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When it comes to skin- and bodycare products, my favorite brand has to be The Body Shop, or TBS for short. From shower gels to cleansing oils, to make up brushes and sumptious body butters: the brand has it all and I have tried a lot by them over the years. My first make up brush set was by TBS, but so was my first serious attempt into skincare. From all the products I have tried, I have a few all time favorites, which I consider to be some of my holy grail beauty products.

For this article I decided to hand pick just a few items, that I think, if you haven’t tried yet, you should. They range from skin- and bodycare to cleansers, to toners. Like I said, TBS has it all and so many of their products are worth a try. I’m not a big fan of most of their bodycare scents though as many of them are fruity and sweet. That is just not so much my cup of tea. I love their nutty and more zingy scents though and one particular favorite of mine is their winter limited edition Vanilla Bliss.

Vitamin E Overnight Serum-in-Oil

My first favorite is a skincare product. I was curious about trying a serum to amp up my skincare routine last year, but so many of them are so darned expensive! And since I have sensitive skin, I am not much for simply giving every skincare product a whirl. This smells like baby products and it also makes my skin feel as smooth as a baby’s bottom. I tend to use this under my night time moisturizer and I feel it truly helps my skin to become more balanced and to absorb whatever products I use on top. I wrote a full review here.

Vanilla Bliss Body Polish

One bodycare product I rarely use is body scrub. Most scrubs are too harsh for my tender skin and so I steer clear of most of them. That was until I found the Vanilla Bliss body polish. Not only does this smell amazing (I stock up on the shower gel and this body scrub every year just for that reason), it is also a very gentle scrub. The particles aren’t too grainy and give a thorough scrub while not making me feel as if I have just used sandpaper on myself and leaving my skin feel raw and irritated. The product itself is also thick and creamy which helps to nourish your skin at the same time and it comes in a tube, which makes for less of a mess too.

Aloe Calming Toner

My very first skincare range was the Aloe Vera line by TBS. Aimed at sensitive skin, it was the first line of products I found that didn’t break me out, didn’t cause a rash and actually did something for my skin at the same time. Not all the products worked out for me, but I used the cleanser and this toner for the longest time. The toner in particular is a gentle product that will leave your skin feeling clean without giving you that squeaky clean feel most toners will give you. I used this all the time until I discovered micellar water (I use that now instead as it’s cheaper and works just as well), but I still have a back up just in case. I reviewed this product in this article.

Almond Body Butter

Of course I couldn’t forget perhaps the most famous TBS product: their body butter. Like I said above, I’m not a big fan of all of their scents, but there are a few that I love. The almond one would have to be my favorite scent they do and it’s a shame that you can only find this during sale periods. I would love to try this as a shower gel! Of all TBS products body butters must be the product I have stocked up on most. I currently own 9 body butters, only one of which I am using. I love the thick creamy texture of it and I actually use it mostly as hand and foot cream. I find it a bit too much for the rest of my body most of the time, but during winter there is sometimes nothing better than lathering on a nice layer of body butter to save yourself from dry skin.

Camomile Waterproof Eye & Lip Make Up Remover

Finally a cleanser that I love. The make up removers by TBS are amazing. I have tried their cleansing oil as well, but I didn’t like the packaging all that much. This is a lot less messy and works a charm. Too bad it costs €12, which I find a bit too much for a make up remover to be honest. It is the only reason why I am trying to find a different make up remover. Because other than its price point, this product is nothing but goodness in a bottle. It easily takes off make up, even if you’re with the blackest of black and most waterproof make you can find. It is thorough, but doesn’t leave an oily residue behind and the best part yet: it doesn’t irritate my eyes or leaves the skin around my eyes dehydrated.

I’m curious: what TBS product(s) can’t you live without?

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