10 Palette Review July 2022

It’s time to review some eyeshadow palettes again! If you scroll down you can find all the pictures of the palettes too incl. swatches and makeup looks.

10 Palette Review May 2022

Let’s review some eyeshadow palettes! There are pictures of swatches and looks in this blog post too as well as the video review.

10 Palette Review

Shall we review 10 eyeshadow palettes? These are the 10 last palettes I tried.

10 Palette Review

In today´s 10 palette review I have a bit more than 10 eyeshadow palettes for you, but there is lots of goodness that I throw in the mix.

10+ Palette Review

In today’s video I am reviewing almost 15 eyeshadow palettes that I tried recently.

10 Eyeshadow Palette Review

I have tried 10+ eyeshadow palettes again, so time to update you on how I got on. This is my January 2021 10 eyeshadow palette review.

10 Palette Review

I have tried a number of eyeshadow palettes again: more than 10 actually. So today we are doing some quick reviews incl. swatches and looks.

10 Eyeshadow Palette review

Are you ready for an eyeshadow palette review? Of course I also do an in-depth palette review every week on Saturdays but every so often I like to update you on 10 new(er) eyeshadow palettes I tried.

10 Colourpop Monochromatic eyeshadow palette review

Are you ready for a massive video? Today I am reviewing 10 Colourpop monochromatic eyeshadow palettes in one giant video, including looks, swatches and a full review comparing these against one another and other palettes with similar color stories.

10 Palette Review

It’s been a few months since I last did a general eyeshadow palette review video. I am always a bit behind with my blog post reviews, so I like doing these videos to lump 10 palettes together after I tried them to give you my thoughts.

Chanel Tissé Dimensions eyeshadow palette

I’ve slowly begun getting into Chanel eyeshadow. An expensive feat, no doubt, but well worth the money if you ask me. I spotted a stunning new shade selection at my local high end make up shop: Tissé Dimensions. The mixture of a metallic silver and other cool toned shades appealed to me and after much…