Make up collection: Depotted eyeshadow

A while ago I decided to depot a bunch of my single eyeshadows. I wrote a blog post about it here. I had many single eyeshadows lying about by NYX and Sephora, depotted them and put them into two Z-palettes. I nicked a few of them while depotting so excuse some of the destroyed shadows, but they still work fine. Today I will be showing you my depotted NYX shadows including some swatches.

Z-palette filled with NYX eyeshadow

The colors I have. As you can see I still have some space left.

Close up 1: October sky, ocean, frosted ocean, frosted lilac, violet, purple, walnut, rust and rootbeer (in columns of three from left to right)

Close up 2: lime juice, lime green, olive green, summer green & lake algae (in columns of three from left to right).

My favorite colors in the bunch are walnut, rootbeer and olive green. These are great colors to have. The walnut and olive green colors look very nice when paired together and rootbeer is one of the best crease/ shading colors out there. Another definite favorite is ocean. Blue eyeshadow is not really my thing but this grayish blue gives it a completely different look. The two bright green colors have hardly been used and I think those are better suited for summer/ nicer weather.

The way in which I organized these eyeshadows is pretty much per trio (from top to bottom). I just happened to have bought these eyeshadows roughly in groups of three, though always on separate occasions. I never intended it to be trio worthy groupings, but it turned out this way. Here are the swatches:

Swatches 1: october sky, ocean, frosted ocean, frosted lilac, violet, purple (f.l.t.r.)

Swatches 2: walnut, rust, rootbeer, lime juice, lime green, olive green, summer green, lake algae (f.l.t.r.)

As you can see these colors are all very pigmented as the swatches were made with just one swipe. Only the violet and purple don’t pick up nicely in the swatch, but trust me: they actually go on great when applied with a brush. Looking at the swatches I’d have to say that I can pick two other favorites: frosted ocean and rust. Look at that shine and pigmentation. Can you say wow?

Do you have any eyeshadows by NYX? If so, which ones? If not, have you ever heard of this brand?

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  1. Hi! Can you tell me if in your Z pallete fits 4 rows of Nyx single eyeshadows? because I see you have filled 3 rows and 5 columns, and I’m wondering if will fit another row in the space is left.
    (I’m looking for a pallete for my Nyx eyeshadows)

  2. […] Who remembers these square NYX shadows? I remember everyone raving about Rootbeer and that is a shade I now no longer own. I kept a few that I loved, but I had so many I just didn’t use anymore. I pretty much bought all of these in trios which I put together myself. But the result was that I would only ever use that trio together and never mix and match. I remember owning a stunning olive green at some point, but it just sat there and by now I have so many olive shades that I couldn’t justify keeping it. These shades I kept as they are more unique. Walnut may not look like much but the reddish undertone this has, is something I have not yet been able to find in any other shadow. I did a full overview of all my NYX shades back in the day. […]

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