feel I haven’t found the perfect format for this type of post yet. So please leave a comment below if you have any ideas for how I can make this a more productive type of blog post. For now, I will leave you this Sunday with 10 of my things.

Things I love favorites

Just a few of my favorite things…

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Things I love #6

Things I love #6

How has your weekend been so far? Mine has been great. Busy, but great. I started off with a lovely massage on Friday night at my gym and then spent all day yesterday at the I Love Beauty event. Naturally I bought a few bits and bobs while I was there and I also partook in a Lush workshop where we got to make Angels on Bare Skin and take it home! I had a great time with my friend Karin and who knows, maybe you’ll find some of the products I got yesterday in one of these posts some day. Because today I am sharing with you 10 things I have been loving lately.

Just a few of my favorite things…

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Things I love #5

Things I love #5

June is almost over and I figured I could throw in a last minute favorites post. I haven’t done one since March and this is only my third favorites overview of the year. Time to share with you a few products I’ve been loving again. This post features mainly beauty products, but I am also thoroughly digging rereading the Harry Potter series again.

The reason why there are so many beauty favorites is because a) the season has changed and b) I have been trying plenty of new beauty products these past few months. I have been super busy too, and I do my make up every day, but I have been less inspired to put much thought into outfits or polish my nails on a more than regular basis. So trying beauty products is part of my daily routine whereas everything else just isn’t. Only a few more weeks in the school year are left, so I hope to have a more diversified favorites post the next time I’m writing one of these.

Bronze make up looks

I am a cool toned eye shadow lover 75% of the year. But the minute summer hits, I fall in love with warm, bronze and copper toned eye shadows again. I posted one of my favorite looks last Monday, but my bronze looks haven’t been limited to my MAC eye shadow palette. I’ve been busting out my Naked 1, NARS Isolde duo, Maybelline On and On Bronze Color Tattoo, Make Up Forever Aqua Matic pencil and any other random bronze eyeshadow shade I can get my hands on. From smokey and dark, to easy slap on and go looks: I’ve rocked a bronze make up look almost every day this month.

The Body Shop Almond Hand & Nail Cream

I got this as a freebie with a purchase I did last winter and OMG how much I love this. Talking about love at first use! I had finally used up a body butter I was trying to get through and since I only have one of my beloved Soap & Glory Handfood creams left, I decided to use this first. And I absolutely adore it. I love the smell, I love the texture, I love what it does for my hands. I am so glad this is permanent. I have finally found a hand cream that I love that I can get closer to home.

MAC Mehr matte lipstick & Soar lip pencil

I decided earlier this year that I want to expand my MAC lipstick collection. So when I was in Selfridge’s last May, I decided to take my wishlist and try a few out. I was dead set on buying Please Me, but unfortunately that is a tad to light for me. When I tried this, I instantly liked the color better and I thought I’d get the matching lip pencil too. And it is a perfect match on the lips too.

Reorganized make up collection

Inspired by decluttering videos on Youtube, I decided to reorganize my make up collection, wardrobe and beauty products. After a quick trip to Ikea, I ended up reorganizing my make up collection in such a way that I have an overview again and fewer products that are falling over. I love the organization now and I have joy in rummaging through my make up again. And silly how a reorganized stash has you reaching for different products instantly. Because everything is now in a different spot, I cannot automatically reach for my standard products straight away and so I have been doing some rediscoveries.

Rereading Harry Potter

This is very well the 4th or 5th time I have read the Harry Potter books. I find they are the ultimate way for me to destress at busy times. For some reason, June is always super busy at work, despite the fact that there are no lessons to teach. So I love to read to escape the craziness when I am on the train home. And at this time of year I find myself rereading Harry Potter. Because a) I love the series and b) they form the perfect distraction that requires just enough brain power to be distracted, but doesn’t take up too much effort after a strenuous day of developing lesson materials for next year.

Hema Soft Matt lip balms

Yup, I also jumped on the Soft Matt lip balm band wagon. They are budget proof and well pigmented, plus they have good staying power. What’s not to like? But I was skeptical about the tremendously positive reception this product received from everyone. So I decided to see for myself and I am hooked. Especially shade no. 7 which is the brightest one on the right is such a stunning shade that I love to wear.

The Body Shop Elderflower Unperfumed Eye Gel

After my slight mishap with a The Body Shop skincare product earlier this year, I have found a rave worthy product again. I don’t use this every day, but only when I am feeling my dark circles and bags under my eyes are too much to deal with in the mornings. I used to use the Garnier caffeine roll-on, but that has been discontinued over here and I just didn’t enjoy that product as much any more as I found it to be quite drying around my eyes. When I was browsing TBS on some random day, the lady sold me this and I absolutely love it. It’s a gel, so it is light enough to be worn underneath make up and is absorbed super quickly. It is like a quench of fresh water for your eye area.

Bobbi Brown Corrector in Light Bisque & Catrice Re-Touch Highlighting concealer in 001 Porcelain

My current favorite concealer combo! I wrote a full review on the Corrector last Wednesday and showed you the effects of this combination on my face in that same post. This, combined with the eye gel, makes any darkness, redness and puffiness disappear instantly. And in busy times like these, that is a God sent!

Maybelline Baby Lips Dr Rescue

Who knew lip balm could be something you become a fan of. When I was at the airport on my way home after my trip to England this past May, I had a few pounds left in my wallet and Boots had a buy 2 get 1 free deal on all Maybelline Baby Lips. I found a few varieties I had not yet heard of or tried and so I decided to give it a shot. This lip balm is minty and nourishing. It’s lightweight and not as heavy duty as my Burt’s Bees Honey lip balm, but for summer this is a great little lip balm that keeps my lips moisturized and flake free.

Decluttering videos

I haven’t really been watching anything of interest lately. By the time I get home, I just want my brain to relax, so I started watching make up decluttering videos on Youtube to kill the time. It’s ultimately brainless and fascinating at the same time. I particularly enjoyed watching the series by these two ladies as they really talk about every single product and give you a great overview of their make up collection at the same time.

If you had to pick one favorite this month, what would it be?

Things I Love #4

Things I Love #4

Happy Sunday everyone! How was your week? Mine wasn’t all that good as I spent most of it home sick. One thing that is never a good thing to happen to you if you’re a teacher is lose your voice and guess what happened last week? Yep, I lost my voice. I went to work and taught a few classes, but since my condition only worsened, I decided to pay my doctor a visit. He told me to rest my voice, so the second half of the week was spent at home. Luckily, things improved and I am doing much better now. But enough rambling, let’s have a look at a few beauty and non-beauty favorites that I have been enjoying these past few weeks.

I like combining my beauty and non-beauty favorites. I also don’t do these monthly anymore, but whenever I feel I have gathered enough favorites to write about. I just don’t think that restricting myself to a certain period in time will help me to tell about what I truly like. There have been times, months, when I struggled finding enough to talk about. So I figured I’d change things up, rename my monthly favorites ‘Things I love’, and just go with the flow. And since it’s been nearly 2 months since I last showed you some of my favorite products, I have had plenty of time to gather some new ones.

Balenciaga Florabotanica

An oldie but a goodie. This perfume has been in a favorites post before, but I have rediscovered it in my perfume collection. I bought this almost 2 years ago, with a gift voucher some of my mentor students gifted me after a year of hard work together. I think of them whenever I spritz this on, but it has also become a staple perfume for me. For years I did not have a ‘signature scent’ and then I found this. I only bought a small bottle at the time, and I’ve started to run out. The next time I’m flying I’m going to check out how much this is in duty free and purchase the biggest size I can find!

Harper’s Bazaar

I have added a new magazine subscription to the list: Harper’s Bazaar. It launched in The Netherlands last September and I liked what I had seen so far. However, the decision to buy a subscription did not come until I found a great offer. The subscription at a 50% discount and a Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery serum worth 40 euros for free. I have been wanting to try the Kiehl’s serum for ages, but thought it too pricy to just give it a whirl. So now, I not only have a subscription to a great fashion magazine that has some interesting articles, but I also have a beauty product worth trying.

Catrice Liquid Metal Satina van der Woodsen

This eyeshadow has been popping up quite a bit lately and I have been using it a lot. One of the newly added shades for spring/ summer 2015, this color has been one of my go-to eyeshadows since the minute I purchased it. Its champagne-gold color make it perfect for every day, but also works great as an inner corner highlight for more daring looks. Absolutely love it. And don’t worry if it looks like the shine is an overspray: it is not, on the lid this baby is a shimmery as in the pan.

SIGG Hot & Cold Classic White 0.5L

Meet my new on-the-go tea mug. I bought this sturdy thermos bottle when I dropped and cracked my Starbucks one that I had had for 2 years. That one was plastic and I have been trying to use fewer plastic containers for my on the go foods and beverages. I already purchased a Klean Kanteen bottle for water, weck jars for my morning yoghurt and I have been eating salads from mason jars. I had been looking for a mug to carry tea for some time, just in case my plastic Starbucks one needed replacement. I had not found the perfect one, but then I dropped the old one, walked into my local outdoor supply store and found this, which is perfect. It is not only free of BPA plastics and mainly made of stainless steel, it is also a thermos bottle that keeps my tea warm for up to 6 hours.

NYX HD High Definition Eyeshadow Base

My favorite eyeshadow base, Too Faced Shadow Insurance ran out, as I showed you in my latest Empty Products video. I already have 3 potential replacements lined up and the first one I tried was this NYX one. And I love it! It is almost as good as the Too Faced one. There is a small difference, as this doesn’t make my eyelooks last through sweaty work outs, but this will last on a long day that starts at 6AM and doesn’t end until 11 PM. And I guess that’s what makes this a great eyeshadow base. I’ve been loving it so much that I haven’t even thought twice about cracking open the other two to give them a try.

Vivaldi Four Seasons recomposed by Max Richter

Yes, I know, I know… I still buy CDs, don’t shoot me, or call me crazy. It’s something I like doing, and with a good record store in my street, it is one means in which I find plenty of the music I listen to. One gem that I took home recently is this CD. Yes, it’s Vivaldi. Yes, it’s classical music. Yes, it’s Four Seasons. But: there’s a twist. This is the modernized version of this classics of classics. It has been recomposed to include synthesizer sounds, which makes for a very different and dare I say, unique listening experience. This is quite possibly one of the favorite CDs I’ve purchased in a long time.

Phyto 7 Hydrating day cream for dry hair

A day cream for hair? Yep, that’s what this is. I was looking for interesting products to try when I was in London last October and ran into this at Space NK. I apply this to the ends of my hair after a shower and I have found this works much better for me than most hair oils that promise to do similar things. Where hair oils make my hair look greasy and streaky, this nourishes my hair, but without the greaseball effect. Win-win!

Baby blue nail polish

If you saw my drugstore nail polish haul last Thursday, you will have seen I have developed quite the love for all things baby blue. Nail polish wise in any case. For this picture I brought out a few more by Barry M and Catrice that I already owned. I’m sure this will be a blue spring in my case.

Bio Today Wheat Free Muesli

I found a new staple food and not in some specialist store or a farmer’s market. No, I found this at my good ole supermarket. They have an aisle filled with organic foods and suddenly, one day, this product popped up. It is a wheat free and refined sugar free muesli. And this is what I’ve been putting in my yoghurt every day since I bought it. It is based on barley, rice and rye flakes. This contains no oats and hence this has been my new favorite way of adding some fiber into my daily diet.

Catrice Ultimate Colour lipstick On the Pink Side of Life

If there is one lipstick that has gotten a ton of wear these past few weeks, it’s been this one. The coral shade is perfect for spring/ summer and has quickly become a favorite. Like the eyeshadow above, it is part of the renewal of Catrice’s make up line for spring/ summer 2015, so get it while you still can.

What are some of your favorite products at the moment?

Things I love #3

Things I love #3

After rounding up my 2014 favorites last month, I thought it was time to show you again some of my current favorites. These range from beauty products, food, fashion and lifestyle. So there’s a bit of everything. Since I have 10 different things to show you, let’s dive straight in.

Yes, I have apples in my favorites…

Kruidvat Eye make up remover 2 phases

Let’s start off by a recent drugstore discovery. I was in the store, realized I was running out of make up remover and didn’t want to take a detour to get my trusty The Body Shop make up remover. I scoured the shelves looking for something promising. At only €1.69 I wasn’t expecting much of this remover, but I figured: it’s so cheap if I hate it, it’s not too much of a big deal. And I love it! It’s cheap, it works and it doesn’t sting or irritate my eyes or eye area. I actually have taken pictures of it so I can review it for you in the next few weeks.

Klean Kanteen Wide water bottle

After just over a year in service, my Bobble water bottle has seen better days. Not only that, I was getting fed up having to purchase new filters every 2 – 3 months or so. What’s the point of having an environmentally friendly water bottle if it still produces waste and is difficult to clean without purchasing a special brush? So I decided to toss that in my gym bag and with my Christmas gift voucher from work I purchased this. This is a 800 ml water bottle that is leak proof, completely made of foodgrade stainless steel (which is also in the cap) and has a wide opening. The wide opening makes it easy to drink from (even when wearing lipstick!) and the wide opening means it is super easy to clean. The result: fresh, delicious tasting tap water at every turn.

Catrice Liquid Metal eyeliner pencils

Another drugstore steal are these Catrice eyeliner pencils. They aren’t too expensive, are super creamy and have a great finish. The brown shade has been my go to eyeliner shade these days. Dare I say I like these pencils better than the Urban Decay 24/7 glide on eyeliners? And even my trusty Estee Lauder Double Wear eyeliner pencils? I will be reviewing these tomorrow for you.

Honey crunch apples

I always love including a food favorite and these past few months I’ve been obsessed with these honey crunch apples. They are tart and sweet at the same time. Have the best ‘crunch’ to them and they aren’t too big. They also last well when you throw them in your bag as a last minute snack. Yep these are delicious and I go through a pack at least once a week.

Ikea Böja lamp

It’s not really this lamp that’s a favorite, but what it stands for. And it stands for the completion of project room change! This has been 1.5 years in the making, but I finally finished updating my living space. I first wrote about my intentions in October 2013 and now it’s all done! I’m just waiting for better lighting to so I can do an updated room tour and show you the before and afters. I am very pleased with how it all came out. It’s a lot cleaner, better organized, yet still very cozy and homey.

Lush Hot Toddy shower gel

My current favorite shower product is this shower gel by Lush. I’m nearly halfway done and I am finally getting the glitter out. I love the spicy scent this has. It makes for a very pleasant shower after a long day. The scent is very warm and cozy, and is great for using right before bed. I reviewed it here.

Urban Outfitters Sparkle & Fade grey cardigan

Cardigans are some of my favorite clothing items and when I found this at Urban Outfitters in London I was sold. The fabric is super soft and cozy. It keeps you warm without being too stifling and goes with almost everything.

Pukka Lemon Ginger & Manuka Honey organic tea

In my recent tea haul, I already mentioned loving this, but by now I have managed to already finish one pack and I’m about to break into my second. This tea isn’t cheap, but it is absolutely delicious. The flavor is the perfect blend of lemon & ginger making it refreshing and warm at the same time. The honey smooths it out and it’s been my perfect winter tea.

Rituals Sacred Fire White Patchouli & Cedar Wood scented candle

Yup, I did it. I jumped on the scented candle band wagon. I bought a few during Christmas break and have only burned this one so far. The reason? It’s the only winter-y smell I got and it’s simply so delicious that I don’t want to burn the other two yet! Before I never burned scented candles. I suffer from asthma and I always found them very irritating. This one, doesn’t. I only burn it for 1.5 – 2 hours maximum though. But that’s really all it needs to ensure a good scent to spread through your living room.

Hourglass Ambient Lighting blush in Diffused Heat

Finally, my favorite blush of the past few months. It is a super wearable poppy pink color with a hint of shimmer. If you’re looking for that glow from within look, then this is for you. I wrote a full review at the beginning of the month, and you can check that out here.

What are your current favorite products?

Things I love #2

Things I love #2

It’s been two months since I showed you some of my favorite things. Time to show you my current loves again! I have compiled 10 things I love. Either to do, to use, to drink or to listen to. What are your current favorites?

I find it hard to select my favorites. For a few months I had no problems, but being back at work leaves little to no time to think: wow I’m really loving this. By the time I realize I love something, I’m already moving on to the next product. Just thought I’d give you that little nugget of random info. On to the favorites!

New Look Chelsea boots

I bought these black booties in London. They’re real leather and were pretty cheap. I have several pairs of shoes from New Look and love them. New Look shoes are pretty wide and so they fit my feet nicely. I’ve been wearing these shoes non-stop ever since I got them. They go with everything, are super comfy and they keep my feet warm.

YSL Rouge pur Couture The Mats 208 Fuchsia Fétiche (or Madly Fuchsia)

My favorite lipstick of the past few months has been this bright pink baby. Despite the dreadful weather I’ve been seriously into wearing bright pink lips. My favorite one? This one by YSL, which I reviewed (together with a more muted version) in this blog post. It’s matte, wears well, and super bright. It goes very nicely with the darker eye make up I like to wear these days.

David Nicholls – One Day

This picture represents one of my favorite past times: reading. I already mentioned it in my combined book review last week, but I’m really into reading at the moment. It always comes and goes to me, but lately I’ve had a distinct urge to read. This is the last book I finished. I will be reviewing it asap, but first I have to finish an anthology of Victorian vampire stories.

Chloé – Love Chloé

Another favorite this time is this perfume. I have had this for a while and used it sparingly. But lately I’ve been going nuts over it. I wear it every single day. No exception. I love the soft, powdery smell. It doesn’t linger too long on my skin, but it also makes it not too overpowering. If you’re looking for a feminine smell, I can highly recommend this one.

Celestial Seasonings Sleepy Time tea

My favorite bed time tea is Sleepy Time. I first had this almost 10 years ago while I lived in the States. I loved it so much that I tracked it down in Holland and I’ve been drinking it ever since. I have a few other teas I like to drink before I go to bed, but I always come back to this one. It’s very soothing and relaxing too.

Benefit Coralista

Benefit’s boxed powders are a great, be it expensive, product. I also included this in my Fall Series earlier this month, as one of my favorite blushes for fall. This is quite possibly the only blush I’ve been wearing for two months. I love its warm peachy color with golden sheen. I find it’s one of my most versatile blushes as it’s easy to use when I need to quickly do my make up before I’m heading to work.

This Works Deep Sleep Stress Less roller ball

I just reviewed this product yesterday. What I love about it is the smell. I think I may be addicted to it. Luckily this product goes a long way and you only need a small amount to apply it. Not too sure if the product really works, but it certainly makes for a very cozy feeling right before dozing off.

Sassoon Edit Hold Re-Workable Long-Lasting Finishing Spray

Is it a hairspray? No. Is it a dry shampoo? No. Is it a volume spray? What’s this then? A finishing spray that gives the hold of a hair spray, the texture of a volume spray and the workability of a dry shampoo. It keeps my hair from going limp within 30 minutes, makes it less frizzy and what’s best about this that all you need to do is squeeze your hair throughout the day to spruce up your look. It is my latest haircare obsession.

Ed Sheeran

In early November I went to see Ed Sheeran kick off his European tour at Ziggo Dome in Amsterdam. Me and my friend bought tickets aeons ago. I mainly went because I had heard good things about his live act. And I was not disappointed. His songs are better live than they are on his albums. What’s best is that he does everything alone. All he needs is his guitar, a mic and a mixing paddle and he just everything by himself right then and there. I’ve been a little bit obsessed with him ever since.

Brown eye look

This favorite isn’t much of a product but more of a look I like to wear. Lately, I’m really into darker looks, mainly browns or greys. This look combines both and I make something like this almost every day. I pair it with a bright lipstick and I’m all set for the day.

Happy Sunday!

Things I love #1

Things I love #1

The past few months I had a hard time deciding on my favorites. And so, because of lack of inspiration I skipped a month’s worth of favorites and decided to go from Monthly Favorites to Things I Love. The concept is the same, though I no longer will be posting this type of blog on a monthly basis. There are so many monthly favorite videos, articles etc out there and I just didn’t want to add another one to the pile. From now on, I’ll be listing a few of my favorites whenever I feel like it. It could be monthly, weekly or every other month. Who knows?! Today I’ll be showing you some of the things I have been liking as summer peters out into oblivion and the leaves have started to color and fall is on its way.

MAC Face & Body foundation in C1

Not a new favorite but a rediscovered one. This past year I’ve been really interested in trying out different foundations, which that my old favorite base products had gotten a bit lost in my ever extanding make up stash. My very first foundation was this MAC one. I never wrote a review or anything about it. I just bought it and started using it. For a while it was my only foundation. By now the bottle is almost completely gone and I have decided to stick to using this foundation until it’s completely gone. With my being back at work and doing my make up on an almost daily basis again, it does mean that that will most likely be very soon. If it does, I’m sure it will crop up in an empty products post.

Sorefix cold sore cream

My immune system has been taking quite a beating the past few weeks. I haven’t been sick or haven’t gotten a cold yet, thankfully, but for weeks on end I’ve been getting cold sore blisters. No fun. I was in for buying some more cold sore cream and found they have a new kind available which according to the lady in the store is better than all the other conventional remedies. And she was right! Cold sores don’t get a chance with this transparent cream on your lips. It feels like vaseline, smells quite medicinal but unlike most cold sore creams it moisturizes your lips so they don’t chap while you’re battling the demons that be.

Sherlock Holmes stories

I’m still working on listening to my Harry Potter Audio Books that I started over summer, but by now I’ve added some Sherlock Holmes to the mix. I’ve not been reading these books though, but I’ve been reading them from my Kindle app on my tablet. I downloaded a complete Sherlock Holmes set to take with me on vacation, but I ended up not reading it that much. Now that I’m back to a 3 hour daily commute, reading is very much back in my life. And I thought some Sherlock would be a good start. I like the wittiness of the stories and mixed in with a dry sense of English humor and the Victorian setting, I’ve found something I can say I thoroughly enjoy.

Garnier Roll-On

An oldie but goody. I think the review for this, was one of the first reviews I ever posted on here. Since I’m back to 6 AM wake up calls, a remedy for under eye puffiness and dark circles is a must. I use this on the bags under my eyes and within 10 minutes, I look much more awake. It definitely makes early wake up calls a bit more bearable. Unfortunately I cannot find this anywhere in stores anymore, so I’m afraid it’s been discontinued.

Renewed Catrice make up line

Catrice make up has extended its make up line with 67 new products and I’m loving every bit of it. There are new nail polishes, new foundations, lip products, the whole 9 yards. It’s amazing! I went a little crazy and picked up quite a few things from the new line last week. You can see my shoplog here.

L’Oreal Miracle Repair 7 base coat

Could this be my favorite base coat? It just might be as I’ve found myself coming back to this again. I was getting a bit fed up with my Trind Nail Repair which I was using before. It had started to dry out and get lumpy and it seemed as if it was no longer working as well. I was left with horribly stained nails when I painted my nails a neon green over summer. So much for using a base coat. I went back to using this one and it’s been working like a dream.

Luther TV series

One of my favorite TV series I watched over summer is Luther. My friend Pauline recommended it to me and I’ve been loving it. It’s only 3 series in total and a handful of episodes each, but if you want to see some well made TV that keeps you on the edge of your seat, Luther is for you. Based around DCI Luther, a special team of inspectors is trying to catch ruthless killers while Luther himself carefully walks the line between good and bad. One of my favorite characters was Ruth: the lady who ends up being a serial killer and helps Luther with some of his cases with her criminal master mind input.

Olay/ Olaz moisturizing cream

In my empty products article you will have read that I have been running out of my skincare favorites. So it was time to try out something new. If I like a skincare product I tend to use it up completely before I move on to something else. I don’t know why exactly, but I just do. I had run out of my night time moisturizer and so I picked up some Olay skincare to try out next. This moisturizer is divine. It works well and it’s nice and thick and feels like whipped cream. A full review will be coming up shortly. I just want to try it out a few more weeks before I do.

Crime Scene Investigation

One of my all time favorite TV series is the original CSI series. I liked both spin offs as well and have seen most episodes of those as well. A few years ago, I became a bit fed up with the Las Vegas version. I was disliking the storylines and well, there were so many other good things to watch, that I just lost track. This summer I got curious and started where I’d left off and binge watched 3 seasons back to back. To say I’m back to the CSI fangirl wagon would be an understatement.

Estee Lauder Color Envy lipstick in 210 Impulsive

I think I may have found a new favorite lipstick. The Estee Lauder Color Envy line was launched earlier this year or late last year and I really wanted to try one of them. I’ve been very much into rosy pink colors lately as they are the perfect nude lipstick for me. So the color choice was easy. This lipstick is quite possibly the most luxuriously feeling lipstick you’ll ever find and the color is amazing as well as the texture and the formula. Yep, I’m in love. Review is coming up some time soon.

What are your current favorites?