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The past few months I had a hard time deciding on my favorites. And so, because of lack of inspiration I skipped a month’s worth of favorites and decided to go from Monthly Favorites to Things I Love. The concept is the same, though I no longer will be posting this type of blog on a monthly basis. There are so many monthly favorite videos, articles etc out there and I just didn’t want to add another one to the pile. From now on, I’ll be listing a few of my favorites whenever I feel like it. It could be monthly, weekly or every other month. Who knows?! Today I’ll be showing you some of the things I have been liking as summer peters out into oblivion and the leaves have started to color and fall is on its way.

MAC Face & Body foundation in C1

Not a new favorite but a rediscovered one. This past year I’ve been really interested in trying out different foundations, which that my old favorite base products had gotten a bit lost in my ever extanding make up stash. My very first foundation was this MAC one. I never wrote a review or anything about it. I just bought it and started using it. For a while it was my only foundation. By now the bottle is almost completely gone and I have decided to stick to using this foundation until it’s completely gone. With my being back at work and doing my make up on an almost daily basis again, it does mean that that will most likely be very soon. If it does, I’m sure it will crop up in an empty products post.

Sorefix cold sore cream

My immune system has been taking quite a beating the past few weeks. I haven’t been sick or haven’t gotten a cold yet, thankfully, but for weeks on end I’ve been getting cold sore blisters. No fun. I was in for buying some more cold sore cream and found they have a new kind available which according to the lady in the store is better than all the other conventional remedies. And she was right! Cold sores don’t get a chance with this transparent cream on your lips. It feels like vaseline, smells quite medicinal but unlike most cold sore creams it moisturizes your lips so they don’t chap while you’re battling the demons that be.

Sherlock Holmes stories

I’m still working on listening to my Harry Potter Audio Books that I started over summer, but by now I’ve added some Sherlock Holmes to the mix. I’ve not been reading these books though, but I’ve been reading them from my Kindle app on my tablet. I downloaded a complete Sherlock Holmes set to take with me on vacation, but I ended up not reading it that much. Now that I’m back to a 3 hour daily commute, reading is very much back in my life. And I thought some Sherlock would be a good start. I like the wittiness of the stories and mixed in with a dry sense of English humor and the Victorian setting, I’ve found something I can say I thoroughly enjoy.

Garnier Roll-On

An oldie but goody. I think the review for this, was one of the first reviews I ever posted on here. Since I’m back to 6 AM wake up calls, a remedy for under eye puffiness and dark circles is a must. I use this on the bags under my eyes and within 10 minutes, I look much more awake. It definitely makes early wake up calls a bit more bearable. Unfortunately I cannot find this anywhere in stores anymore, so I’m afraid it’s been discontinued.

Renewed Catrice make up line

Catrice make up has extended its make up line with 67 new products and I’m loving every bit of it. There are new nail polishes, new foundations, lip products, the whole 9 yards. It’s amazing! I went a little crazy and picked up quite a few things from the new line last week. You can see my shoplog here.

L’Oreal Miracle Repair 7 base coat

Could this be my favorite base coat? It just might be as I’ve found myself coming back to this again. I was getting a bit fed up with my Trind Nail Repair which I was using before. It had started to dry out and get lumpy and it seemed as if it was no longer working as well. I was left with horribly stained nails when I painted my nails a neon green over summer. So much for using a base coat. I went back to using this one and it’s been working like a dream.

Luther TV series

One of my favorite TV series I watched over summer is Luther. My friend Pauline recommended it to me and I’ve been loving it. It’s only 3 series in total and a handful of episodes each, but if you want to see some well made TV that keeps you on the edge of your seat, Luther is for you. Based around DCI Luther, a special team of inspectors is trying to catch ruthless killers while Luther himself carefully walks the line between good and bad. One of my favorite characters was Ruth: the lady who ends up being a serial killer and helps Luther with some of his cases with her criminal master mind input.

Olay/ Olaz moisturizing cream

In my empty products article you will have read that I have been running out of my skincare favorites. So it was time to try out something new. If I like a skincare product I tend to use it up completely before I move on to something else. I don’t know why exactly, but I just do. I had run out of my night time moisturizer and so I picked up some Olay skincare to try out next. This moisturizer is divine. It works well and it’s nice and thick and feels like whipped cream. A full review will be coming up shortly. I just want to try it out a few more weeks before I do.

Crime Scene Investigation

One of my all time favorite TV series is the original CSI series. I liked both spin offs as well and have seen most episodes of those as well. A few years ago, I became a bit fed up with the Las Vegas version. I was disliking the storylines and well, there were so many other good things to watch, that I just lost track. This summer I got curious and started where I’d left off and binge watched 3 seasons back to back. To say I’m back to the CSI fangirl wagon would be an understatement.

Estee Lauder Color Envy lipstick in 210 Impulsive

I think I may have found a new favorite lipstick. The Estee Lauder Color Envy line was launched earlier this year or late last year and I really wanted to try one of them. I’ve been very much into rosy pink colors lately as they are the perfect nude lipstick for me. So the color choice was easy. This lipstick is quite possibly the most luxuriously feeling lipstick you’ll ever find and the color is amazing as well as the texture and the formula. Yep, I’m in love. Review is coming up some time soon.

What are your current favorites?

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