Melt Cosmetics Digital Dust Duo blush review

The minute this new blush launched last fall I knew I wanted to try it! By now I have used the Melt Digital Dust duo blush in Raw Honey enough to give you an update. This is my review.

Peripera Ink Airy Velvet lipstick review

Another day, another lipstick review. I really hope I can catch up on these as I really neglected reviewing any lip products for a while. And it’s not that I didn’t try anything really good, but I just know what I love and that’s what I was focusing on using. That’s a shame, because it…

Urban Decay Naked Ultraviolet eyeshadow palette review

Shall we kick off the new year with a palette review on a product that divided the makeup community? The Urban Decay Naked Ultraviolet came out last summer and it quickly polarized those who do not love the palette against those who do love it. There seems to be no in between. For me, I…

H&M Beauty Cream lipsticks

A brand that is very underrated? H&M beauty. I product I hadn’t yet tried? Their lipsticks. So guess what I did? I tried some. This is my review of the H&M cream lipsticks.

Jo Malone English Oak & Hazelnut review

I have another perfume review for you today! And today’s fragrance is from a brand that I instantly fell in love with when I tried it. Meet Jo Malone’s English Oak & Hazelnut.

Too Faced Born This Way Ethereal Setting Powder review

When I tried 7 cult loose powders that I had heard many people raving about over the years, the one that came out on top was this one! The Too Faced Born This Way Ethereal setting powder in translucent. It beat my favorite Catrice Nude Illusion Loose Powder off the thrown and to my shock…

Elizabeth + James Bourbon perfume review

How long has it been since I reviewed fragrance? I think a very long time. And yet I have been buying and trying some new things. So I thought it was about time to catch up. Starting today with the Elizabeth & James Bourbon perfume review.

Colourpop Making Mauves eyeshadow palette review

I have been trying lots of the little 9-pan monochromatic eyeshadow palettes by Colourpop in 2020. One of my most anticipated ones? Making Mauves. Because I love a good mauve. This is my review.

Colourpop Blush review

Colourpop blush is not something I had tried a lot of. This blush in Catch My Vibe came part of a set which is the only reason why I have it. Let’s see how we got on!

Dr. Jart Ceramidin Toner review

In today’s skincare review I am focusing on a brand I had heard great things about but that I hadn’t tried myself: Say hello to Dr. Jart!

Nabla Skin Bronzing bronzer Ambra review

Time for another bronzer review! Can you tell I have been trying out many bronzers lately? Well today’s turn is for the Nabla Skin Bronzing bronzer in Ambra.

Maybelline Ink Crayon lipstick review

Maybelline released some new lipsticks about a year ago: the Superstay Ink Crayons. I have tried these on and off in the course of the year and this is my review.

Colourpop Pretty Fresh primer review

I am not too fussy when it comes to primers, but I also know exactly what I like and don’t like. Let’s see how much the Colourpop Pretty Fresh primer lines up with my expectations.

Catrice Hydro Depuffing eye serum review

Did you already know that Catrice does skincare too? They extended their line for the fall/ winter 2020 and part of that was this eye serum. Shall we see how that went?

Essence Hello Good Stuff bronzer review

Essence has come out with a new line: Hello, Good Stuff. A line of products with better ingredients and it comes with two stunning bronzers. This is a review for the lightest one of the two.

Max Factor Creme bronzer review

Max Factor is not exactly a brand that is often on my radar, but they do some nice products. How good is the Max Factor Creme bronzer?

Ofra Chick Lit blush review

I am not someone usually interested in collaborations, but I couldn’t help it when I spotted the Ofra X Samantha March Chick Lit blush. Here is my review.

Lethal Cosmetics Palette 2 review

Today we are having a closer look at my second Lethal Cosmetics eyeshadow palette. That’s right I built another singles palette featuring Lethal Cosmetics after loving my first one.

Catrice Glow Beautifying Face Oil review

In Catrice’s update for fall/ winter they did come out with some new primers, but none really appealed to me. Until I spotted their Glow Beautifying Face Oil which states it can be used as a primer too!

Melt Digital Dust highlighter review

I am all for trying new highlighters and when I saw that Melt do some great ones, I decided to try it. I love their eyeshadow so I was looking forward to try something new.

Catrice Vintage Soul Pro Slim eyeshadow palette review

Catrice has slowly but surely been upping their eyeshadow game and in their fall/ winter 2020 collection you can therefore find some great eyeshadow palettes. Let’s see if the Vintage Soul Pro Slim eyeshadow palette is up to par.

Catrice True Skin concealer review

There is a foundation AND there is a concealer! So guess what, after reviewing the foundation last Monday, today we are having a closer look at the Catrice True Skin concealer.