Wardrobe Declutter 2023 #4 Bottoms

My wardrobe declutter saga continues for 2023 and today we are talking about all things bottoms. I have so many fun things that can go onto my bottom half, but I had to clear it out. It was just time that some of these things went away just like with the rest of my closet.

wardrobe declutter 2023 bottoms trousers jeans skirts shorts

When it comes to bottoms I have quite a lot. There’s jeans of course and I have several: straight leg, mom jeans and wider legged options, I even still own a few skinny options. Same for trousers where I have more suit style options as well as a selection of spring/ summer & fall/ winter options. Then there are short and skirts and I have a good selection of the ole corduroy. Hope you enjoy!

Wardrobe Declutter 2023 // #4 Bottoms: skirts, shorts trousers & jeans

What do you think of this part of my wardrobe declutter?

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