Fashion haul spring/ summer 2023

My aim for 2023? To shop less for clothing. And I am succeeding in that goal, which is why my first fashion haul of 2023 is very winter item heavy as I was mainly shopping for some wintery bits these past few months and I haven’t shown you what I got since October. So time to show you what I bought to update my wardrobe.

fashion haul spring summer 2023

In today’s haul I will show you everything I bought in just over 6 months. I bought some bits from Sézane over the winter time, shopped the H&M and Monki winter sales, I went vintage shopping and then there are a few odd bits I got as well. Hope you enjoy!

Spring/ summer 2023 fashion haul // What did I buy these past 6 months?

Mentioned in the video:

  1. Sézane Wallace shorts
  2. Sézane Ulysse blouse
  3. Sézane James sweater
  4. Sézane Aubin sweater
  5. Sézane Diego sweater
  6. H&M red puffer coat
  7. H&M cream teddy coat
  8. H&M blue trenchcoat
  9. H&M pink blazer
  10. H&M velvet gilet
  11. H&M beige trenchcoat
  12. H&M midi denim skirt
  13. H&M white & blue linen dress
  14. Mango denim boilersuit
  15. Arket black merino wool turtleneck
  16. Monki pomegranate dress
  17. Monki pomegranate skirt & top combo
  18. Monki velvet top
  19. Monki glitter wrap top
  20. Monki metallic cropped turtleneck
  21. Monki velvet jumpsuit
  22. Vintage corduroy jacket
  23. Vintage paisley print gilet
  24. Vintage purple & green knit
  25. Vintage teal blazer
  26. Vintage artsy blouse
  27. Vintage dali blouse
  28. Vintage 90s pastel blouse
  29. Vintage teal wool trousers
  30. Vintage checked blue/ green trousers
  31. Vintage burgundy bag
  32. Vintage silver bag
  33. Dr. Marten’s 1461 Green suede
  34. Dr. Marten’s 1461 teal gloss
  35. Dr. Marten’s Polley mary jane
  36. Reebok Club C Revenge Vintage
  37. New Balance 574
What do you think of these bits I bought?

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