Rare Beauty Cream Bronzer review

What better review to do in the summer time than a cream bronzer review? This is the Rare Beauty Warm Wishes Effortless Bronzer Stick in Power Boost.

Essence Kissed by the Light bronzer review

Another new Essence product in review from their Spring/ Summer 2022: the Kissed by the Light Illuminating powder in 02 Sun Kissed. Which I like to use as a bronzer.

Rival Tropical Bronzer review

I was sent some German drugstore makeup to try and today we are reviewing the first product from that package. This is the Rival Loves Me Tropical Bronzer in 01 Waikiki

Bronzer Collection Tag

Today we are discussing the bronzer collection tag. Want to know all about my bronzers? Well here ya go!

Nabla Skin Bronzing bronzer Ambra review

Time for another bronzer review! Can you tell I have been trying out many bronzers lately? Well today’s turn is for the Nabla Skin Bronzing bronzer in Ambra.

Bronzer collection 2020

After posting my highlighter collection, today it is time to show you my entire bronzer collection. Including swatches and mini reviews!

Essence Hello Good Stuff bronzer review

Essence has come out with a new line: Hello, Good Stuff. A line of products with better ingredients and it comes with two stunning bronzers. This is a review for the lightest one of the two.

Max Factor Creme bronzer review

Max Factor is not exactly a brand that is often on my radar, but they do some nice products. How good is the Max Factor Creme bronzer?

The Balm Take Home The Bronze bronzer

Do you know what was one makeup product that surprised me? The one I am reviewing for you today: The Balm’s Take Home The Bronze. A good bronzer was difficult to find for me for a long time. Most were too orange, too muddy or just too dark. Even some cult favorites just didn’t work…

Fenty Beauty Sun Stalk’r Bronzer

When I went shopping in Paris over the summer, I of course had to go to Sephora and I had quite a wishlist. On that wishlist? Fenty Beauty’s Inda Sun bronzer. I had heard lots of great reviews about this bronzer and so I wondered: is this bronzer as good as everyone says it is?…

Catrice Clean ID Mineral Bronzer

When I showed you my Shop my Stash yesterday, I raved about the new Catrice Clean ID Mineral Bronzer. This bronzer is another drugstore bronzer that has come out in recent times that stole my heart. I always struggled with drugstore bronzers as they were too dark, too orange and too muddy on my fair…

Catrice Sun Glow Limited Edition

I cannot remember the last time I reviewed a Catrice or Essence limited edition collection: they just hadn’t really grabbed my attention. But then Catrice started teasing their summer 2019 Sun Glow limited edition and I knew I wanted to try it. The products are finally for sale in The Netherlands and I decided to…

Ranking my bronzers

After ranking my blushes and highlighters, it is time for a new ranking video. Today we are ranking my bronzer collection. I think there are a few surprises here to be found. Bronzer is definitely a product I struggled with a lot as many bronzers are not light enough or look very muddy on me…

Maybelline City Bronzer

My current favorite bronzer? The Maybelline City bronzer! I bought this product when I visited London and was afraid it would be too dark. Why? Because the lightest shade was sold out everywhere and on my fair skin most medium to deep bronzers end up looking muddy and weird. So I was a bit skeptical…

Summer Bronzers

Bronzer is such a summer time staple product but if you are fair skinned they can be hard to find. But over time I have found quite a few bronzers that I love year round and a few that I love particularly when the weather gets warmer and I am not as fair skinned as…

Anastasia Beverly Hills Bronzer

After the intense video month that was May, I thought I’d hit up June straight away with some reviews for products that I have been using all month. I haven’t written a review in over a month, so let’s see if I still got it! Today’s review will be for the Anastasia Beverly Hills Powder…

Bronzers for Pale Skin

If you are fair skinned like me, then you will know the struggle of finding a good bronzer. Since we’re in the middle of spring, having a good bronzer is becoming that must have product of the season again to achieve that pretty natural glowy look. But that can be difficult if most bronzers are…