Giveaway | Win makeup

Giveaway | Win makeup

It has been ages since I last did a giveaway. I don’t do them too often, but I think it is time to give back. And for two reasons! On 4 September 2018, this blog, this little nook on the WWW came up on its 8th anniversary. 8 years! As if things could not get any better, I hit 1000 subscribers on Youtube last Saturday. So I felt it was time to organize a little giveaway to give back to all of you who have embarked on this journey with me and who are commenting regularly on my posts and videos.  giveaway win makeup

Giveaway | Win some makeup
Celebrating 8 year blog anniversary & 1000 subscribers on Youtube

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Zoeva Plaisir Box: Blanc Fusion, Caramel Melange, Cocoa Blend eyeshadow palettes + giveaway!!!

Zoeva Plaisir Box: Blanc Fusion, Caramel Melange, Cocoa Blend eyeshadow palettes + giveaway!!!

For this Holiday season, Zoeva has come out with the Plaisir box. What it is? A luxury gift box containing 3 eyeshadow palettes, two of which are brand new to their line. Inspired by chocolate, you can find a white, milk and dark chocolate inspired eyeshadow palette in this boxed set. Zoeva themselves call it ‘an ode to the fine art of confectionary’ and I think that is an apt way of describing these palettes. I already love me some Zoeva palettes, which is why I included a little surprise for you at the end of this blog post.

Zoeva Plaisir Box: Blanc Fusion, Caramel Melange, Cocoa Blend eyeshadow palettes

Zoeva Plaisir Box: Blanc Fusion, Caramel Melange, Cocoa Blend eyeshadow palettes

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Win + Beautybloggers Dilemma Tag

Win + Beautybloggers Dilemma Tag

It’s here! It’s here! Another beautybloggers’ day with a new blog hop to hopefully introduce you to 24 blogs by some amazing ladies as well as a chance to win a nice prize. Because this weekend it just so happens to be that my blog has its 6 year anniversary! Six years!!! I pinch myself just thinking of how long I’ve been able to keep this thing going. On to the blog hop, tag and what you have to do to win what I think to be an awesome prize.

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Win: L’Oreal la Palette Nude 1

Win: L’Oreal la Palette Nude 1

To celebrate the fact that my blog turned 5 the other day, I thought I’d do a give away. This morning you could read a review of the twin sister of this product: it is the US drugstore palette L’Oreal La Palette Nude 1.

Did you really think that I would go shopping in the US and not bring back something for you to win? If you saw my massive US beauty haul you might have already spotted this among the madness. I purchased both L’Oreal La Palette Nude 1 and 2, but I already knew when I did, that I would be using no. 1 for a giveaway.

This palette features 10 neutral shades. Some people compare this to a mixture of Urban Decay Naked 1 and 2. And it does mimic that vibe. Since I already own both, I find this a bit superfluous to add to my own collection, but I figured that many other people might like a good quality eye shadow palette that has great pigmentation. That is, if this has shadows as great as its sister which I reviewed this morning. Since I didn’t swatch or use this palette, I cannot guarantee that it is as good, but looking at swatches online, I think it’s safe to say that the quality is similar to the no. 2 palette.

I snapped some pictures to show you what this palette looked like and also to see if any of these shadows survived being dragged halfway across the world. It is otherwise untouched and kept safe and sound in a smoke free environment. It will be send to you via snail mail and shipping is at your own risk. I will package it as well as possible, but I cannot be held accountable if this doesn’t reach you intact and undamaged.

Here’s what you have to do to win:

  1. Follow this blog, either via e-mail or Bloglovin’. You can find links to both ways in the sidebar on the right. Please inform me of your username, so I know who you are.
  2. Leave a comment saying which item or items you would like me to review next from one or all of these blog posts: US Beauty Haul, Misslipgloss Goody Bag, New Catrice & Essence products
  3. For an extra chance you can post about this giveaway on your Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook or other social media accounts. If you do, please state proof in your comment by adding links or screen shots so I can check. Each channel you post on counts towards 1 extra entry.

This giveaway ends Monday 28 September 2015 at midnight. This giveaway is open internationally. There will be one (1) winner, who will be selected using Your entry will only count if you fulfill steps 1 AND 2, step 3 is optional. I will contact the winner via e-mail within 24 hours after the giveaway deadline, so leave a valid e-mail address when you leave your comment, else your entry will not count. If the winner doesn’t respond within 48 hours, I will choose a new winner. Good luck and ‘may the odds be ever in your favor’.

***This giveaway is not sponsored. I paid for this prize with my own money.***

Win a MAC lipstick & an ASOS giftcard

Win a MAC lipstick & an ASOS giftcard

It’s time, time to give back! To celebrate my 4th blogaversary, I’ve decided to set up a giveaway. It’s the simplest one ever so I hope you choose to enter and you can win not one, but two prizes.

Let’s first start off with the prizes: you can win this MAC lipstick in Pink Plaid. This lipstick is a matte lipstick and one of my favorite MAC lipsticks. It’s a great neutral, goes with many skintones and has great staying power. It is a blue toned pink, fully matte, but because of the undertone not boring and not prone to giving you the look of death. It is my go to color when wearing smokey eyes or any dark eye make up and it goes with everything. Not convinced, here are some swatches…

… and you can see the lipstick on me here, here, and here. Of course the lipstick you’ll be receiving is brand new and unswatched. I only opened it up for the first picture you see in this blog post. So no worries.

In addition to the lipstick you will also receive a 10 pound ASOS giftcard, which will be sent to you in a separate email. I chose to go with ASOS as it has free international shipping and contains both fashion and beauty bits. And I thought it would be nice to add something so you could pick something yourself. Of course, if you’re the winner, I’d love to see what you decide to purchase.

What do you have to do to win the MAC lipstick & an ASOS giftcard?

  1. Leave a comment below and include your email address. In the comment, please provide at least one video idea you’d be interested in seeing me do.
  2. Follow me on bloglovin’. (Please indicate this in your comment, and state who you are on bloglovin’).
  3. Tweet about the giveaway. Leave the link to your tweet in your comment. You can copy this text: I entered to win a MAC Pinkplaid lipstick! Check on how to enter.

You have until Thursday September 25th, 3PM CET to enter and all 3 steps must be met. The giveaway is open internationally, but please bear in mind that I cannot be held responsible in case the package is lost or damaged during shipment. There is one (1) winner for both prizes. To select a winner, I will use The winner will receive an email within 24 hours of the giveaway deadline and is expected to reply by sending an email within 48 hours. If the winner does not respond on time, I will contact the runner up.

***This giveaway has now been closed. The winner will receive an email within 48 hours***

This giveaway is not sponsored.
Look what I won: Andrelon hair care

Look what I won: Andrelon hair care

A while ago, Dutch beauty blogger Veracamilla held a giveaway contest where you could win the complete haircare line of European haircare brand Andrélon. You could enter to win the line for straight or curly hair. When I saw the contest I immediately decided to enter. You had to explain why you wanted to win as well as show a picture of your hair. I entered using the following pictures, showing the red ombre type hairstyle I got in December. Surprisingly enough, a few weeks after the contest ended I received an email saying I’d won and less than two weeks later I received my prize in the mail.Here’s what I got:

Andrélon: shampoo, conditioner and mask for curly hair

Andrelon: mousse, leave-in conditioner and booster spray for curly hair

This prize couldn’t have come at a more perfect time. My hair is getting long, which is what I want, but with that it also needs more care. The length has started to weigh down my hair and it seriously affect the amount of waves my hair has. After a day, not much of it is left. The only thing I can do about it, is another trip to the hairdresser’s but since I don’t want to go just yet, I will have to make do with some products. That is why these products are now perfect for me.

Finding the right haircare products is a feat and now I received a bunch of them for free, so I can just dabble around with them. The main reason why my hair is weighed down so much, is because of the conditioner I use. At least that is my guess. I hope that this conditioner won’t weigh it down as much. I’m also nearly out of leave-in conditioner and I am eager to try that booster spray and 1-minute hair mask. I really hope that these products will do something other to my hair than making it greasy and heavy (my hair’s usual reaction to any haircare product).

I want to make this work and hopefully it can help me push through another 4 – 6 weeks when I hope to get my hair cut again. Not getting it cut won’t help it grow either and I think that adding more layers in the mix will not only make my hair summer proof, but also give it back its bouncy waves. Thanks to Vera for the prize!

Which haircare products do you use?

500 blog post giveaway contest

500 blog post giveaway contest

It’s finally here! My 500 blog post giveaway! A little over a month ago I posted my 500th blog on this little nook on the web. At the time of that post I promised that I would have a giveaway contest to honor this amazing fact as without the people reading my daily musings this would be a whole lot less fun. I promised to see what I could bring back from London. I hoped to find some more special items which would make for a more interesting giveaway. And I believe I have found something worth giving away.

None of these items are available online to my knowledge so you’d really have to fly to England to get your hands on these products. Here’s what you can win:

Prizes are: 1 (one) Accessorize eyeshadow palette in French Vintage, 1 (one) Topshop cream blusher in Neon Rose and 1 (one) Famous by Sue Moxley lipstick in Coral Reef

One person will win this lovely drug store make up set! The colors are very on trend all you’d need is a pop of mascara and you will have a nice looking spring make up. Let’s have a closer look at the products!

Eyeshadow # 1 is a great shimmery dark green. I think this will be perfect for any time and any person. Greens and purples are my favorite colors to use for a pop of color around the eyes so I’m hoping this will please whoever wins as well. Eyeshadow #2 is a dark brown with some shimmer to it. You can never go wrong with brown eyeshadow.

Eyeshadow #3 is a tan/ golden color. Again a color no one could go without. The final eyeshadow, #4, is a gorgeous deep plum color. Can anyone say: crease!

I swatched these colors in store and they all seemed soft and well pigmented. I didn’t buy this palette for myself as I already have a bunch of these colors. However, since this palette constitutes the 4 types of colors I love to wear most I thought it would be perfect for a giveaway.

The Topshop blusher is gorgeous. It’s a bright neon coral cream blush. It feels very creamy when you touch it, but it applies like a super pigmented powder. If you would like to see a picture of the blush in daylight than have a look at last week’s London shoplog, where I featured the one I purchased for myself. The one the winner receives has never been opened, but since I bought one for myself, I decided to add a swatch:

Again, the winner will receive a brand new, untouched blusher which is still sealed. But look at that pigmentation! This is one swipe and the color is just super pretty. Is it pink? Is it orange? No! It’s coral! And since coral is one THE make up colors for spring I decided to also add a coral colored lipstick to the goody bag.

I have no experience with Famous by Sue Moxley lipsticks. I swatched it in the store (the tester of course) and it went on very creamy and again the pigmentation was great. Unfortunately when I opened the lipstick to take these pictures I noticed that the tip is slightly broken, but that’s due to packaging, because this is how I took it out of the wrapper. I took a close up to show you the color a bit better.

This is a more pinky color and it’s super bright, but that’s what so good about it. If you put some on your finger and then dab it on your lips you will get a more subtle, yet fresh color to your lips. Or you could of course go all out and wear it as is. But again, I think this will be suitable for tons of people and I love these bright corals (I bought myself a slightly more orange version from Topshop) so again perfect for the giveaway.

Now how can you win all this goodness? It’s very simple! All you have to do is the following:

The rules are as follows: ***UPDATED*** 04 March 2012

  1. Leave a comment saying you would like to enter and tell me what you like reading on my blog. Any feedback really: what would you like to see more of, what do you think I could do without. Just make it constructive so I have something to work with for the next 500 posts ;-) .
  2. Spread the word by tweeting/ facebooking/ etc. this post and add the link to the comment you’ll be leaving.

The deadline for entering has been changed to Sunday March 11th 5 PM CET. The contest is open internationally and anyone can participate. I will pick the winner using and will announce it on Monday the 12th of March. There will be one (1) winner and whoever wins has 24 hours to contact me to claim their prize. If the winner fails to contact me, number 2 on the list will then become the winner and so on and so forth.

Happy contesting and good luck!