Wardrobe Color Story

wardrobe color story scheme what colors I like to wear fashion cool neutral undertone fair skin blonde hair brown eyes

I thought it would be fun to chat about the color story of my wardrobe. I talk a lot about the color story of my makeup products, but what colors do I gravitate towards when it comes to clothes. When it comes to fashion and putting together outfits, I actually have a pretty solid base line that I use to then throw in some complimentary colors and a sprinkling of accent colors that I go to all the time to put together outfits. The base colors are the ones I mostly start off with and then I use the other colors to round out the outfit. In today’s video I tell you all about it.

Wardrobe Color Story // What colors do I like to wear? Fair skin & cool/ neutral undertone

Mentioned in the video:

  • Base colors
  • Complimentary colors
  • Accent colors
What colors do you like to wear?

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