Double Double Toil and Trouble

Double Double Toil and Trouble

Yes, I have in fact used a quote from the one and only Will Shakespeare. I did study English language & literature, thank you very much. I may not have always cared for the endless classes on Shakespeare (I prefer Ben Jonson of the contemporary Elizabethan playwright era), but as an English student good ole Bill is hard to go around and since Macbeth is the one play I know best, I decided to put in the quote. Because boy, what a week it’s been.


The other day I already wrote a post about how my hayfever was acting up again. Well, it was indeed my hayfever, but I didn’t know it was this bad. I went to see my doctor yesterday and it appears to be as if my hayfever caused a bacterial infection in my lungs. No wonder I got winded after two steps or two sentences! So now I’m on antibiotics and extra meds for my shortness of breath. I picked them up immediately after I got the prescriptions and took them the same evening. I instantly felt better! It’s just a matter of keeping up with the meds and I should be fine in 4 -5 days time.

Last week I wrote about getting a new computer, as my old one is on the verge of dying any minute. It just needed replacing. Unfortunately for me it installed some weird update which made Windows view my video card drivers as corrupt and not allowing me to use my computer to the fullest. I tried solving it myself, but alas. I went back to the store, they fixed it for me, then 3 days later, the same retarded update was installed and I was back to square one. The boys from the store tried reinstalling everything for me and then it did it again. I went back and now I have a new one. It’s pretty much the same one, only with 6 GB of RAM (so 2 GB more), a 15.6 inch screen, a larger hard drive and NO updates that screw up my computer.

As you can tell, quite some stuff and with work added into the mix on Monday, it was just impossible to follow my regular blog schedule of daily posts. I simply didn’t have the means or the energy to do it. So here’s to feeling better (in progress), a computer that works (seems to have worked out) and more regular blogs. I already have a few plans for what I want to write about this coming week, so if I’m not too tired and my computer doesn’t go all funky on me we should be back on track again!

Enjoy your weekend, are you doing anything fun? I will most likely spend it on the couch recovering. I may hit up the gym today, but I will most definitely spend Sunday evening in front of the TV. The final episode of Sherlock Holmes will be on BBC 1 this Sunday at 10 PM CET. Can’t wait to see that one!

Quick update on me

Quick update on me

No blog for 3 days on end. I think the last time that happened I had come down with the nastiest case of bronchitis in history. This time it is nothing that serious. I was just busy with uni, work and social stuff which left me with no time (or energy) to get behind the computer and write something here. Fortunately, I will have Christmas break soon enough which will make for some more time to blog. For how long? That remains to be seen.


First of all, I had an exam on Online Marketing on Monday. I think I did okay. Okay enough for a pass anyway. I didn’t get as much time to study for it as I’d liked as I spend the entire weekend feeling out of sorts because I was soooo tired and just kept falling asleep over my study materials. Not handy, but I think I managed okay in the end. Let’s just hope I did!

Secondly, I had an outing with my colleagues where we went to dinner with (nearly) all of the people in the first year student team. That was a lot of fun, but again, quite exhausting.

The icing on the cake must be some developments at work. I haven’t worked out the specifics just yet, but I may be getting a new task starting in the new year. I can’t and won’t say too much about it as nothing has been decided definitely just yet and you never know who may be reading along on blogs. I will surely post it on here once everything is clear for me and I know what’s going on exactly.

Today will be my last day of work and after that I will have a 2+ week of vacation ahead of me. My first point on the agenda for that: going to the hairdresser’s to get my hair cut & colored. So be on the look out for some piccies on that soon.

Q: How’s everyone else been?

Update on me

Update on me

As you could have read on Monday, this week has been a weird week. Not only have a I been super busy but I also had a few personal things to deal with. First of all, one of my colleagues suddenly passed away Monday morning, but on top of that I received a call that my grandfather was admitted to the hospital on Tuesday. Grandpa is fine again, he just has some clogged up arteries, but to say this week has been a good one, no not really.

Not only did I receive bad news, but today I will be attending my colleague’s funeral and I have been and will be busy. I am currently redoing a course for the first year’s students which is a lot of work as it requires a lot of reworking old materials as well as making new stuff.

On top of that I’ve been busy with uni stuff as well. A little over a week I have an exam for my Online Marketing course and I still have to read all of the marketing theory that is on the programme and summarize it. Moreover, I’m also still working on my article on emoticons so that takes up an entire day’s work. I need to have a first draft ready on the same day as my exam. Luckily I have most of the work done for that and all I have to do is write.

Anywho, I am going to be so glad in 1,5 weeks time. It means my exam is over, my first draft is handed in, work is over, my grandad will have received treatment and hopefully life at work will be at least somewhat back to normal. Also: it’s the start of my Christmas break and I couldn’t be more ready for that.

I will try to pick up the blogging as usual starting Monday, but like I said, I still have quite a few things to do, so I may have to put it on the back burner for a bit. At least until my exam is over. In the mean time I do have something to look forward to: on Wednesday I’ll have a meeting with my boss and that’s when I will (hopefully) know whether I can stay at this job, get a permanent contract AND whether I will become the English team leader. So fingers crossed for that!

How have you been doing?

Remember, remember… Here is my month of November

Remember, remember… Here is my month of November

Vacation is officially over! By now I’ve already been back at work and uni since yesterday and apart from new uni courses, a pile of grading, resits and getting back to teaching later this month, I also have a bunch of fun things coming up. Read on to find out what my month will roughly look like.

Like I said above, the second half of the fall semester has started at uni. I have enrolled myself in only one course, just like last time and this time it’s Online Marketing that I will be taking. It seems like an interesting course and one benefit is that the teachers have put everything available through the Internet. Even the books provided are available as free digital downloads. How cool is that?

Work is starting back up too, but before I get to do some teaching again there is first a pile of grading to be done. As of yesterday, resits and exams have started for my students which means: no schedule to work with, but lots of other things to do. Luckily it’s times like these that I can often put in a few days from home, so nothing too crazy just yet! Teaching starts back up 2 weeks from now and I’m very curious as to what my schedule will look like.

Apart from that, I will have one very specific work related thing coming up this month. On Saturday the 12th of November the school I work at will have its open day. Since the start of this school year I’m involved with the Communication Centre at work and my main responsibility is said open day. We still have plenty to do before the big day, but things look very promising. I am going to be there the day off, just to be on hand to help out wherever necessary. It’s exciting yet a bit scary at the same time. Fingers crossed it works out.

I’m also attending some concerts again. On the 14th I’ll be seeing Elbow with my mom and on the 25th I’ll be going to The Kills. I’m very curious to see what these concerts will bring. I’ve heard both bands are amazing live acts, so I’m really looking forward to both. In other music related news, I will also be attending a pop music quiz some time this month. I’ve never been to one, so here’s to hoping I know enough to help out my team mates.

When I was writing all of this down, I couldn’t help but think that November will fly by and December will be knocking at my door before I know it. So here’s to hopefully an engaging uni course, a not so busy teaching schedule and lots of good times.

Q: What are you up to this month?

Mini update: nail polish collection

Mini update: nail polish collection

I acquired some new nail polishes over the past few months and therefore I thought it would be appropriate to show you which ones I’ve bought. These are only my recent purchases. I got a few other ones, not featured in my earlier posts on my nail polish collection, but I don’t remember exactly when I got them. I will post an update on that later.

Swatches of the polishes:

  1. Blaze to Pink (this turns bright pink in direct sunlight)
  2. Koh Seaweed
  3. Hérôme WIC Zagora
  4. Etos Effect Nails Red
  5. Etos Effect Nails Pink
  6. Catrice I’m a Star
  7. Catrice I Wear My Sunglasses at Night
  8. Catrice Be Indiglow
  9. Catrice Looking Sunkissed
  10. Essence Red-y to Go
  11. Essence Time for Romance
  12. Essence In Style
  13. Essence Choose Me
  14. Essence Nail Art Twins Bella
  15. Essence Nail Art Twins Edward
  16. Essence Nail Art Twins Troy
  17. Essence Nail Art Special Effects It’s Purpelicious
  18. Essence Nail Art Special Effects It’s Circus Confetti

Catrice Looking Sunkissed, Catrice Be Indiglow, Catrice I Wear My Sunglasses at Night, Catrice I’m a Star

Essence Nail Art Twins Bella, Essence Nail Art Twins Edward, Essence Nail Art Twins Troy, Essence Nail Art Special Effects It’s Circus Confetti, Essence Nail Art Special Effects It’s Purpelicious

Essence Choose Me, Essence In Style, Essence Time for Romance, Essence Red-y to Go

Blaze to Pink, Etos Effect Nails Pink, Etos Effect Nails Red, Hérôme WIC Zagora

Koh Seaweed

I’m totally adoring these colors. As you can tell I’m loving chunky glitters right now. I will update some of my other purchases from the past few months when I have time to figure out which ones are still missing. Till then stay tuned!

Q: Which ones are your favorites?






Update on Me!

Update on Me!

My first week’s vacation is already over and what a week it’s been, plus I’ve got more stuff coming up. Wanna know what’s been going on and what I’ll be up to? Keep on reading!

First of all, I am getting a new house mate today. My old one left yesterday. She packed all her things and will be away on an internship in the US for 8 months. So as of today, I will be getting a new house mate. I don’t even know her name, but I’m sure it will be okay. And if anything goes wrong, she’ll be gone after 8 months anyway. Good thing is that she has a cat!

And that’s a very good thing. If you follow me on twitter, than you’ll know that I’ve had a bit of a problem with mice who have decided to take up my house as residence/ food supply. I don’t mind mice. I don’t find them scary and as long as I don’t see too many of them, I don’t really care. I just put out a trap, catch them and let that be that. This time, however, the nasty little creatures hadn’t just decided on going into our kitchen, but they also decided my room was a nice spot to call home. I was nearly driven mad by sounds of scratching and gnawing as well as by the occasional mouse shooting across my room from my peripheral vision.

After a few very restless nights (I kept dreaming they were making a nest out of my mattress and were crawling over me), 3 attacks on my plants (including one where a mouse had dug its way into one of my pots at 6 AM) and having to shoo one away from my wardrobe after I saw it leaping inside it, I finally found the hole through which they entered my room. I closed it up and haven’t seen a mouse in my room since. They’re still in the kitchen but with a cat entering the scene I reckon they’ll be gone soon. Plus someone will come in to seal off the hole in my wall, as my current solution is only valid as a temporary one. The mouse problem should be over soon.

So that was eventful for a nice and quiet summer vacation right? In any case, if you ever need tips on how to catch mice. You know where to find me. I have become quite the expert over the past week. Other things I’ve done this week apart from the stuff I have already written about is reading more of Harry Potter. I still haven’t finished, books 5, 6, & 7 take so much longer to read than the first 4. I’ve also done some cooking, making a delicious pasta salad (my go to summer dish) and I even watched some TV. I happened to come across the remake of Sherlock Holmes by the BBC. I knew of these series through a friend and he has the DVD so I’m gonna make sure to borrow that from him, because it was really good.

This week will be less eventful. Just some groceries, and I’m trying to go back to the gym again. I haven’t been able to go yet since I hurt my knee falling up the stairs almost 2 weeks ago. Walking is fine, but if I do anything more intensive exercise (I tried dancing in my room) it starts to hurt again. So we’ll see. I’ll also meet up with my mom: we’re going shopping in Amsterdam tomorrow. So be on the look out for a haul post on Wednesday! And I will be planning what to do in Dublin some time this week as and when I’ve finished HP 7 I will finally get to go see that movie too!

Q: What are you up to this week?

I’m keeping my job!

I’m keeping my job!

On Monday I had my appraisal interview and was told that my contract will be renewed and I will be able to stay for another year! YAY!! So I think it’s time for a celebration!

Every year it’s an exciting time at the end of the year. I have three appraisal interviews throughout the year. The first one sets up all the plans for the year, then I have one half way through to see how I’m doing and then at the end of the year you are told whether you did a well enough job and are allowed to stay or not and whether you get a raise. So the good news here is that not only do I get the keep my job, but I will also be paid some more.

Needless to say this is a short but sweet blog cuz I’m a happy bunny. It means all my hard work has paid off.

Q: Is there anything you accomplished in the past week?