What I Wore #7

what I wore fashion outfit

Whoopsie! It’s been a while since I last showed you some outfits that I wore. I just wasn’t as inspired, had lots of days off and thus also didn’t wear very many interesting outfits to begin with. However, I still cobbled together 6 outfits that I wore in the past few weeks. Here are 6 of my recent outfits.

What I Wore #7 | 6 Outfits I Wore Recently

what I wore fashion outfit

Blouse | H&M
Jeans | Topshop
Shoes | ASOS

This first outfit may look familiar if you saw my Easter Break Vlog. I wore this blouse and jeans combo to a family Easter get together. The blouse was perfect for the cooler spring weather we’ve been having. If there is a typical spring outfit I like to wear than it is something like this. A blouse, light blue jeans and my brown Chelsea boots: it cannot get any more spring like than this.

what I wore fashion outfit

Blazer | Bershka
Jeans | H&M
Shirt | Forever 21
Shoes | ASOS

The weather only cooled down further and so jackets and sweaters became good options again too. I wore this blazer and mom jeans combo to work and I loved the 70s vibe this has. It has a very Charlie’s Angels look about it. I am wearing the same brown Chelsea boots again. Now that I have put all these outfits together in one blog post, I realize that I have been wearing a lot of earthy tones. This outfit is no exception. The blazer has a faded vintage pink look and a corduroy rib, which adds a nice bit of texture too.

what I wore fashion outfit

Jumpsuit | H&M
Shoes | Dr. Marten’s

This third outfit is one of my most recent ones. Never mind the mess in the background: I wore this to the first day of a three day festival and so I took the picture when I was all packed up and ready to go with my camping gear. This jumpsuit turned out to be a lovely option for a festival outfit on the coolest day of the three. The long pant leg make sure I stayed warm and this jumpsuit wasn’t too difficult to take on and off when using the rest room. I wore it with my low Doc Marten’s because I knew I had to wear a sturdy show when I was lugging around all of that gear.

what I wore fashion outfit

Top | River Island
Jeans | Urban Outfitters
Shoes | ASOS
Belt | H&M

Another outfit that I wore to a more special occasion. I went to see Backstreet Boys last month and this is the outfit I wore. I wanted to dress up a little bit, so I went with this fun top. It was one of those items I rediscovered when I decluttered my wardrobe last April. I had not yet worn this out as I hadn’t yet found the right occasion. But now I thought I just had to bite the bullet and do it! And so I did. The top was a great choice. Because of the slits in the arms this wasn’t too warm and it still felt comfortable. Definitely a good going out option.

what I wore fashion outfit

Sweater | H&M
Jeans | ASOS
Shoes | ASOS

What a declutter can do for your wardrobe! I wore another rediscovered item on a very chilly day to work. I have so many great pieces in my wardrobe that I don’t wear often as they require a bit more work and thought. The River Island top is one, but this sweater is too. Because of the slouched neckline, a strapless bra is a must and that is not my go to bra option. This sweater was therefore a bit of a forgotten item in my wardrobe, until I made a point of wearing it in May and loved it so much that I knew again why I bought it in the first place.

what I wore fashion outfit

Blazer | Topshop
Blouse | Pull & Bear
Jeans | Topshop
Shoes | Topshop

This picture needed a bit of help because it was a touch dark, but I hope you can see the outfit well enough. The main star of the show here is all the way at the bottom of the outfit: a new pair of snake print boots which I am in love with! To keep the snake print theme going, I opted for a blouse in a similar pattern, but a different shade and brought the outfit back together by throwing on this olive linen blazer. I am also wearing my new stone wash skinnies and it is an outfit that I really loved.

What have you been wearing?

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  1. Chanelle says:

    Outfit #1 is my favourite! The H&M off the shoulder jumper also looks great on you 🙂

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