About Face Light Lock highlighter review

I love trying out new brands and I hadn’t tried About Face before. Today we are changing that with a review of the Light Lock Stick highlighter in Please Indulge me.

Melt Digital Dust highlighter review

I am all for trying new highlighters and when I saw that Melt do some great ones, I decided to try it. I love their eyeshadow so I was looking forward to try something new.

Natascha Denona Diamond Glow mini review

After trying some Natascha Denona eyeshadow, I wanted to try some of her face products too. When I spotted that some of these are available as minis I figured it would be a great way to try it. What I tried? The Natascha Denona Diamond Glow mini.

Highlighter Collection 2020

Curious to see what my highlighter collection is like? Today I am showing you ALL of them and swatch them too. I hope you enjoy!

Colourpop Disney Villains Hades highlighter review

It’s been ages since I last tried a Colourpop Super Shock highlighter, but now that they come in easier to use packaging and with fun Disney branding to boot, I thought I could buy a new one to try. Let’s see how I fared with Colourpop’s Super Shock Hades highlighter in Everybody’s Got a Weakness

Benefit Mini highlighter review

My first ever favorite makeup brand? Benefit. One of my favorite products? High Beam highlighter. So what do you do when you spot a mini set years later and you want to retry it? You snatch it up and review it on the blog of course!

Jeffree Star Hypothermia highlighter review

I am all for trying unique makeup products, but sometimes I get something in my head and afterwards I am not sure it was such a good idea. Case in point? Jeffree Star’s Supreme Frost in Hypothermia… Seeing is believing.

Essence Bloom Baby Bloom limited edition review

Essence does regular limited editions and for spring 2020 they came out with the Bloom Baby Bloom collection. I spotted some of those products and decided to try them out. This is a review for the primer oil and the two baked highlighters.

Glossier Haloscope review

Looking for a gorgeous, lightweight, cream highlighter? Then Glossier’s Haloscope in Quartz may be your best bet. Check out my review of this lovely creamy highlighter with dewy effect.

Nabla Skin Glazing highlighter

This is the second Nabla review I am posting in a week’s time, but I just so happen to be testing out a few of their products. I put their Skin Glazing highlighter in my Shop My Stash, so it is time to update you how I feel about this highlighter. I have been using…