Beauty room/ office tour

Beauty room/ office tour

Do I now have a beauty room? I am not too sure, but I knew the minute I bought this house that I wanted the spare bedroom to be an office/ blogging space. I mainly just wanted at least one room in the house where I could make a mess if I wanted to and leave it be. Whether it is because I am grading papers at home, or have tons of products lying about for taking pictures: I wanted one room where that wouldn’t be a problem and to separate different parts of my life. This is what I came up with.  beauty room office tour

Beauty Room/ Office Tour

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Wardrobe tour & closet organization

Wardrobe tour & closet organization

Just a few more weeks before I get the key to my new home and I figured I would show you my current wardrobe organization. Once I move it is very likely to change quite drastically (if the current owner doesn’t take it out, I will have a walk in closet!!), so I figured that now would be a good time to show you my wardrobe and how I keep things organized inside my closet.  wardrobe tour closet organization clothing clothes small space seasons

Wardrobe tour & closet organization

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Tour of my Book Case

Tour of my Book Case

As you may know I like to read the occasional book or two. Instead of showing you what I’m currently reading I though it would be nice to show you the books I have. I have quite the collection. I think I’ve got over 600 books now. Most books I bought when I was a student. As a language student you tend to buy a lot of novels for coursework etc. I also worked a job at a local library for a few years and there I always got first dibs whenever they were getting rid of stuff. And on top of that I did some side jobs for my university for which I was paid in book shop gift vouchers.

Needless to say: I accumulated quite a few books over the years. More than I have read, but I am still intend on reading them all one day. I took some pictures to give you an overview, but I also made a video in which I highlight some of my favorite books. Below you will also find an Excel file which lists all the books I have including some detailed information.

Book case 1 containing English novels/ literature, history and miscellaneous books (such as my favorites from childhood, some chicklit and random books about knitting, make up, cats etc.)

Back of book case 2 containing Dutch & World literature and Mythology/ Folklore/ Sagas/ Fairytales.

Front of book case 2 contains more books on mythology, ancient civilisations, an complete encyclopedia for women, a spelling guide (Dutch), books for my current studies as well as dictionaries, thesaurus, and a Spanish language course. (I still want to learn Spanish one day)

Book cases 3 & 4 contains mostly books related to my English studies. There’s a shelf for literary anthologies; philology (Old & Middle English), language variation and language acquistion/ language in general; American Studies; highschool teaching methods; general reference books; linguistics; journalism; teaching; travel books; music books; philosophy; cook books and art.

Would you believe me if I told you that I started out with just one book case when I first moved to this place? The bookshelves are by IKEA and called IVAR. It’s a shelving system which I think is quite handy. The bookcases were given to me by my parents. No clue where they came from.

Want to see what’s actually on my shelves then you should watch this video:

And in this document: Boekenlijst you will find the list of all books and authors including information on date of publishing and the publisher.

Do you like keeping books? What are your favorite ones to buy?

Concert Review: The Kills (Paradiso 25 November 2011)

Concert Review: The Kills (Paradiso 25 November 2011)

Yup it’s that time again. I went to see another concert, this time by The Kills. This British/ American rock duo have been described as the non-commercial version of The White Stripes, but I think that is cutting their music a bit short. Sure, the band consists of a guy and a girl and they make rock songs that get stuck in your head, but that’s where the comparison ends. The Kills are raw, grunge and unpredictable and I love it.

Excuse the not so good picture, but this is the only picture that came out looking half decent.

First of all, they played a pretty good setlist. I did find that the first half of the concert was a bit drab. The audience certainly had to get into it as well as the band. The songs they played didn’t help. This also has to do with the overall sound of the band: many songs sound very similar and there’s only a few that really stand out, so that made for a not so varied setlist for the first half of the concert. On top of that, the vocals were drowned out by the drums in many of the songs too, which didn’t help.

However, once it got going, it got going and the concert eventually turned into a full blown rock concert including a pit with people bouncing around and going crazy. They played a good variety of songs which were taken from all 4 albums The Kills have made. The majority of the show consisted of songs which are on their last album: Blood Pressures such as DNA, Satellite, Pots and Pans and Heart is Beating Drum. They also played a good deal of songs of their previous album Midnight Boom with Black Balloon, Cheap and Cheerful and Tape Song being crowd favorites.

My favorites of the night were No Wow, Kissy Kissy, URA Fever, Pots and Pans, Cheap and Cheerful, Fried and Fuck the People. These songs all had amazing crowd participation or stood out because they were so catchy and just worked. One thing I know for sure is that the slow start of the show cannot be played on the performers. The female half of the group (Alison Mosshart) owns the stage and has all the antics of a real rock star without overdoing it. He, Jamie Hince, is more cool and collected and I’m still thinking he wore special shoes so he could shimmy around the stage like he did.

All in all, this concert rocked and was very entertaining. It didn’t blow me off my socks, but it definitely is a concert that I will remember.


And then you realize you’re over it…

And then you realize you’re over it…

Over what?, you might ask. Over Backstreet Boys that is. I already wrote a post about my dwindling fandom almost a year ago, but just the other night I realized just how over everything Backstreet I am.

This week, the European tour dates for the NKOTBSB tour starting in 2012 were announced. My entire Twitter timeline went crazy, as there are quite a few BSB fans who I’m following, and everyone was discussing where to go, for which dates they would buy VIP and which VIP packages were to be bought. Friends messaged me asking me if I would join them for a date, and I messaged friends about whether we should go. To top things off I became submerged into everyone’s stress, as the fanclub was unclear about the presale ticket dates.

Welcome, to the wonderful world of Backstreet. And you know what?! It didn’t even phase me. I didn’t even care, and I still don’t. I’m not moved by it, I don’t feel the urge to look up videos, to listen to songs nor did I stress out over the incapability of the fanclub to do its job properly. Yesterday, I visited the official bsb website for the first time in over 1.5 years and it’s still the same as ever. It’s like nothing has even changed one bit, which automatically means that it’s probably still as shitty as it was when I still frequented the place.

In my previous post I wrote that there will always be a part of me that is still a Backstreet Boys fan, and I guess there still is some of it left. But this time round, I don’t even want to go to the show. The main reason being that I will not only get to see BSB, but also New Kids on the Block, about whom I really could care less. And the fact that there isn’t just one band, but two on the stage makes for a more expensive ticket. For the price of one NKOTBSB ticket I can also go and see 5 bands at Paradiso who have much more passion for music and performing in general than those pop music veterans.

I think it is therefore safe to conclude that I’m over Backstreet. I will still remember the good times, the fun, the friends and crazy late night chat sessions. I will remember the stress over getting VIP tickets, of making long distance phone calls to arrange things and figuring out which shows to go to without too much clashing with my schedule. I will still remember the music too and maybe, but just maybe when they release an album and a tour just as Backstreet Boys, I may consider buying that and a ticket to their show. But right now, I’m just not feeling it.

Q: Have you ever been into something and then suddenly realized you were over it? If so, what?