Tour of my Book Case

As you may know I like to read the occasional book or two. Instead of showing you what I’m currently reading I though it would be nice to show you the books I have. I have quite the collection. I think I’ve got over 600 books now. Most books I bought when I was a student. As a language student you tend to buy a lot of novels for coursework etc. I also worked a job at a local library for a few years and there I always got first dibs whenever they were getting rid of stuff. And on top of that I did some side jobs for my university for which I was paid in book shop gift vouchers.

Needless to say: I accumulated quite a few books over the years. More than I have read, but I am still intend on reading them all one day. I took some pictures to give you an overview, but I also made a video in which I highlight some of my favorite books. Below you will also find an Excel file which lists all the books I have including some detailed information.

Book case 1 containing English novels/ literature, history and miscellaneous books (such as my favorites from childhood, some chicklit and random books about knitting, make up, cats etc.)

Back of book case 2 containing Dutch & World literature and Mythology/ Folklore/ Sagas/ Fairytales.

Front of book case 2 contains more books on mythology, ancient civilisations, an complete encyclopedia for women, a spelling guide (Dutch), books for my current studies as well as dictionaries, thesaurus, and a Spanish language course. (I still want to learn Spanish one day)

Book cases 3 & 4 contains mostly books related to my English studies. There’s a shelf for literary anthologies; philology (Old & Middle English), language variation and language acquistion/ language in general; American Studies; highschool teaching methods; general reference books; linguistics; journalism; teaching; travel books; music books; philosophy; cook books and art.

Would you believe me if I told you that I started out with just one book case when I first moved to this place? The bookshelves are by IKEA and called IVAR. It’s a shelving system which I think is quite handy. The bookcases were given to me by my parents. No clue where they came from.

Want to see what’s actually on my shelves then you should watch this video:

And in this document: Boekenlijst you will find the list of all books and authors including information on date of publishing and the publisher.

Do you like keeping books? What are your favorite ones to buy?

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  1. bibliopirate says:

    I’m a big fan of keeping books, it is a slow year if I only have to get one new bookstore.

    1. indiequeen84 says:

      I love buying new books. I love the smell!

  2. AWildDog says:

    Ok, I think you may have more books than me! (Though mine are a bit more spread out). I want like all of your books.

    On the video you missed a section on the first book shelf, I’m curious – what are they?

    1. indiequeen84 says:

      The first part until I talk about knitting are all history related books. So I didn’t skip any I think or do you mean something else?

      1. AWildDog says:

        Around the two woven baskets?

      2. indiequeen84 says:

        Oh yeah those are all history books.

  3. AWildDog says:

    Oooooh I see. I thought the history books were just the top shelf!

    1. indiequeen84 says:

      Ok I don’t know what you are talking about now. History books ARE on the top shelf only. Are you referring to the records on the shelves below that?

      1. AWildDog says:

        Oooooooh they’re records, that makes sense now I look at it!

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