Fall series

Just a quick note to inform you what is coming up this week on this blog.

As of tomorrow, Monday November 3rd, this blog will feature posts that all deal with fall. So if you are curious about my favorite fall blushes, lipsticks, eyeshadows, fashion, food and more, then stay tuned. The post schedule will not change, just every post that goes up from tomorrow until Sunday will be autumn inspired. Just a quick reminder what posts you can expect on which days:

  • Monday: beauty/ make up
  • Tuesday: food (I like to call it Foodie Tuesday, props if you get the reference)
  • Wednesday: beauty/ make up
  • Thursday morning: music
  • Thursday afternoon: nails
  • Friday: fashion
  • Saturday: beauty/ make up
  • Sunday: lifestyle/ miscellaneous

I hope you enjoy the posts!
Have a great Sunday.

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