I am a beauty & music loving language nut come fashion victim and a wannabe bookwurm. My career is in teaching: I have been teaching English for the past 10+ years at both secondary school as well as at higher education levels. I hold several degrees in teaching, communication and linguistics/ literature/ English.

This blog is about everything my heart desires outside of work and teaching and focuses on beauty, fashion, music and lifestyle related topics. I post new blogs every day. My current blog schedule is:

  • Review/ Beauty: Monday, Wednesday & Saturday
  • Wild card: Tuesday & Thursday
  • Fashion: Friday
  • Video: Sunday

The reviews going up will be mostly makeup related as I enjoy reading, writing and reviewing that the most. On wild card days it could be anything! But the focus will be on lifestyle related topics such as food, health, books, music, nails: just about anything and whenever I feel like it.

There are a few series that are running on my blog with posts that recur from time to time, sometimes as much as every month. I post my music favorites of the month and a wrap up of my monthly readings. Additionally, I do a series on what I eat, what I wear in a week, random outfits, happy moments and what I’ve been up to.

Apart from makeup, I love fashion and I try to do as many lookbooks as I can. To complement those lookbooks, I also love getting outfit inspiration which I don’t get from Pinterest, but from my own wardrobe. I post fashion related posts focusing heavily on how I would wear or style up certain pieces in my own wardrobe. But don’t be surprised if I write about my favorite dresses. I love a good dress!

Sunday’s is for videos. I decided to become more invested in Youtube in 2016 and so far it’s been working out very well. It simply allows for different content to be shared. Some videos I like focusing on are lip swatch videos, empty products, decluttering my makeup collection, as well as lookbooks, hauls, and I just started an eyeshadow palette series.

This blog has been around since September 2010 and still going strong. My aim is to keep going until I no longer feel like doing this. What started as a late night decision on a dreary Friday night has now turned into a space that has more than 1000 followers, 500+ subscribers on Youtube and more than 10,000 unique visitors a month. Not bad for a side job eh?

Apart from blogging, I love going to the gym and working out in general. I’ve been dancing for years, do yoga, spinning, Body Combat and Body Pump classes and I mostly ride my bike or walk wherever I go. I listen to more music than the average human being and my daily commute is spent reading books. I’m addicted to Netflix and Youtube videos, but also love hanging out with friends and family. I enjoy visiting museums, live concerts and traveling to cities. New York, London and Chicago are my favorites.

Currently, I teach English at a college that educates students to become leisure managers. I am the English team leader, course coordinator, a member of the exam and programme committees and my specialization is Theme Park Management. I also supervise placements and graduation assignments. I am blatantly honest (which is not always a good thing) and I recharge my batteries with a big cup of tea and an episode of my favorite TV series, a good book, my favorite album, or a string of Youtube videos.

All that rests is wishing you an enjoyable and interesting read! Feel free to browse around and leave a comment. If you have any questions feel free to contact me. My contact information can be found under the contact tab. Enjoy your visit @ floatingindreams.com!!

12 thoughts on “About

  1. Hoi,

    Op beautylab.nl heb je gereageerd interesse te hebben in mijn Jeffrey campbell lita’s.
    Ze vakken daadwerkelijk als een maat 37 en heb ze helaas maar 1x gedragen.
    Door mijn onverwachte voetoperatie moet ik een jaar revalideren en is de kans klein ooit nog hakken te kunnen dragen.
    Met pijn in mijn hart moet ik dus afscheid nemen van deze geweldige schoenen.
    ik heb eventueel foto’s voor je, dus als je me eventjes mailt zal ik ze naar je sturen!

    Groetjes Noor

  2. Hi! I came across your blog while looking for information on MAC cosmetics in The Netherlands. I am wondering if you can give me some advice. I am looking for a makeup artist in The Hague (preferably Scheveningen). Can you recommend anyone?
    Thank you!

  3. Heya! 🙂 Stumbled across your blog via a search for reviews, but I really like this “About” page. It feels open and honest, and it makes you sound like a very likeable person. It’s cool that you’re interested in things so diverse and want to share your experiences! I also appreciate your writing style, comes across as a good mix between spontaneous writing and well-thought-out skill. Cheers and have a great day! ~vanilla chamomile

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