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If you like indie music like I do, then you will probably already know the usual hot spots for finding the newest songs. I’ve listed my main sources for music in the links section under music, which you can find here. Just the other day I bumped into a very handy website that gathers ALL indie rock playlists I have ever heard of and then some. It’s this website:

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This easily to navigate website lists all playlists of the past year, but also some old ones that aren’t running anymore. It provides links to websites and downloads where possible and it’s just a very conclusive overview of all indie playlists that I have ever encountered.

You can select to navigate the different playlists chronologically, by year or by playlist. There are direct links to Spotify when applicable. It just provides a great database for all things indie music. It features my beloved BIRP, as well dakrah’s & joydue’s playlists which I also used as sources when they were still going strong. The best part is that is also lists a few new ones that I have never heard before, such as Samy’s Playlist & Cut the Crap.

This is one website which I will definitely frequent and I’m thinking of making this my number one spot to search for new music. How do you find new music? Please share your answer in a comment below.

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