New Catrice Fall/ Winter 2017 makeup

New Catrice Fall/ Winter 2017 makeup

Catrice did it again! Their bi-annual line change is rolling out in stores as we speak and I found tons of goodies that I wanted to share with you. As per usual, I decided to do this in video form. In this video, I will show you all the products I got, swatch each one of them and try as many as I can on my face. I hope you enjoy!

New Catrice Fall/ Winter 2017 makeup review swatch video haul first impression

New Catrice Fall/ Winter 2017 products
Haul, Swatches & First Impressions

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Winter, spring & sale fashion haul

Winter, spring & sale fashion haul

I have another haul for you! It is the first haul of 2017 and quite possibly one of the last ones. As I mentioned before, 2017 will be the year I am looking to buy a house so that means more saving and less spending. I went on one last blow out shopping session in Amsterdam and went shopping with my mom. In addition, I decided to throw in some random Black Friday deals as well as some other sale and online bits. Hope you enjoy!

Winter, spring & sale fashion shoplog

Winter, spring & sale fashion shoplog

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My coat collection

My coat collection

In recent years, I’ve been loving a good coat. The result of that is that I have accumulated quite a few coats and I thought it would be fun to show you. I saved these up over the course of several years, mostly bought them on sale or at a good price and I wear them interchangeably throughout the colder season. This means they last well and if the lining rips or a button comes loose, I have the seamstress skills to fix them up if need be. Meet my coat collection.

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Fall/ Winter lookbook (#6): navy polka dots galore

Fall/ Winter lookbook (#6): navy polka dots galore

Are you ready for something super girly? After weeks of bulky sweaters it’s time for a more dainty look. It’s perhaps a little less pretty than the lace & pleather look I posted a few weeks ago, but there’s still plenty of girlishness in this outfit. From the polkadots on the dress, to the tassled loafers and the mustard bow belt, I think this outfit is a perfect combination of girly and preppy. What about you? Oh and try to guess how much the whole thing costs (including everything: tights, shoes, accessories), I reveal it halfway through the post.

What I’m wearing:

– Mustard & navy polka dot skater dress (Bershka)

– Navy woolen knit sweater (Vintage market in London)

– Dark navy/ gray tasseled loafers (vintage)

– Mustard bow belt (Bershka)

– Necklace: zweeuws knopje (gift)

– Navy tights (HEMA)

Total cost of complete outfit: 40 euros. I bought the dress and belt on sale. The dress only cost 6 euros, the belt 3 euros. The shoes and sweater are vintage and even though that doesn’t necessarily mean cheap, you can sometimes get good deals. These real leather loafers have barely been worn judging by the soles and only cost 10 euros. The sweater is the most expensive item here at 15 euros.

Close up of dress, belt & sweater detail

Close up of shoes (check the tassels!)

Close up of necklace

I used to own a necklace like this which belonged to my grandmother, but I lost that on a trip last year. My mom very kindly repurchased a similar necklace because I loved it so much and gifted it to me on my birthday.

One more time: the completed look. Any thoughts? Opinions? Yay/ nay? Would you wear this?

Fall/ winter lookbook (#4): Aztec print

Fall/ winter lookbook (#4): Aztec print

Sweaters are all the rage this season. So are prints. Aztec or tribal print has not yet gone out of style and it is one of my favorite prints out there. I own several Aztec print items. Among them is this baggy oversized navy & mustard men’s sweater from Primark which I bought in London earlier this year.

What I’m wearing:

– Navy & Mustard aztec print sweater (Primark, men’s section)

– dark blue denim short (H&M)

– opaque black tights (HEMA)

– tan fur lined biker boots (Sacha)

Excuse the change in lighting, but my camera suddenly started picking up the light differently while taking these pictures. Gotta love Dutch weather! I paired the sweater with a pair of shorts because it is just not long enough to cover my bum.

Close up of print

Tan biker boots (Sacha)

I think these shoes go with it quite nicely. They give a bit of edge and I love how they have the scuffed looking noses. I bought these last year, so I doubt you can still find them anywhere.

Between the busy print and bagginess of the sweater I decided against going with any other accessories. A ring or two could have worked but I wanted to keep things simple.

Despite the sweater being super baggy and oversized, it’s a men’s size XL afterall, I don’t think it looks too frumpy on me. It looks rather cosy to me. It doesn’t drown my frame as much as it could and with the sleeves rolled up it definitely looks a tad better.

Do you own any aztec print items? Any thoughts on the outfit?

Movies I want to watch

Movies I want to watch

At the beginning of fall, I found this article on It lists all must see movies of the coming season. It made me realize that the next few months plenty of cool movies are being released. Want to know which movies I’m looking forward to seeing most? Then keep on reading.

The Master

Character study, based in large part on the life of Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard, shouldn’t disappoint. Freddie Quell (Joaquin Phoenix) is a mentally disturbed WWII veteran prone to fits of rage. He’s taken under the wing of Lancaster Dodd (Philip Seymour Hoffman), a charismatic cult leader who preaches The Cause. […] As The Cause starts to gain momentum, Quell begins to repel his mentor and his bizarre belief system. Boasting Amy Adams as Dodd’s doting wife, and a score by Radiohead’s Jonny Greenwood, The Master should prove a disturbing companion piece to Anderson’s last (brilliant) film, There Will Be Blood.

I like character studies. In book form, in movie form. And this movie just sounds very promising. According to IMDB, this movie won’t be released until January 2013 though (in the Netherlands).

The Perks of Being a Wallflower

The Perks of Being a Wallflower is a poignant Bildungsroman that centers on Charlie (Logan Lerman), an introverted high school freshman who is struggling to come to terms with a dark secret. He’s constantly bullied and has no friends, until one day when he’s taken under the wing of Patrick (Ezra Miller), a gay high school senior, and his best pal–stepsister Sam (Emma Watson).

When I was on vacation in The States last summer, this trailer played before every movie I saw. It made me curious and it also makes me want to read the book. Because even though this is a story about highschool, it is definitely not one written for teenagers. Plus it will be good to see Emma Watson in a role other than Hermione Granger. Out in Dutch cinemas on October 25th.


Based on a true story, the movie tells the tale of Tony Mendez (Affleck), who is tasked with hatching a scheme to rescue six American foreign-service members who escaped from the U.S. embassy in Iran during the 1979 Iran hostage crisis, and who are holed up in the Canadian Embassy. Out of options, Mendez enlists the aid of Hollywood—makeup expert John Chambers (John Goodman) and executive Lester Siegel (Alan Arkin)—to convince Iranian officials that the six officials are members of a film crew scouting locations for a cheesy sci-fi flick, Argo, in order to get them out of the country.

The description on DailyBeast made me want to see this. A true story (sort of), heavily infused with American history, the CIA and some irony against Hollywood? Plus it has Ben Affleck, John Goodman and a host of other great actors. What’s not to like? This movie will be released on November 8th.

Cloud Atlas

The time-traveling film tells how our actions impact the past, present, and future, and include an 1849 diary of an ocean voyage across the Pacific, a murder at a nuclear power plant, a rebel army in futuristic Korea, an ancient forest tribe in post-apocalyptic Hawaii, and more. The cast, playing multiple roles, includes Tom Hanks, Halle Berry, Hugh Grant, Hugo Weaving, and Susan Sarandon.

Based on the book of the same name by David Mitchell this had me intrigued. I’m not one for time-traveling or Sci-Fi, but the idea of how everything is connected is an interesting one. I’d first have to read the book though. Out on November 29th.


James Bond (Daniel Craig) is presumed dead after a disastrous operation, and the identities of all the undercover MI6 agents are leaked. Bond is forced to come out of hiding to track down the notorious Raoul Silva (Javier Bardem), who is connected to both him and his boss/mentor, M (Judi Dench).

I think I have seen every single James Bond movie ever made. From Dr. No, which was made 50 years ago, to Goldfinger, Moonraker, Golden Eye and Quantum of Solace. Daniel Craig makes a great Bond and I know I’ll just love this one. To be released on October 31st.


Have you seen the creepily accurate poster of Daniel Day-Lewis as Abraham Lincoln? This Oscar-bait biographical drama, directed by Steven Spielberg, will reportedly focus on Lincoln’s road to abolishing slavery and ending the Civil War. Pulitzer-winning playwright-cum-screenwriter Tony Kushner worked on the script for six years, based on Doris Kearns Goodwin’s tome Team of Rivals. The film also stars Sally Field as Mary Todd Lincoln, Joseph Gordon-Levitt as their son, Tommy Lee Jones as radical Republican Congressional Leader Thaddeus Stevens, and many more.

Epic historical movie? Check. Not necessarily my cup of tea, but if this is well done (which it seems to be) then I might thoroughly enjoy this tale of American history. Unfortunately again, this movie won’t be out until January 2013 where I live.

Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2

While the first film in the two-part finale, directed by Bill Condon, was utterly ridiculous, hopefully the final chapter is more in the vein of the surprisingly enjoyable third installment, Eclipse. In the film, Bella Swan’s (Stewart) unfortunately named vampire baby (Renesmee) with her vamp love, Edward Cullen (Pattinson), is targeted by the vampire council, the Volturi.

The last installment! I’m excited to see what they did with it. The fact that there’s an actual battle seems promising and the second part of the book (which this movie is based on) was a million times better than the first half. To be released on November 14th.

Anna Karenina

Adapted from Leo Tolstoy’s classic novel, filmmaker Joe Wright has decided to reteam with frequent collaborator, actress Keira Knightley (Pride & Prejudice, Atonement), on Anna Karenina. Set in late-19th-century Russian high-society, aristocrat Anna Karenina (Knightley), who is stuck in a loveless marriage with the powerful Alexei Karenin (Jude Law), engages in a complicated affair with the affluent Count Vronsky (Aaron Taylor-Johnson).

Noone does period drama better than Keira Knightley. Add in a bit of Jude Law, the director of Pride & Prejudice and I think I might like this. Sometimes all you need is to watch people in hideously complicated dresses who speak in impeccable British accents. Out December 6th.

What movies are you looking forward to?

(All excerpts on the movies taken from The Daily Beast.)


Warm Winter Must Haves

Warm Winter Must Haves

Temperatures have been freezing lately. Just this Saturday temperatures dropped so low that it hit the top 5 of coldest nights for the Netherlands since 1901. My parents reported -20 Celsius in their backyard and here on the West coast is was still a freezing -16 when I woke up around 9 AM. Trains aren’t running, the roads are a mess and which weather like that you have to dress accordingly. These are my winter must have items that keep me warm despite the freezing cold (esp. on those windy train platforms yuck!)

1. A nice & warm winter coat.

I guess this first item is also the most important one: a warm coat. A coat with wool added to it works wonders, just make sure your coat has 60% wool or more into it and it should be warmer instantly. I have two wool coats and the reason why I picked this one is because it has a zipper from top to bottom which is protected from drafts by two slabs of fabric. Another good thing about it is that it is padded on the inside too and the hood can add extra warmth when you put it on. This red coat came for H&M sale a few years ago and cost me €15.

2. A decent pair of shoes

Cold feet are the worst thing on the planet in my opinion so no sneakers or wedges for me these days. No, I opt for my Doc Marten’s Jenny with wool lining. They have a good set of soles giving you plenty of traction on the snow and the leather and wool keep your feet warm. I bought these last year for a whooping €170 but they were well worth it.

3. Warm gloves/ mittens

Another part of you body that should not be cold are your hands. Now I don’t know about you, but my hands are the first things that will start to freeze at any point, however these gloves/mittens definitely keep the cold at bay for a while. They are by a brand called Thinsulate with specializes in survival/ hiking gear. I especially love how it’s a glove and a mitten all in one go. Mittens actually keep your hands warmer than gloves but make it hard to grab things so the combo is ideal. I bought these years ago and honestly can’t even remember where I got them.

4. Scarf

These days I really cannot go without a scarf. I wear one with my outfit but I top it off with this woolen one when I go outside. A wool scarf is quite possibly the warmest option you’ve got. If you don’t have one, then this is definitely a must have. Make sure it is long enough so it can cover your chest as well. Again: keeps you warm. I bought this years ago at a store which now since doesn’t exist anymore.

5. Ice hat

The last thing you need is a warm hat: something that will cover your ears and maybe even part of your face for ultimate protection. I have the two pictured above. They’re not cool or sexy looking but they get the job done just fine. I bought the one at the left when I first started university and the other one I bought in Dublin. Don’t remember how much each of them cost.

The final tip I can give you is layering your clothing. I wear leggings underneath my jeans and I wear at least 4 layers of tank tops/ t-shirts/ sweaters etc. Does it look nice? No. But it keeps you warm and cozy and it prevents your toes from freezing off, which for me, standing around cold, windy train stations all the time is a must have for me. I’d rather look and feel like Humpty Dumpty than freeze half to death.

What do you do to keep warm?