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This isn’t the first time I’m sharing my favorite fall blushes with you on this space. I did a similar post 2 years ago, so if you care to see what were my favorite fall blushes back then, feel free to have a look here. It has changed quite a bit in these two years. I still like a similar look though when it comes to blush: mostly matte, and mostly with a warm undertone. This selection features two very high end blushes, two from the middle range and two budgetproof ones.

I still tend to wear these blushes year round, but the Wet N Wild and MAC ones, I really only bust out during the colder months. Especially the Wet N Wild one is perfect for fall, as it is a gorgeous warm toned mauvy pink. I don’t shun brighter blushes this time of year. And Benefit Coralista has been on my cheeks almost every day this past month. In other words: this selection gives you a good idea of what I am currently wearing on my cheeks above anything. You can find swatches at the end of the post and there are links to pictures of these applied on my cheeks where possible.

Wet N Wild Mellow Wine

Let’s start off with the most budgetproof blush of them all. This blush is highly pigmented and goes on beautifully. The color looks very pink in the pan, but once on your skin you will find it to be much more warm and a bit peachy. It has a mauve undertone and is a perfect warm toned blush for fall. The color goes with almost every eye look and the price is phenomenal. I think this costs less than 5 euros. Just make sure you apply this with a light hand, or you’ll look like a clown. See it on my cheeks here.

Illamasqua Naked Rose

It took me ages to get this blush. It was on my wishlist for a long time and ever since I’ve had this one, Dandelion by Benefit (featured in the old post) had been pretty much replaced by this. It is well pigmented and leaves a gorgeous dusty rose color on your cheeks. I also love that this is a matte, which means it is easily combined with different highlighters. It is versatile and again you need a light hand applying this. Luckily this color is a bit more natural looking so if you apply too much it isn’t too much of a big deal. Not the cheapest though. I think I paid close to the 25 euro mark for this. See it on my cheeks here.

MAC Azalea Blossom

This blush was unfortunately limited edition but isn’t she gorgeous? This is my current go to option if I’m feeling a cool toned blush that only gives off a light wash of color. In the old post that honor went to NARS Sex Appeal, which I still love to death. However, I feel this is a tad more unique because of the wash of purple. This goes great with heavier eye looks and I love to wear those during fall. Again, not the cheapest, but at the time I bought this, MAC hadn’t upped their prices yet and so this cost me around the 20 euro mark. I have not yet featured this in a look on the blog, will have to do something about that soon ;-).

Benefit Coralista

I used to have a fake version of this, which I threw out because it started to smell off. But then I just missed the beautiful color of this blush and so I made sure to purchase the real thing a while ago. This fall, I just keep wearing this. I love the warm color this has. It is a nice peachy coral pink color with a nice, yet not too chunky shimmer. When I wear this I don’t need bronzer or highlighter and so this is a great blush to throw on before heading out the door to work. This is the most expensive blush in the post as it costs around 33 euros. You can see it on my cheeks here.

Make Up Studio Blusher Lumière in Elegant Beige

The only product I own by this Dutch make up brand is this blush. It is stunning though. It is the warmest color in the bunch. It is a beige-peach color with golden shimmer that is most certainly there. I love wearing this with an otherwise matte look. This blush adds warmth and sparkle to the look and that’s why I love it. The glitter is a bit chunky for my taste though so I don’t wear it as a default, but it is gorgeous nonetheless. The cost of this blush I don’t exactly remember but I believe it was around 17 euros. You can see it on my cheeks here.

Zoeva Luxe Color Blush in He loves Me, Maybe…

This matte blush is the brightest in the bunch and also the most pigmented. The reason why I love this blush for fall is because I am totally into wearing grey looks as of late. So a bright pop of color to lift the look can be a welcome change. Again the fact that this is fully matte makes it easy for layering under highlighters and over bronzers, making it versatile. It is easy to apply but even more so than with the Wet N Wild blush you have to be careful how much you apply as it can easily look too much. This blush costs 7.50 euros and thus is a nicely priced blush, especially when you consider the quality, which is just bang on. You can see it on my cheeks here.

Swatches (f.l.t.r.):
Zoeva – Make up Studio – Benefit – Wet N Wild – Illamasqua – MAC

What is your favorite blush for fall?

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