10 Basics Everyone Needs

Today’s video is a fashion video where I chat about 10 fashion items I think everyone needs in their wardrobe.

What I Wore #18

It’s been how long since I did a fashion post on here? Right, let’s change that.

Lookbook: Styling vintage items

How about another fashion video?! I thought it would be fun to style up some of my vintage pieces to show you how I like to wear them.

Fall Fashion Haul 2021

I bought some clothes for the new season! Let me chat to you about my fall fashion haul 2021.

What I Wore #16

In today’s blog post I am showing you 8 outfits I wore recently. Most of these I wore throughout the summer and recently. I hope you enjoy!

Wardrobe Tour 2021 + Declutter Pt. 2

In this video we are looking at every piece in my wardrobe in my jumpsuits, blazers and occasion wear sections. Oh and we do a bit of a declutter at the same time!

What I Wore #15

I have a fashion blog post for you again! Featuring 8 outfits I wore in recent weeks.

10×10 Summer Capsule Wardrobe

In this fashion video I am doing a slightly different fashion video from my usual! I will be doing a 10×10 capsule wardrobe where I style up 10 items into 10 different outfits.

Summer Fashion Haul

Today we are doing a summer fashion haul! It features a whole host of brands: Zara, H&M, Mango, Monki, Arket and some of my other favorites.

What I Wore #14

I’m back with a fashion post! Let’s have a look at what I wore semi-recently.

Spring Fashion Haul 2021

It’s the start of a new fashion season! So you know I got some new pieces to compliment my wardrobe. This is my spring 2021 fashion haul.

Wardrobe reorganization 2021

It’s spring and I have been giving my house a good clean and scrub down all week. Now it is time to tackle my wardrobe and so I decided to film that for you!

5 Items I Struggle to Style

A bit later than usual, and a second post in one day, but I ran out of time to film my video. But here it is: creating 10 outfits with 5 items I struggle to style

Winter 2021 Lookbook

In today’s video I am styling up 10 apple shape friendly outfits for a petite frame that are perfect for the winter time. It’s lookbook time!

Coat Collection 2021

I love coats! That’s why I have quite a few. Let’s try them all on and show them to you.

Winter fashion haul 2021

In this video I will be showing you my winter fashion haul featuring lots of items I got over the past few months including in the winter sales.

Trying on all my cardigans

We all know I love a good cardigan. So I figured: why not put them all on and show them to you? Guess what today’s video is all about? Yup!

Fall Fashion Haul 2020

Time for my favorite fashion season! Fall time! So you know what time it is: yes it is time for a fall fashion haul.

10 Transitional Fall Outfits

Today we are talking fashion again. I will be showing you 10 different outfits in a lookbook all about how to transition your summer wardrobe into fall.

Wardrobe Makeover vlog + declutter

This summer I couldn’t travel for obvious reasons, so that’s why I did some bits around the house instead. One task on the wishlist? Redoing the inside of my walkin wardrobe. And I vlogged the entire process!

Summer Fashion & Sale Haul

Welcome to another fashion haul! I shopped the summer sales, but also found some stunning vintage pieces AND a few items I had been looking for for years.

Lookbook // Styling an apple shape

I am finally making good on my promise of making more fashion content that isn’t a haul! Let’s talk how to style an apple body shape.

Spring 2020 Fashion Haul

Haul time! I bought some fashion bits to spruce up my wardrobe for the spring 2020 season. These are the bits I picked up.

Stay at home fashion

Can you be comfy and stylish at the same time? Yes you can! At least that is what I have found now that I have been trying to be comfy while working from home. These are my tips for my ideal staying at home fashion.

Spring/ Summer 2020 Fashion Trends

In today’s blog post I thought we could discuss my 10 favorite spring/ summer 2020 fashion trends. I definitely pick and choose when it comes to the different trends that are reigning every season and these are mine!

What I Wore #13

From time to time I like documenting my outfits and recently I took quite some pictures again. And I like piling it together and see the patterns. This What I Wore is featured around two things: blazers and rewearing items. I figured it could be fun to show you how wearing the same piece in…

What I Wore #12

How long has it been since I last posted a fashion blog post? Let’s just say that I had other plans, but then a flu, work and the Holiday messed those up. That said, I decided to just keep on taking pictures of outfits and I ended up with 8 in total to share with…

What I Wore #11

It is time to talk fashion again. In the past few weeks I have been snapping a picture again every now and again of outfits that I have been wearing. For a while I wasn’t feeling super inspired, but then I hit a running streak and kept getting inspiration for different outfits. You will have…

What I Wore #10

In today’s Free for All Friday post, I am continuing my What I Wore series. The plan is to do one of these at least once a month, provided I of course feel like I have been wearing at least 6 outfits that I want to share between this and the next blog post. Because…

What I Wore #9

I am back to work after summer break, so high time to be sharing some outfits I wore more recently. Some of these date back to June, but as I wear super casual outfits in my down time and we had another heatwave, my outfits really weren’t that interesting for most of July. But by…

What I Wore #8

I’m back with a fun fashion blog post today. I love sharing my outfits with you and I have been wearing so many fun outfits again lately. I was able to bust out my summer dresses, had to figure out how to dress in a heatwave to work while conducting oral exams and had to…

What I Wore #7

Whoopsie! It’s been a while since I last showed you some outfits that I wore. I just wasn’t as inspired, had lots of days off and thus also didn’t wear very many interesting outfits to begin with. However, I still cobbled together 6 outfits that I wore in the past few weeks. Here are 6…

What I Wore #6

I feel I only just showed you some outfits, but already I have put together enough share worthy outfits to be able to do another What I Wore blog post. In these blog posts, I share at least 6, sometimes more, outfits that I wore in recent weeks. Today, I have 6 new outfits for…

What I Wore #5

It’s been some time since I last showed you some outfits I wore. That doesn’t mean I haven’t been wearing clothes of course, I just wasn’t as inspired or simply forgot to take pictures. Over the past few weeks, I have managed to take pictures of 6 different outfits that I wore. We are slowly…

What I Wore #4

Fashion is not dead on the blog! Oh now, I said I would be doing fewer fashion posts, but I can’t fight the urge to share some of the outfits I wear from time to time. And this one was a long time coming! Some of the outfits here date back to November. The reason?…

How I wear (faux) wrap dresses

I love a good dress any time of the year, but this past year and half I have been really into wrap dresses. Not only are they absolutely everywhere, I have found they are also super flattering on my figure. So that is why I have gathered quite a few. But how do I like…